Who is Litozinnamon?
Litozinnamon or Harrison Yuan (Lito in short), is the creator of Phantom Forces as well as Call of Robloxia 5. He joined the Wiki on Easter (March 27, 2016)

Lito created his account on December 21st 2009. From the time he first signed up to around Fall of 2013, Lito built, scripted and designed Call of Robloxia 5. In the summer of 2014, Call of Robloxia temporarily broke, where guns failed to work and people who shot them would fly out, though knifing was unaffected. This interestingly creating a knifing war. Lito stated he would scrap the current version and make a new one, which he did, even though the game was repaired when there was another Roblox update. The most recent has been created from that, known as the 2014 Summer Update. When harmful glitches and complaints of "stale" gameplay struck his game, Lito decided to create a totally different game and curb COR5 for the moment. The result is Phantom Forces.

Phantom Forces was at first free, but upon becoming the number one game played in Roblox, and due to non-constructive criticism, Lito made Phantom Forces paid access for 100 Robux, later lowered to 75. Once the framework for Phantom Forces was remade, the game became free once more, and to this day.

Litozinnamon has won many awards for his games such as in 2012 where he received both the "Best FPS Award" and the "Game of the Year Award". Over 46 million people have played Call of Robloxia 5 to date making it one of the most popular games on Roblox. On the 16th of January 2016, he won developer of the year and game of the year for Phantom Forces.

Cooperation and Stylis Studios
By 2014 Lito had announced that he was starting a development studio called Stylis Studios at the time, to script COR5's Summer Update. At the time the studio only consisted of himself and Shaylan007. Once Fall of 2014 was coming and Phantom Forces was getting started, Lito decided to recruit yet another member for his studio, AxisAngle. Later on, they added another person to Stylis, called Buddyism.

* On the Highway Lot map, there is a desk that is supposed to be Litozinnamon's working place. There, the player can see many pictures from some Manga and Anime. This probably means that Litozinnamon really likes Manga/Anime and/or the general Vocaloid characters and content. Where to the point that he can be considered a "Weeaboo" in more arrogant or satire terms.

On March 28, 2016, Lito's account got compromised and taken over by "Optimal.Rekt". A few minutes/hours afterwards, it was re-established and he got back control. Optimal.Rekt had used the Stylis Studios group funds to buy a Dominus. It is unknown if a copy of PF was stolen.

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