M145 angled

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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 185
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The M145 Machine Gun Optic is a variant of the C79. It combines ELCAN's legendary robustness and optical expertise with a ballistically calibrated and LED-illuminated reticle. –In-game description

The M145 is a Canadian-American version of the C79 scope. It requires 185 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


The M145 scope is a medium-range optic. Its reticle uses a crosshairs with distance markers. The reticle is sharp and can be used for a focused view on distant enemies. The field of view is quite clear for a medium range optic, which makes it useful to track enemies that are much closer (unlike the ACOG Scope, whose tight optical structure fills most of the scope.)

The reticle used in-game is the ELCAN M145 3.4X Combat Optical Sight, as of version 4.0.0.

In summary, the M145 is practical for any range, and its crispness and clarity makes it easy to aim.


The M145 scope in some ways can be seen as a mini sniper scope due to its reticle containing crosshairs. It is best used at medium ranges but sees usability at close and long range. It makes a great all-round scope, which can be obtained for a low price.

Pros & Cons


  • Relatively thin edge.
  • Features markings to help gauge bullet drop.
  • Reasonably high magnification sight.
  • Low cost


  • Noisy sight picture compared to a red dot sight.
  • Bulky lower model.
  • Non-illuminated reticle is hard to distinguish against a night sky.


  • The M145 is the most well-known variant of the C79 scope.
  • The M145's reticle, like its real-life counterpart, is zeroed at 300 yards. However, this is not the case in-game.
  • The M145 in real life is commonly used on the M240 and M249 medium and light machine guns.


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