The M14 Smoke is a grenade seen in Phantom Forces.


Smoke grenades have had a long and storied history in warfare. While the concept of a smoke signal itself originates long before the usage of a smoke grenade itself, a smoke grenade provides this option, allowing for quick and effective signaling of a condition, especially when combined with some sort of coloring for the smoke itself.

Offensively, smoke grenades are used to lay down smokescreens. By virtue of obstructing the sight of enemies, allied units and equipment can be moved under relative safety. Larger smokescreens can be deployed to conceal entire platoons.


The M14 Smoke is a throwable that lays down a blanket of smoke. The player only gets one of these should they choose to use it, so it must be used wisely.

General Information

Laying down a smokescreen with the M14 Smoke is easy to do - pull the pin, throw it at the intended location, and let it do its job. The smokescreen will block enemies from being able to see through it. However, under the hood, the M14 Smoke uses front-facing particles. This means that the smoke produced by the grenade, despite its thickness, may not conceal the intended target or area from certain angles. Additionally, since this relies on particles, users can turn down their quality to see through it more easily.

The smokescreen will fade after 10-15 seconds.

Usage and Tactics

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