A vintage American World War II firearm, cheaply made out of stamped steel. Very slow fire rate, with high per-shot damage and decent ranged performance.
–In-game description
M3A1 angled
Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Personal Defense Weapon
Rank Prerequisites Rank 71
Damage 48 → 25
Range 50 max → 120 min


Hip Accuracy


Sight Accuracy


Magazine Size 30
Ammo Reserve 120
Fire Modes Auto
Rate of Fire 450 RPM

TTK (Time to Kill) 0.13 s
Head & Body Multiplier
per bullet/pellet
Max (50 studs) Min (120 studs)
(x1.65) Head 79.2 41.25
(x1.10) Torso 52.8 27.5
(x1) Arms and Legs 48 25
Red color signifies a fatal hit.
Suppressed Stats
Suppressor/Bullet Attachment Suppressed Damage Suppressed Range
ARS Suppressor 48 -> 22.5 50 max -> 120 min
R2 Suppressor 45.6 -> 23.75 47.5 max -> 114 min
PBS-1 Suppressor 45.6 -> 23.75 47.5 max -> 114 min
PBS-4 Suppressor 45.6 -> 23.75 47.5 max -> 114 min
Suppressor 43.2 -> 25 45 max -> 120 min
Armor Piercing 48 -> 20.83333 0 max -> 120 min
Hollow Point 57.6 -> 30 50 max -> 120 min
Muzzle Velocity 1500 studs/s
Penetration Depth 0.5 studs
Suppression 0.6


Hipfire Camera Recovery Speed 19
Sight Camera Recovery Speed 15
Weapon Recovery Speed 19
Weapon Recoil Damping 0.8


Min Camera Kick (1.04, -0.61, -0.50)
Max Camera Kick (1.77, -0.11, 0.50)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.31, 0.20, 7.19)
Max Recoil Displacement (0.30, 0.50, 10.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.20, 0.50, -0.31)
Max Recoil Rotation (0.40, -0.50, 0.30)
Hipfire Spread Factor 0.03
Hipfire Recovery Speed 10
Hipfire Spread Damping 0.90


Min Camera Kick (0.89, -0.31, -0.41)
Max Camera Kick (1.79, 0.30, 0.40)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.11, 0.20, 7.96)
Weapon Shot Displacement (0.10, 0.50, 9.50)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.20,-0.21,-0.50)
Max Recoil Rotation (0.80,0.20,0.50)
Sight Magnification 1.8x


Reload Time 3 seconds
Empty Reload Time 3.9 seconds
Equip Speed 15
Aiming Speed 15
Crosshair Size 25
Crosshair Spread Rate 375
Crosshair Recover Rate 18


Weapon Walk Speed 14 stud/s
Aiming Walk Speed 10.5 stud/s
Ammo Type .45 ACP
Round in Chamber One
Shot Suppression Range None

List of Attachments

Optics Kills Required
C79 125 Kills
EOTech 552 85 Kills
EOTech XPS2 55 Kills
Kobra Sight 320 Kills
M145 185 Kills
PK-A 165 Kills
PKA-S 225 Kills
Reflex Sight 285 Kills
VCOG 6x Scope 455 Kills
ACOG Scope 430 Kills
TA33 ACOG 650 Kills
TA11 ACOG 1750 Kills
TA01 ACOG 2500 Kills

Underbarrel Kills Required
Angled Grip 115 Kills
Vertical Grip 45 Kills
Folding Grip 265 Kills
Stubby Grip 355 Kills
Laser 75 Kills

Barrel Kills Required
ARS Suppressor 150 Kills
Compensator 120 Kills
Muzzle Brake 175 Kills
R2 Suppressor 40 Kills
Flash Hider 100 Kills
PBS-4 Suppressor 245 Kills
PBS-1 Suppressor 205 Kills
Suppressor 30 Kills

Other Attachments Kills Required
Green Laser 110 Kills
Canted Delta Sight 405 Kills
Laser 20 Kills
Canted Iron Sight 310 Kills
Ballistics Tracker 1500 Kills
Hollow Point 2000 Kills
Armor Piercing 1000 Kills

The M3A1 is an American Personal Defense Weapon. It is unlocked at rank 71, or it can be purchased with credits.


The M3A1 is a lightened and modified variant of the M3. It is chambered in .45 ACP. The M3 submachine gun was an open bolt submachine gun designed by George Hyde, then manufactured by General Motors and other companies in the United States' military complex. The main goal of the M3 was to find a cheaper alternative and to replace more expensive and heavy M1/M1A1 Thompson. Cost savings for the M3 came from creating the weapon primarily out of stamped sheet metal, following the more cost-efficient designs of the British Sten and L2A3, and the German MP40.

The M3A1 variant was introduced in December 1944, featuring a slightly reduced weight and a simplified cocking mechanism for the weapon.


General Information

The M3A1 is a powerful, slow-firing PDW, having the second lowest fully automatic rate of fire (RoF) in-game at 450 RPM, with only the AA-12 firing slower at 300 RPM. On the other hand, it has the highest maximum damage in-class, with only a two-shot kill (2SK) if at least one shot hits the head. The minimum damage is reasonable for a PDW chambered in .45 ACP, being a 4SK past 120 studs. It has mild, controllable recoil that makes hipfiring incredibly easy, but makes aimed fire more difficult.

Usage & Tactics

The M3A1 should not be used in a head-on fight, plain and simple, unless the user can get at least a headshot in. The low RoF hinders damage output in close-quarters-combat (CQC). This means that the M3A1 should be played far more defensively, where users can hunker down in cover or run away if they can't kill their target efficiently. Most weapons can kill faster and do not need aim that is as meticulous as the M3A1’s in a head-on fight, meaning that even if a user does manage to land some shots on target, it is likely that they will find themselves on the receiving end of a weapon with a much faster firerate. Engaging in the open with this weapon is not advised, and engaging multiple people without a clear advantage in either a distraction or sheer tactical advantage will virtually guarantee the user's death.

The M3A1's firing characteristics are extremely stable, meaning that hipfire is rather easy to apply—users can feel free to run and gun as long as they play defensively and choose targets that are unlikely to be able to retaliate easily. Additionally, the low firerate makes automatic fire relatively easy when sighted in, but the high vertical recoil will make using a high zoom optic difficult in situations when fully automatic fire is needed. Tap firing while aimed, however, is still accurate, playing to the M3A1's strengths of remaining in cover and taking potshots.

The ace up the M3A1's sleeve is that it can attach any suppressor without having its shots to kill (STK) value affected. Whatever suppressor the user chooses, this provides the immense benefit of remaining undetected while firing. The added benefit of stealth also means missed shots are less of a penalty as the user's position won't be shown on the minimap, making a missed opening shot less of a problem, as well as making hit-and-fade tactics even easier. However, suppressors can reduce the very low muzzle velocity of the M3A1 (1500 studs/s) even further, resulting in more difficult engagements at range.

Ultimately, this makes the M3A1 somewhat of a good candidate for a stealth build, as recoil is easily controllable and muzzle velocity is low enough that the penalty for using a suppressor is minimal. Given the emphasis on defensive play, close-range sights such as the Reflex or Coyote Sight are good choices, given their low magnification level, thin frame, and wide field of view, allowing the user to switch to targets quickly without having to deal with the heavy recoil. The Kobra Sight is another good candidate, given that it’s both low magnification and has a reticle that makes it easier to lead targets.


The M3A1 may be slow and incapable of putting up a fight in close quarters, but comes into its own when players keep on the defensive with this weapon. Its slow firerate means that one can stay accurate, but punishes any misses with enough time for evasive targets to make their escape. With its relatively unique boon of being able to attach any suppressor without losing STK, it is a prime candidate for users who enjoy stealthy attacks and picking off softened targets.

Pros & Cons


  • Most suppressors do not affect STK requirement.
  • Most suppressors have minimal impact on muzzle velocity.
  • Controllable recoil.
  • Highest damage in-class.
  • Only PDW in-game to have a torso multiplier.


  • Second slowest automatic RoF in-game.
  • Obstructive iron sights.
  • Missed shots will make TTK significantly longer.
  • Low muzzle velocity.
  • High muzzle flash—exacerbated with the iron sights.


  • The M3's informal name as the "grease gun" came from its similar appearance to the actual grease gun that is used by mechanics to apply grease to parts.
  • In the test server, the M3A1 had a grey metallic color like its real life counterpart. However, when it was released, the color was changed to black, with only the magazine and the stock staying grey.
  • The M3A1 is one of the longest serving submachine guns in the U.S military, first serving in 1944 up until 1994.
    • It was also used by the U.S. Secret Service until it was replaced with the Israeli UZIs.
  • The M3A1 has a charging slot in the bolt, allowing one's finger to charge the gun.
    • Its predecessor, the M3, had an actual bolt handle.
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