MARS angled

MARS reticle


Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 70
Note Have above sight assist

"The ITL Multi-Purpose Aiming Reflex Sight is a battery powered Israeli red dot optic. It's made for accurate high performance sighting in tactical situations. " - In-game Description

The MARS is an Israeli red-dot sight. It requires 70 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The ITL MARS (Multi-Purpose Aiming Reflex Sight) is a combination two sighting devices, utilising a reflex sight and a laser sight. It also sports a back-up iron sight atop of the optic housing. It was developed by ITL Optronics, which is based in Israel. The laser can be visible or in infrared, with the setting toggle-able with a pressure switch.

It has been purchased by many forces including the US Military for the M16, Israel for the IMI TAR-21 "Tavor", and India (locally manufactured) for their INSAS rifle. Though, the company has ceased the its production since late 2010s due to poor sales.

The licenced Indian version is still in production, called the Raptor Sight, and this seems to be the version seen in-game due to its relative commonality compared to the original.


General information

Though it is unlocked fairly early, at 70 kills, the MARS is very clear sight with small reticle and wide field of view. On most of the weapons, this optic has slightly higher magnification than the late optics like the Kobra Sight, Reflex Sight and Coyote Sight.

The optic also has back up iron sight for weapon with above-the-sight capacity, like shotguns. Though, the optic does not change the magnification of the above-the-sight aiming. It also has a laser built into the optic, allowing for better hip-fire accuracy.

Usage and tactics

This sight is best used on weapons with a large muzzle flash like the AK-47.

Magnification level and availability


AK-12 x2.5 AN-94 x2.5 AS VAL x2.5 SCAR-L x2.3
AUG A1 x2.5 M16A4 x2.5 G36 x2.2 M16A3 x2.5
AUG A2 x2.5 FAMAS x2.7 AK-47 x2.5 AUG A3 x2.5
L85A2 x2.7 Honey Badger x2.5 AK-74 x2.2 AKM x2.2
M231 x2.5

MP5K x2.5 UMP45 x2.5 MP7 x2.5 MAC-10 x2.5
P90 x2.5 MP5 x2.5 Colt SMG 635 x2.5 MP5SD x2.5
MP-10 x2.5 MP5\10 x2.5 AUG A3 Para x2.5 Kriss Vector x2.5
PPSh-41 x2.5

Colt LMG x2.5 M60 x2.5 AUG HBAR x2.5 MG36 x2.5
RPK-12 x2.5 L86 LSW x2.7 RPK x2.2 SCAR-HAMR x2.8

Intervention x2.5 Remington 700 x2.5 AWS x2.5 BFG 50 x2.5
L115A3 x2.8 Mosin-Nagant x5.7 Hecate II x2.5

M4A1 x2.5 G36C x2.5 M4 x2.5 L22 x2.7
SCAR PDW x2.8 AKU-12 x2.5 AK-12C x2.5 SR-3M x2.5
Groza-1 x2.5 Groza-4 x2.5

MK-11 x2.5 SKS x2.5 Dragunov SVU x2.7 VSS Vintorez x2.5
SCAR-SSR x2.8 Dragunov SVDS x2.3

SCAR-H x2.8 AK-12 BR x2.5 AG-3 x2.5 Henry 45-70 x2.5

KSG-12 x3.4 Remington 870 x2.5 KS-23M x2.5 Stevens DB x2.5


Serbu Shotgun x2.5 SFG 50 x2.5 Obrez x5.7 ZIP 22 Unavailable
Sawed Off x2.5

Pros & Cons


  • Unobstructive reticle.
  • Large field-of-view (FOV).
  • Higher mounting means muzzle flash does not obstruct user's aim.
  • Has a integrated laser.


  • Somewhat obstructive optic frame.


  • Prior to the Winter Update, the MARS sight in-game lacked a built-in laser sight. This has since changed.
  • The MARS sight is the only optic in-game to feature an integral laser sight.


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