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  • I live in Middle of Nowhere, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy
  • My occupation is Secret Service. Duh.
  • I am Secret Service Dragonite (disguised cleverly as a dargoint)
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    • It’s really fun to use. The default 20 rounders are good if you want to go on long streaks, but otherwise I’d recommend using the 50 round drum, at least on occasion. It’s fun to mow down enemies indiscriminately like in those old gangster movies.

      Also it looks absolutely beautimus.

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    • Prefer the 50 round on it but thanks for the imput.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Em. Small issue. Your "Corrupt a Wish" thread has now hit its limit. New one time :)

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  • What is your FAVORITE COLOR?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you name a LMG that is used by criminals, gangsters, terrorist groups?

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    • Honestly any lmg, like they just steal them lol.

      I've seen a lot of FN MAGs and M249 SAWs on Wikipedia so I imagine those are pretty common but those of course aren't in the game so... Maybe the RPK? The Viet Cong used them I'm pretty sure.

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    • Cheaper LMGs like RPK, PKM are often used by terrorist given the Soviet interference into Afganistan. Most of their weapon left behind like AK74, AKM, RPK, PKM, etc are used tho. They are pretty common too. And yes, they also scavenge for any sort of weapon they can get in their hands. There were reports that several captured SOCOM Mk17 (SCAR-H) were in use by some Taliban soldiers. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Would you call the people who found the USA “declaration daddies”?

    How many major fast food brands does the USA have and how many have you eaten so far?

    If you could revived 1 US president, who would it be?

    Do you disagree with Donald Trump’s policy?

    If the USA spent 400-520 billion dollar on education and healthcare and spent 100-300 billion dollar on military and food, what would be the consequences?

    Which company is the worst in America?

    In your opinion, what would be the worst time to be alive in the US history?

    Which war do you find the most interesting in US history?

    Is Canada a good friend to the USA?

    If the US used the metric system, would it the end of the world?

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    • Awwwwwww, what should be do to improve the American education and healthcare system?

      What need to be change in the USA?

      Which thing in the USA that gives you the most doubt?

      Have American gun companies stop testing gun for the military?

      Can you describe a typical American household?

      Is it true that the USA is a country where half of the money is spent on eating and the other half is spent on losing weight?

      Does patriotism irritate you?

      Which countries are the USA best allies?

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    • Probably just privatize most of it; only make the gov’t owned aspects a cushion for people who couldn’t afford privatized education or health care.

      Honestly, less gov’t organizations, which lead to less taxes, as well as less harsh gun laws. Sure, do a background check, and make sure the individual is a legal adult (18 for any weapon; having to wait until 21 for a certain kind of weapon is kinda bullshit), and *maybe* regulate explosives and full auto weaponry slightly more rigorously, but that should be it. No de facto bans, no ridiculous import bans, nothing of that sort. Leave it as the Founding Fathers intended.

      The people who put someone’s diversity over that someone’s ability to do a job and do it right. I’d list examples, but I don’t want to get too political.

      Iirc, FNH and H&K also tested weapons for the US as recently as 2005, though the AR-15 platform (not the AR-15 itself) still reigns supreme in the US military.

      Four-five person household, with a medium sized house and a larger backyard. Often has at least one television screen.

      That’s more a joke than anything factual. Where I work, I get paid to lift heavy stuff and bring it to its spot, which in turn loses me weight. While I spend money on food for lunch hour, I also spend money on things like games, nerf blasters, and the like.

      LMFAO. No, it doesn’t. Patriotism is a love for the land, and as far as I know, there’s nothing about this land to hate.

      Not an expert on foreign affairs, so I wouldn’t know.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • are shotguns in PF overpowered?!?!?

    are there any reason to use Mosin Nagant instead of Dragunov SVD-S?

    can you flex your weapon skins?

    is 1858 New Army the best revolver in PF?

    can you describe how you use sniper rifles?

    how to get Steyr Scout? I am rank 101 and want to have it.

    what is the right way to use MG3KWS in PF? i think i should mostly fire it in 4-7 rounds burst to save up ammo and only spray when i see an enemy line or i need to suppress the enemy so i can run.

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    • Well they don’t even shoot 8mm Mauser to begin with sooo...

      I assume you mean 10mm Auto, and it probably won’t be a bad idea at all, especially for something like a Thompson.

      Definitely 5.45x18mm.

      Idfk; I rarely price check ammo.

      I believe I mentioned this before.

      Nothing’s a waste of money if you enjoy it, or it does the job well.

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    • Yes, 10x25mm is 10mm Auto.

      If the 5.45x18mm is that weak then what is the point of PSM pistol? I remember it was meant to be a pistol for high-ranking officers but does it need to be that weak?

      If you could only use 4 weapons for the entirety of your PF gameplay, which weapons will it be?

      How to deal with suppression in PF?

      Are there any reasons to use AK47 instead of AKM?

      If you were an Area 51 guard and you saw some scary and overpowered characters like John Wick, Simo Häyhä, Shaggy, Chuck the raiding army, how unhappy would you be?

      Who is Dr.Phil?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • so what are your thoughts on the new sniper update? me:uhhhhhhhh

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    • 1. Sniper velocities are noice

      2. TRG is annoying, but not to the same extent as prepatch HK416

      3. KAC SRR is noice, if a little bit frustrating at times

      4. Shotgun crosshairs look noice


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    • How about the M107?

      Me:oof i cnt nuscope

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I' m stuck here for about a week with just an iPad and I need to go back how to illegally board a plane

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  • Why does Poke like to trick shot and always snipe in almost every matches he play? Some maps like Rig, Mall are not for sniping. Why do you hate trick shooting?

    How to memorize bullet drop?

    Is RPK-74 good as most people believe it to be?

    Is this a great AKM setup? TA-01 ACOG, compensator, laser/stubby grip, armor piercing/green laser

    Is 1858 New Army and DB viable in PF? I can't aim with it at long range (i put ACOG on the revolver) and it is sluggish in CQC. DB Shotgun just feels weak after AA12 was added into the game. Moreover, other shotguns are just miles better than this thing/

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    • Because PoKe is a noob. I don’t like trickshotting simply because you’re taking a long distance weapon into close quarters.

      You memorize bullet drop by trial and error. Many guns have a similar bullet drop, especially sniper rifles *cough cough*, so it isn’t all that hard even without ballistics tracker.

      Mostly, but the RPK-74 is flawed in that it doesn’f have as much ammo as the other LMGs, barring the RPK proper.

      1858 is especially viable now that it has fan fire, making it a far better pick for close quarters combat. While the sight picture is compromised, it’s not that different from hipfiring, so make of that what you will. The Stevens absolutely isn’t weak; if anything it’s the most consistently 1-hitting shotgun in the game this side of a pump action. Sure, you have to reload frequently, but the Stevens is a best of both worlds option between the power of the pump actions with the fire rate of the semi autos.

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    • I also realize that ammo issue on RPK-74. Furthermore, a problem that i realize on RPK-74 is muzzle flash, it almost bilnds my aim'

      what are your dream guns in PF?

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    • Flash Hider is a good attachment for that purpose. You could also use a suppressor if you want to also have stealth capability with a LMG.

      The guns I want most from PF in real life are both 1858s, the Jury Carbine, the AN-94, the Judge shotgun revolver, Mateba autorevolver, M1911, BFG, MP5, MP40, M3A1, Beowulf TCR, R^2, and I believe that’s it.

      I didn’t mention Mosin Nagant, but that’s because I already own one.  :P

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    • What are the problems for you in PF?

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    • A FANDOM user
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    • boops teh snoot*
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