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  • WOT IS UP???! I'm an ADMIN (XDDDDD) for the Phantom Forces Wiki community, and this message is a bot message because YOU made an edit to Spotting System!! We thank you for letting us spend our time elseware instead of updating/editing/fixing typos for this GLORIOUS wiki!

    But in any case...

    Please be aware that all edits MUST abide by our Rules and Policies. And your behavior. You must read these as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in reprimanding by staff and even a ban. The excuse "I didn't know" is NOT acceptable. Horrific isn't it?

    Don't worry, our rules make sense. If you don't have time, just follow this Wil Wheaton's Law (look it up).

    But in any case, please enjoy your time at Phantom Forces Wiki!

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