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  • why do you hate anime?

    what is a "no life anime lover"?

    what is your least favorite type of the teammate in PF?

    do you hate animu sight?

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    • can you name a good anime?

      do you like HK-416 in PF? I have a negative view with it before the nerfs but now, i am fine with it. However, i have my FAMAS as my CQC assault rifle.

      can you give me a tip to counter KS-23M?

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    • A good anime? Children's anime then I'd nominate Pokemon, others a bit more wacky then Dragon Ball might be a good Sci-Fi one I guess. There is an anime adaption of Anne Frank but it didn't have the heavy-hearted feeling although could be a better subsitute for those who can't handle stories related to the Holocaust due to it's cold and fearsome history. And the graphics in the anime adaption of that does help with it a lot, due to being less realistic but still tells the story. 

      HK416 in PF? I have a rather love-hate due to:

      - When it was first released, it was a direct upgrade to the M16A3, which angers me due to the M16A3 (HK416 back then has a pretty good DPS even at range, beating the M16A3) and FAMAS (HK416 could contest the FAMAS, even at close if you make mistakes or have to reload, when the HK still has that fast reload speed) already exist. 

      - When it was nerfed, I was quite happy due to how ridiculous it was with that super-fast AR-15 reload and still made it viable for a more flanking and preying tactic. But still, I don't get why we still need a clone of the M16A3 and FAMAS

      Countering the KS-23M? I don't have too much tips due to how good it is right now, especially with slugs or birdshots, I guess you gotta fight it with weapons that are 1SK beyond it's effective range (usually 20-150 Studs, I believe so), or use movement mechanics (sliding, forwarding and double jumping) to avoid it and dump your rounds onto them. Otherwise I don't really have too much tactics against those who are good with it. Or ambush them. You could get in real close with a weapon much more suitable for CQC than the KS-23M due to it's tight pellet spread and sluggish RPM, but you gotta either flank them or dodge their shots (use props or movement mechanics)

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  • Hello HK416User! I'm an admin for the Phantom Forces Wiki community, and this is an automated message being sent because you made an edit to the mosin nagant: overused and overated?. Thank you for your contribution to this wiki.

    But just in case...

    Please be aware that all edits and your behavior MUST abide by our Rules and Policies. It is recommended that you read through these as soon as possible. Failure to follow the rules may result in a warning or even a ban by a staff member. The excuse "I didn't know" is not excusable.

    If you have any questions, please ask me on my message wall or any other staff member. We would be happy to assist you.

    Thank you for reading this and please enjoy your time at Phantom Forces Wiki!

    Duodecagon (talk) 05:49, July 23, 2019 (UTC)

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