The Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS) is a small battery powered reflex sight for rapid target acquisition within close quarters. Its clear sight picture provides high visibility in all lightning conditions.
–In-game description
Mini Sight




Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 120
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The Mini Sight is an American-made Optic attachment in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked by attaining 120 kills with a weapon or by purchasing it with credits.


The Mini Sight is a red dot sight, manufactured by Trijicon, an optics manufacturer based out of Wixom, Michigan. Trijicon has existed since 1985 and has made optics ever since. They became famous for their ACOG line of scopes.

In-Game Model

The in-game model is the RM05G, of the Trijicon RMR model line.[1]


General Information

The Mini Sight is one of the various red dot sights available in-game. It is a low magnification optic, with only 1.5x magnification. It features a small green reticle that acts as the point of aim with a small optic frame, albeit with the top horizontal bar being thicker than the rest of the frame.

It is essentially a variation of its sister: the Delta Sight. This sight can be attached to all primaries and secondaries. It is like the Delta Sight, but a rather large green dot instead of a red delta (triangle). As of the 4.0.0 'Winter Update', The Mini Sight along with the Delta Sight are able to be equipped on primary weapons


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Pros & Cons


  • Very small, clear sight.
  • Thin base allows for better peripheral vision.


  • The large green dot can be a struggle at range.
  • Low magnification means that it can be hard to hit shots at range.


  • Unlike the Delta, when equipping the mini sight, it is easily noticeable to find the standard iron sights still attached to the secondary, more likely to act realistically.
  • The Mini Sight is unlocked at the same kill requirement as a Compensator.
    • This trait is shared with the MARS and Delta Sight, among other attachments.



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