8% RPM increase.
Increases the rate of fire by increasing recoil forces, but that also makes the recoil higher in general. Reduced suppression.
–In-game description
Muzzle Booster
Muzzle Booster temp
Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 1200
Note Increases RoF by 8%, increases recoil, decreases suppression

The Muzzle Booster is a barrel attachment available to all primary and secondary weapons, except integrally suppressed weapons. It is unlocked at 1200 kills, or it can be purchased with credits.


General Information

The Muzzle Booster is a unique attachment. It increases the rate of fire (RoF) of a weapon by 8%. However, this comes with the cost of reduced suppression and increased recoil.

Usage & Tactics

The main use of the Muzzle Booster is to increase the RoF of a weapon. While it might serve a purpose on faster weapons such as the Kriss Vector, it makes more sense to attach it to weapons such as the SCAR-L. These slower firing weapons usually have a high base damage that is counteracted by a slow fire rate. They also often have much more manageable recoil in the first place, oftentimes primarily vertical. This means that the Muzzle Booster, on these weapons, provides a boost to firerate while providing a negligible increase in recoil. Weapons with minimal side-to-side recoil can take full advantage of this attachment, making it a better choice than the Compensator on these weapons.


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Pros and Cons


  • Increases RoF by 8%.


  • Increases recoil.
  • Decreases suppression.
  • Decreases hipfire performance.


  • The Muzzle Booster was originally conceived in the Phantom Forces Community Testing Environment. It is part of a growing list of assets returning from the CTE.
  • The design of the Muzzle Booster appears to be that of the booster found on the MG42, a WWII-era German machine gun.
    • The MG3KWS, itself being based on the MG42, features a similar muzzle booster as part of its design.
      • The MG3KWS can attach the Muzzle Booster, but it attaches on the end of the barrel, not the end of the original booster, leading to the two boosters overlapping. The effect of the attachment is unchanged.



Optics <2.0x Magnification

Animu Sight - Lyman Sight - Z-Point - EOTech XPS2 - Delta Sight
EOTech 552 - Mini Sight - Comp Aimpoint - Reflex Sight
Kobra Sight - Full Ring Sight - Half Ring Sight

2.0x to 3.0x Magnification

Extended Stock - Hensoldt 3x Sight - Leupold M8-2x - MARS - PK-A
PKA-S - Coyote Sight - Pilad 3 - Barska Electro - OKP-7
DDHB Reflex

>3.0x Magnification

Leupold M8-6x - PM II - PSO-1 Scope - PSO-1M2 Scope - C79
M145 - ACOG Scope - VCOG 6x Scope - TA33 ACOG - TA11 ACOG

Barrel Flash and Sound Suppression

ARS Suppressor - Flash Hider - Muffler - PBS-1 Suppressor
PBS-4 Suppressor - R2 Suppressor - Suppressor
Osprey Suppressor - Sionics Suppressor

Recoil Management

Compensator - Muzzle Brake - Muzzle Booster

Barrel Modification

CTAR Barrel - Extended Barrel

Underbarrel Grips

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Flashlight - Laser - Green Laser

Other Aiming Aids

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Ballistics Tracker - Flashlight - Laser - Green Laser

Backup Sights

Canted Delta Sight - Canted Iron Sight


20rd Drum - 33rd Mag - Extended Magazine - Pro Mag
30rd Mag - 50rd Drum

Ammo Regular Ammunition

Armor Piercing - Hollow Point

Shotgun Ammunition

Flechette - Birdshot - Slugs

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