The OKP-7 is a Russian battery-powered collimating optic. Its most striking feature is the 'floating' lens for improved sight clarity. It uses a laser-generated reticle, much like the Kobra.
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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 900
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The OKP-7 is a Russian Reflex sight. It is unlocked by reaching 900 kills, or it can be purchased by credits.


The OKP-7 shares similarities to the Kobra Sight, as they are both produced from Russia. This sight was used by many forces around the world, mainly Russia. The design of the lens lacks a full circle, or floating lens, for better performance.


The in-game model is black in color, with a "floating" lens. The optic has a battery-generated bluish-green background, and a green reticle.


General Information

The OKP-7 is a greenish, fairly unobstructive sight, having good peripheral vision. With a chevron placed in the middle of the large circular sight, this allows weapon recoil compensation, along with helping to track targets while sustained fire is laid down, by reducing the chance of the firearm obstructing the target.

Usage and Tactics

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Pros and Cons


  • Clear unobstructive frame and reticle
  • Relatively good field of view (FoV)


  • High kill requirement to unlock


The reticle of the OKP-7 looks similar to the Kobra Sight's, but with an added chevron and is green which provides better contrast in darker environments.



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