15% muzzle velocity loss.
20 stud detection radius.
A light multi-caliber Western suppressor manufactured by SilencerCo for pistol caliber weaponry. Reduces maximum damage and range, but provides great sound masking.
–In-game description
Osprey Suppressor

Osprey angled

Osprey inspect

Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 250
Note All PDWs except PPSh-41, all Pistols except Desert Eagle L5, all Machine Pistols

The Osprey Suppressor is a barrel attachment exclusive to weapons which fire .45 ACP or 9x19mm Parabellum, which includes nearly all PDWs, Pistols, and all machine pistols. It is unlocked when the player achieves 250 kills on any of the aforementioned weapons or by purchasing it using Credits.

Statistic modification

  • Hides muzzle flash, reduces weapon noise by 50%
  • Reveal range: 20 studs
  • Muzzle velocity: -15%
  • Maximum damage: -15%
  • Maximum damage range: -15%
  • No minimum damage reduction.
  • No minimum damage range reduction.

Tactics & Usage

The Osprey Suppressor can be treated as the default Suppressor but with slightly more punishing damage drop-off traded for faster projectile velocity. It is also much quieter than all but the Sionics Suppressor.

This allows for more efficient combat at close quarters combat to medium quarters combat. Additionally, it will be easier for stealth kills as it provides excellent sound masking.


  • The Osprey Suppressor features various manufacturer-styled stampings:
    • A Soviet-styled proof mark.
    • The username of the creator of the model, Kolchev.
  • Kolchev seems to be a relatively major aftermarket weapon attachments brand in the in-game universe
    • It is also seeming based off of the SilencerCo brand in real life, who also make an Osprey branded suppressor.[1][2]
  • The Osprey Suppressor is tall enough that it can impede use of the G17's iron sights.
General trivia
  • Suppressors, by themselves, do not actually slow down bullets in real life - in fact, they tend to increase bullet velocity slightly. Rather, this mechanic is probably to reflect the fact that suppressors are usually used with subsonic ammunition. Standard ammunition makes a distinctive crack due to it going at supersonic velocities, which would ruin the point of having the firing sound of the weapon decreased, however, in combat conditions, with a sniper rifle, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the sniper with a suppressor, unless the supersonic ammunition reveals the location.
    • Certain weapons used this trope by virtue of their bullets being so slow that the suppressor improved the bullet velocity. However, in Update 4.3.0 to present, the suppressors reduce bullet velocity using percentages instead of fixed values, eliminating this exploit.
    • Another quirk of suppressors is that they increase the cycling speed of many of the weapons they are attached to due to gas blowback. Manufacturers tend to try and avoid this as while it may increase the firing rate of weapons and thus their firepower, unintended increases in cycling speed can seriously damage guns not designed to take advantage of or withstand such side effects.
  • Shotgun slugs have priority over the suppressor's velocity reduction, which means every slug will still travel 1800 suds/s regardless of barrel attachment.
    • This make shotguns particularly effective with suppressors when taken for mid range sniping.
  • The Stevens DB and Sawed Off cannot attach suppressors, as the double barrel would be troublesome to suppress, but still possible. Along with this, no revolver can attach a suppressor either, due to the structure of a revolver not being suited that way.
    • The only exception would be the Nagant M1895 (not in-game), as this revolver has a gas seal mechanism that allowed it to be suppressed properly. However, there are other silent revolvers as well, such as the OTs-38 Stechkin Silent Revolver (also not in-game). Unlike the Nagant revolver, they involve using silent ammunition, not external means, and as such, they do not count.
      • Integrally Suppressed Weapons cannot attach barrel attachments, due to the barrel design not being able to accept such an attachment. However, manufacturers can make their suppressors with built in muzzle devices such as muzzle brakes and compensators.




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