The PK-A is a sturdy battery-powered Russian red dot tube optic, perfectly suited for high density urban suppression situations and picking up fast moving targets.
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Kills Required 165
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The PK-A is a Russian Red Dot Sight. It is unlocked by attaining 165 kills, or it can be purchased with credits.


The PK-A is a sturdy and robust red dot tube optic. Originally appearing to be an adaptation of the original PSO-1 SVD optic, the PK-A has a similar construction and the same style of hammer grey finish. The PK-A comes in three types including a black colored AK mount version, a black Weaver version and the original grey universal mount version. While the original appears to have an SVD mount it is actually a universal type mount and will fit most Kalashnikov weapons just fine, and it shows up in-game on every gun except most secondary weapons.


General Information

The PK-A is a unique red dot sight which also has an alternative aim mode. Pressing T will change the function of the optic from a red dot sight to that of a sniper optic, increasing magnification and removing peripheral vision. Regardless of what mode, the PK-A has a 3.0x level magnification. It features a simple red dot sight in the centre, indicating a user's point of aim.

Usage and Tactics

In regards to useability, the PK-A is one of the more versatile optics available.The 3.0x magnification level makes it more suited for medium-range combat, therefore being a good choice for weapons well suited to such combat distances. However, at longer ranges, the larger red dot reticle can be difficult to aim precisely with. The larger optic frame also proves difficult to see targets in a user's periphery. This is worsened when using it in its sniper optic mode, given the complete removal of peripheral vision.

Strictly as a red dot sight, the PK-A is useful on weapons such as the AUG A1, AN-94 and AK12 which perform well at middle distance engagements. As a dual-mode optic, the optic is well suited to close to medium range designated marksman rifles (DMRs), such as the MK11, SKS or SL-8 as it allows such weapons to engage up close and at medium range without much difficulty. The sniper optic mode should be reserved for semi-automatic fire, as the higher magnification level also increases the degree of visual recoil felt by the player, as well as muzzle flash obscuring a user's view. 


Overall, the PK-A is a useful optic which grants users the ability to use it as a red-dot sight and medium range sniper optic. However, it is hindered by its obstructive frame, as well as its large reticle when in sniper optic mode.

Pros & Cons


  • Can change aim mode, press T to toggle.
  • Simple reticle.


  • Obstructive housing frame.
  • Removal of peripheral vision in sniper optic mode.
  • Obstructive reticle in sniper optic mode.


  • The scope's cursor is similar to the cursor of Comp Aimpoint, but it is more of a faded yellow color instead of a definite red.
  • The PK-A used to have the same magnification as the ACOG Scope. However, this was changed to 3.0x in a later update.
  • The PK-A has an in-game variant known as the PKA-S
  • Prior to update 4.0.0, the PK-A lacked a variable zoom.
  • Unlike other variable zoom optics such as the TA33 ACOG and VCOG 6x Scope, the PK-A allows a user to cycle the action of a weapon even when in aimed in with its higher magnification form.


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