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TAR-21 angled

The TAR-21 is an Israeli Assault Rifle. It was added in the 4.12.0 update.

The TAR-21 is a well-rounded, fast-firing assault rifle with an unusual 1.1x torso multiplier. It trades close quarters damage for better ranged performance, including a 2800 stud/sec muzzle velocity. It can be transformed into the CTAR-21 with a special barrel attachment. However, this versatility comes at a cost, as the TAR-21 has strong recoil that limits its effectiveness in full auto.

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Reservoir Map
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Stilla Residence
Tammy Mirage

  • Revamped lobby
  • Adding/Touching up iron sight glow effects
  • Ballistics Tracker phone case will take camo skins
    • A dim phone light will be added
  • Flashlight has a slightly tinted color and is more effective
  • AA-12 gets a unique shell design and a skinzone over the magazine
  • Slightly quicker M1911 reload
  • P90 barrel attachment fix
  • Suppressors can now be skinned
  • Grips reduce blackscope sway speed, and increase steady speed
    • This is to make them more viable on sniper rifles
  • Colt LMG model resize
  • New optic mounts and risers for: the Colt LMG, Colt SMG 635, HK416, Honey Badger, M16A4, M16A3, M231, M4, M4A1, and the MAC10
  • New gun stocks for: the FAL Para Shorty, M231, M9, MAC10, and MP5K
  • PPSh-41 can now attach suppressors
  • M107 and WA2000 get new scope reticles
  • SL-8 now has a 30-round magazine (from 20)
  • Hensoldt 3x Sight can attach to more guns now
  • Sniper rifles can use optics from other sniper rifles
  • PSO-1 Scope, PSO-1M2 Scope and PU-1 Scope can attach to more guns and toggle zoom with T
  • "Swarovski Scope" (the AUG A1's default scope) is available on other weapons
  • Animu Sight is available again, with a different version on a certain gun
  • 12 iron sights are now available from certain guns to attach onto others
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