The Pilad 3 uses a traditional light tube to project a dot onto a lens. It is a simple and small red dot sight, boiled down to the absolute basics for a hunter.
–In-game description
Pilad 3
Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 500
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The Pilad 3 is a Russian Telescopic Sight. It requires 330 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


The Pilad 3 is a sight manufactured by Pilad, the sight in-game being the PF01X25[1].


General Information

The Pilad 3 is a red-dot scope intended for medium range engagements, with a projected red-dot encircled by a ring. A light focusing tube can be seen below the sight, which is what projects the reticle onto the medium. Much like the EOTech XPS2, the red dot itself is used for projectile aiming, and the circle is to simulate bullet spread, such as on a light machine gun or shotgun.

Usage and Tactics

The Pilad is very suitable for close-to-medium range engagements, due to the somewhat high magnification of the sight. A medium-ranged assault rifle, such as the L85A2, or even the AN-94 can use this optic to great effect, with the red dot providing the previously stated projectile aimer. Furthermore, 'aggressive' designated marksman rifles like the VSS Vintorez or SA58 SPR can use the Pilad as a middle-ground optic between close and longer ranges.

With an LMG such as the AUG HBAR or SCAR HAMR, the magnification of the Pilad is perfect for suppression at range, as well as the ring helping to compensate for jump. A shotgun is less desirable however; the close range, coupled with slow aim down sights (ADS) time results in a sluggish firearm that is difficult to use in close-quarters-combat (CQC). However, with an attachment such as Flechette, a longer-ranged shotgun such as the KS-23M can be used to a much more lethal capacity, leaving hipfiring the only viable option for CQC.


Like the EOTech XPS2, the Pilad 3 is comprised of a ring encircling a red dot, and is very useful to compensate for weapon recoil and shotgun pellet spread. However, the higher magnification results in this optic being applied in more longer ranged scenarios, such as with LMGs and 'aggressive' DMRs.

Pros and Cons


  • Clear reticle and frame.
  • Suitable for medium range, and has potential at long range.
  • Compensating ring helps with firearm recoil and pellet spread.


  • Relatively sluggish ADS time.
  • Optic is slightly too powerful to use in CQC effectively.




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