Prison is a map that was exclusive to the Phantom Forces Community Testing Environment. It is an orange-black-grey map with no props, meaning that the map was Work-in-Progress. It was scrapped in the CTE along with the Airport map.

It has seen a reapperance in the Test Place as the Industry v2 with filled props, different coloured walls and a crane that was available in the old Crane Site and in the removed Crane Site Revamped.


The Crane

The most notable landmark in the Industry v2 map is the crane, that is a very good sniping position. Though a very useless feature for the reason of In-Door buildings.

In the original Prison map, the crane wasn't included.

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot is a very good location on the map for a Personal Defense Weapon or an Assault Rifle such as the AKM. The disappointment here is that no objectives could be found here, and that there is no one in the Parking Lot.

In the original Prison map, the Parking Lot wasn't included.

The West and East Buildings

The West and East Buildings are where most of the battles and fights are happening. It is filled with vending machines, trees and some office cubicles. There is also a connector between the Buildings that isn't filled.


  • This map was scrapped about 1-2 years ago before it's return
  • The old crane from the old Crane Site was added for unknown reasons. It is probably added for testing it out before adding the actual Crane.
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