A 50 round drum magazine for the Ruger 10/22, and by extension, the ZIP 22. Yeah, that's right, 50 rounds of .22 Long Rifle. Reduces mobility and aiming speed. To have the pro mag, you must be a pro.
–In-game description
Pro Mag
PRO MAG angled
Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 1337
Note Increases reload time to 2.8s loaded, 3.9s unloaded.
Increases magazine size to 50.
Reduces walkspeed to 13.8.
Reduces aiming speed to 16.

The Pro Mag is an attachment available exclusively to the ZIP 22. It is unlocked by attaining 1337 kills or by purchasing it with credits.


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General Information

The Pro Mag provides an increase in magazine capacity from 10 rounds to 50 rounds at the cost of mobility and aim speed.

Usage & Tactics

With the extended magazine, the ZIP 22 transitions from being a mobile hit-and-run weapon to a more defensively oriented weapon. The bulk of the magazine will slow the player down, making them less able to react to a rapidly changing situation, and overall making it much more difficult for them to stay ready in protracted engagements.


The Pro Mag is an optimal choice for the standard ZIP 22, and makes up for some of the ZIP 22's shortcomings—it makes the gun more reliable due to its enormous magazine capacity, allowing the user to stay in combat more often.

Pros & Cons


  • High magazine capacity (tied with the Tommy Gun's 50rd Drum Mag and MG3KWS).
  • Does not decrease the ZIP 22's magazine reserve.


  • Reduces mobility and ADS speed.
  • Slow reload time.


  • This is the fourth distinct extended magazine attachment to be added, after the 33rd Mag.
    • This also makes it the sixth overall extended magazine attachment in the game. The previous extended magazine attachments are: 33rd Mag for the G17 & G18, the Extended Magazine for the AS VAL & SR-3M, the 20rd Drum for the AA-12, and "30rd Mag" and "50rd Drum Mag" for the Tommy Gun.
  • The amount of kills required, 1337, is a reference to "leet".
    • The number of kills required also shares with the Animu Sight.
  • When equipped with the Pro Mag, the ZIP 22's ammo reserve (180) is not divisible by 50, so if a player were to expend all 150 rounds / 3 whole magazines, the weapon will leave only 30 spare rounds remaining.
    • This also bears a similar case to the British L2A3.


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