RGD-5 angled
Blast Radius 50
Killing Radius 36
Maximum Damage 150
Stored Capacity 3
Trigger Mechanism Timed fuse
Special Effects High explosive, shorter fuse

The RGD-5 is a Russian high explosive grenade seen in Phantom Forces. It is currently in the Test Place.


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The RGD-5 is a powerful anti-personnel grenade. It is large, has a short fuse, and a high throwing arc. This makes it well suited for lobbing over cover, or timing it such that it explodes in mid-air.

General Information

As noted earlier, the RGD-5 has an extremely short fuse. With a neutral throw - that is, the cursor is held level with the ground and the player is not moving - the RGD-5 will fly, impact the ground, and then moments later, explode. Any efforts to increase throw range, either by improving throw velocity or aiming upwards further, will result in the grenade airbursting. This is because of its abnormally high throwing arc.

Usage and Tactics

Much like the original Frag, the RGD-5 is the answer to a crowded room. What should be noted, however, is that the high throwing arc will often cause the grenade to bounce off a ceiling, making close quarters more awkward for throwing through doorways.


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Coming Soon.

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