Update Released 4.0.0
Map Status Active
Map Type Oil Production Facility
Location Brazil

Refinery is an oil production facility in the middle of a Brazilian desert that was released in the 4.0.0 update.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Refinery is a partially big area, but with smaller battlefields. It consists of many props, that can be used for cover. Platforms can allow players to see above, and the ability to snipe, but the altitude is not that high. The areas are mostly cramped, along the advantages of guns, like PDWs.


Coming soon.


  • Refinery is the second map that is an oil production facility, the first being Rig.
  • Refinery was once labeled "Oil" when selected, since it was the map's previous name in the test place.
    • This has been changed since update 4.1.0, where it also got its own thumbnail.
  • This map was made by a reddit user on r/PhantomForces. The user said some ladders will not be accessible.
  • This map bears a resemblance to the map Operation Firestorm from Battlefield 3 and 4, although slightly modified to accomadate the infantry focused gameplay of Phantom Forces. The main tower with a permanantly lit fire in the middle of the map resembles the Levolution event of the Battlefield 4 counterpart.
  • There is a Brazilian flag in the map, which shows that the map is located in Brazil.
  • The creator, Bloxche (Bloxcheese), lives in Brazil, which also shows that the map is in Brazil
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