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Reflex sight


Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 285
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The Reflex is Trijicon's premiere illuminated sight that offers shooters the perfect combination of speed and precision under virtually any lighting conditions. –In-game description

The Reflex Sight is an American Red-Dot Sight. It requires 285 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


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In-Game Model

The Reflex Sight resembles the Trijicon RX01[1].

General Information

General Information

The Reflex Sight is a low-level magnification optic. It features a small red dot which serves as the point of aim, and a small housing frame. It is similar to the Coyote Sight and Kobra Sight, but differs in the reticle, housing frame and unlock requirement, being the first unlocked of the three via kills. On a few weapons, the Reflex Sight will provide a higher magnification level than the Iron Sights, but for most it will lower the magnification level or retain the same zoom level as the Iron Sights. The lower magnification lowers the visual recoil of the weapon, making it easier to control.

Usage & Tactics

Due to the lower visual recoil and magnification level, the Reflex Sight is suited for close-quarters-combat (CQC) and medium-ranged engagements and weapons which are geared towards such combat scenarios. Weapons like the MG36 and G36 work well with the Reflex Sight, as they both have a higher amount of visual recoil. Other weapons, such as the M4 or M4A1, are also suited to the optic, with the Reflex improving target acquisition at a close-range and even at medium-range, which replaces the somewhat obstructive Iron Sights of both weapons with the clearer sight picture of the Reflex. On longer-ranged weapons however, such as the MK11 or Intervention, the optic is far less useful - the lower magnification means acquiring targets at long distances is harder to perform, and severely impacts the user's chances of killing an enemy at such distances.


The Reflex Sight acquires targets easily in CQC and medium range and lowers camera recoil, but fails to add to the long-range capabilities of DMRs and Sniper Rifles.

Pros & Cons


  • Non obtrusive frame.
  • Simple and easily visible reticle, even when aiming through explosions and bright objects.


  • Obstructive sight model when hipfiring.
  • Blued sight background may make target aquisition more difficult.


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