Reservoir is one of the maps in the Test Place.


Reservoir appears to be a hydroelectric plant which also serves as a water treatment facility. It appears to be under construction, as evidenced by the props located near to the back end of the map.


Location Flare Domination King of The Hill Capture the Flag
Generators A Ghosts
Hydroelectric dam B
Underground facility C
Storage building Phantoms
Central bridge


  • Main Dam

This is the main landmark of the building, it consists of 2 buildings on each side and a connecting dam. This building has 3 floors, all which can be traversed from one side to another. The 3 floors are connected by both a staircase on each building and some halted elevators which serve as ladders

  • Service Bridges

These are located in the middle on the map. They are 2 parallel bridges traversing the map from one side to the other, with a bridge going between and beneath them. In the new version, this landmark hosts the Hill

  • Deposit Building

This is a building located in the Phantoms' Side. It's a small storage building with an Antenna behind it. Currently hosts the Ghost Flag

  • Underground Water Treatment Facility

These are located beneath ground on each side of the map, with the Ghost side holding Capture Point A. It consists of a series of water treatment machineries and pipes all along a long hall full of pillars and crates


Reservoir is a symmetric map, and as such, neither team has an inherent advantage or disadvantage. The central area is a killzone, especially the catwalks over the water. The hydro dam itself has multiple levels, but it will be a challenge to enter the enemy spawn without getting shot down. This map features extremely long sightlines, so snipers and DMRs will be common, with a smattering of CQC gameplay within the buildings and dam itself.


  • The working title for the map was "Dam" but it was renamed to "Reservoir" once it got to the test place.
  • A note located at the storage rooms says "Must hire a new designer for those damn staircase railings".
  • In a prior revision, there was a room that featured eight mannequins, four colored blue, and four orange. They looked like gigantic versions of plastic soldiers. One of the mannequins appeared to have killed another since it is dabbing over a toppled over mannequin.
    • They are referenced through an announcement found in a corkboard in that same room, as they have been now removed. This same corkboard references the fictional company that owns the dam itself, Ohm Electrics International.
  • A version of this map features four unique graffiti that reference the creators of the map. Two of them reference their group and two of them referencing each singular creator.
    RobloxScreenShot20191115 142247931

    Graffiti referencing the creators of the map.

    • These were visible on the first version, but the new version closed off the boundaries of the map, making them unable to be seen. They are still on the map, but the 2 group graffiti were removed
  • This map is the only map featuring vehicles with faction logos.
  • This map is one of the few maps featuring moving water particles. Another of these maps is Aquarium
  • In a prior revision, the parking lots, streets and rear-end building expansions were accessible. They are now closed off to the public, but are still present on the map, though only the parking lot preserved some of its props.
  • One of the creators of this map has said that this map is explicitly connected to Dark Sector[1]
  • This map is among a small selection of maps (including Refinery, Rig, and Locker) to have out-of-bounds hazards. Any player to fall off through the water (with no collision layer) will be killed instantly.


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