Rust Belt is one of the maps in the Test Place.


Rust Belt is a small suburban town, with a destroyed bus in the center of it and a small sewer system. Its brick-built buildings indicate that this town has high industrial activity.


Location Flare Hill Flag
Dead end A Ghosts
Destroyed Bus B
Supermarket C Phantoms


  • Destroyed Bus
  • Ramp
  • Sewage Pipes
  • Supermarket
  • Dead End


This map has a good balance of both close-quarters action and medium to long-range combat, making weapons such as PDWs and Assault Rifles favor from this.

If the player was to push into the buildings, the interiors are big enough to allow for the effective usage of long weapons, such as DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles), Battle Rifles and Assault Rifles, short weapons and close-ranged weapons, such as Shotguns, Pistols or PDWs, can also be very efficient when clearing this spaces.

The outside, however, allows for longer weapons to also come into play without making any weapon less efficient. Although there are some vantage points, most of the map has decently open but covered sightlines, which can allow Sniper Rifles to excel, while allowing LMGs (Light Machine Guns) and Assault Rifles to be able to counter these weapons.


  • The map's name is a term for a region of the United States including New England, the Mid-Atlantic US, and Great Lakes region. These regions had strong manufacturing bases that began to go into decline in the 1980s. The rust part of the name is not explicitly related to old factories rusting away, but rather the economic and urban decline of the areas as a result of the factories being shut down.
  • This map was featured in-game during the Halloween 2019 event. It was used as the background of the main menu for the duration of the event. Once the event ended, the map was removed from the live game.
  • There is a truck full of toxic waste close to the Ghost Spawns. This is a callout at Toxic
    • There are also a couple pictures of other maps hidden nearby, this ones being Luck, already in-game map made by the same person, and, again, Toxic, a Mirage-based map that was once in the Test Place.
  • There is a broken car in the sewer system. The map creator has stated that this "Cars on impossible places" easter egg is a "running gag" across their maps, as they also pointed a similar easter egg being in Skyrise.
  • There is a Hypo graffiti in the Ghost spawns overlooking the middle of the map.
  • There's also a hidden poster that reads "Conserve Energy."
  • All of the Garbage Bins spread throughout the map are colored orange and blue.
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