SR3M angled
Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Carbine
Rank Prerequisites Rank 69
Damage 34 → 20
Range 50 max → 90 min


Hip Accuracy


Sight Accuracy


Magazine Size 20, 21 with round in chamber
Ammo Reserve 120
Fire Modes Auto & Semi
Rate of Fire 900 RPM

TTK (Time to Kill) 0.13 s
Head & Body Multiplier
per bullet/pellet
Max (50 studs) Min (90 studs)
(x1.4) Head 47.6 28
(x1) Torso 34 20
(x1) Arms and Legs 34 20
Red color signifies a fatal hit.
Suppressed Stats
Suppressor/Bullet Attachment Suppressed Damage Suppressed Range
ARS Suppressor 34 -> 18 50 max -> 81 min
R2 Suppressor 32.3 -> 19 47.5 max -> 85.5 min
PBS-1 Suppressor 32.3 -> 19 47.5 max -> 85.5 min
PBS-4 Suppressor 32.3 -> 19 47.5 max -> 85.5 min
Suppressor 30.6 -> 20 45 max -> 90 min
Armor Piercing 34 -> 16.66667 0 max -> 90 min
Hollow Point 28.33333 -> 24 50 max -> 90 min
Muzzle Velocity 2000 studs/s
Penetration Depth 1.0 studs
Suppression 0.4


Hipfire Camera Recovery Speed 21
Sight Camera Recovery Speed 22
Weapon Recovery Speed 25
Weapon Recoil Damping 0.75


Min Camera Kick (1.10, -0.31, -0.21)
Max Camera Kick (2.50, 0.30, 0.20)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.50, 0.60, 8.19)
Max Recoil Displacement (0.80, 1.10, 9.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (-0.41, 0.30, -0.50)
Max Recoil Rotation (1.29, 1.20, 0.50)
Hipfire Spread Factor 0.10
Hipfire Recovery Speed 9
Hipfire Spread Damping 0.85


Min Camera Kick (1.70, -0.50, -0.50)
Max Camera Kick (2.29, 0.50, 0.50)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.11, 0.30, 7.19)
Weapon Shot Displacement (0.10, 0.69, 8.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.20, -0.11, -0.31)
Max Recoil Rotation (0.60, 0.20, 0.30)
Sight Magnification 2.7x


Reload Time 2.2 seconds
Empty Reload Time 3 seconds
Equip Speed 14
Aiming Speed 15
Crosshair Size 30
Crosshair Spread Rate 350
Crosshair Recover Rate 20


Weapon Walk Speed 14 stud/s
Aiming Walk Speed 8.4 stud/s
Ammo Type 9x39mm WP
Round in Chamber One
Shot Suppression Range None

List of Attachments

Optics Kills Required
PSO-1 Scope 0 Kills
C79 125 Kills
Comp Aimpoint 130 Kills
Coyote Sight 380 Kills
EOTech 552 85 Kills
EOTech XPS2 55 Kills
Kobra Sight 320 Kills
M145 185 Kills
PK-A 165 Kills
PKA-S 225 Kills
VCOG 6x Scope 455 Kills
Z-Point 10 Kills
TA33 ACOG 650 Kills
TA11 ACOG 1750 Kills
TA01 ACOG 2500 Kills

Underbarrel Kills Required
Angled Grip 115 Kills
Vertical Grip 45 Kills
Folding Grip 265 Kills
Stubby Grip 355 Kills
Laser 75 Kills
Flashlight 0 Kills

Barrel Kills Required
ARS Suppressor 150 Kills
Compensator 120 Kills
Muzzle Brake 175 Kills
R2 Suppressor 40 Kills
Flash Hider 100 Kills
PBS-4 Suppressor 245 Kills
PBS-1 Suppressor 205 Kills
Suppressor 30 Kills

Other Attachments Kills Required
Green Laser 110 Kills
Canted Delta Sight 405 Kills
Laser 20 Kills
Canted Iron Sights 310 Kills
Ballistics Tracker 1500 Kills
Hollow Point 2000 Kills
Armor Piercing 1000 Kills
Extended Magazine 1000 Kills

The SR-3M is a Russian Carbine. It is unlocked at rank 69, or it can be bought with credits.


The SR-3 Vikhr (СР-3 Вихрь, Russian for "whirlwind") is a Russian compact Assault Rifle. This small-size assault rifle can engage the enemy manpower wearing bulletproof jackets as well as the non - armored vehicles at a distance of 200 m. The SR-3 is widely used by various FSO (the Russian government guard service) and FSB (Federal Security Service) operatives, elite Russian counter-terror teams and other specialized users in the MVD and Russian police.

This Carbine's dimensions are the same as a submachine gun's but has the firing range and hitting effect of an Assault Rifle. It has a metal folding buttstock which reduces the overall dimensions and allows the operator to deliver aimed fire with the stock folded or non-folded. It uses a detachable double-column sector magazine with the cartridges located in a chess-board order, and is interchangeable with magazines of the AS Val and VSS Vintorez.[1]

An improved version, which is the SR-3M, the version in-game, has improvements over the original gun such as a detachable suppressor, a redesigned handguard, and a collapsible grip. The Iron Sights were also relocated and a larger 30 round magazine was developed, which is featured in-game as the Extended Magazine attachment.


General Information

The SR-3M, like the AS VAL, is a high-powered weapon. It sports a three-shot-kill (3SK) up close, and a 5SK at the end of its damage drop-off, at around medium range, which is quite good for a Carbine. Its rate-of-fire (RoF) is also very good, at 900 RPM, the second-highest RoF in its category, just behind the M4.

However, the SR-3M has a very small magazine capacity, at 20+1 rounds, the lowest in-class. Its recoil is also relatively high, particularly without attachments. The first-shot recoil is manageable, but has high muzzle climb and poorer recoil recovery speed than other carbines. Its muzzle velocity is somewhat slower than average, at 2000 studs/s, but it remains on par with weapons like the AK12C and Honey Badger.

Unlike the AS VAL, the SR-3M is able to equip barrel attachments, such as the Muzzle Brake or Compensator.

Usage & Tactics

The SR-3M overall, is a fairly versatile Carbine. Its high RoF combined with its high damage means it has a quick time to kill (TTK) at most distances, particularly at close to medium-range. However, given the smaller magazine size, users will tend to run dry more often, prompting the need to reload. The weapon requires good trigger discipline to maintain its effectiveness, given how easy it is to waste ammunition - often too common to empty an entire magazine into one enemy. Although reloads are fairly quick, it is recommended to find suitable cover to reload.

The SR-3M works well with flanking strategies. Unsuspecting enemies are easier to kill, thus mitigating the downsides of the weapon, with the user more likely to kill more than one enemy before needing to reload.

Given the higher recoil, Muzzle devices are good choices. Although, if the user is able to control the recoil comfortably, a Flash Hider might be appropriate. Grips such as the Angled Grip or Stubby Grip, will also help reduce the recoil of the weapon, working well when combined with the previously mentioned barrel attachments. The Vertical Grip is better for users who want to focus on increasing its viability up close via enhancing the weapon's hipfire. Lasers are useful too, bettering hipfire accuracy and thus increasing its effectiveness in close-quarters-combat (CQC). While suppressors can work, a user is better off using the AS VAL if they require a high-power, fast-firing stealth weapon.

Optics are quite useful, as the iron sights are obstructive for most situations. Combined with the muzzle flash and high recoil, an optical attachment is highly preferable to the iron sights. Optics such as the Reflex, Coyote or Kobra Sight work well, giving the user a better view on target. High magnification optics such as the M145 don’t work as well, as they exacerbate the visual recoil.


Overall, the SR-3M is a very powerful Carbine, able to quickly down targets at most distances. Its high damage and high RoF make it a very formidable weapon in many situations. However, its effectiveness is limited by its small magazine capacity, higher recoil and slower muzzle velocity. Ultimately, it is a weapon that works well in most scenarios, but requires good trigger discipline to maintain its effectiveness.

Pros & Cons


  • High RoF.
  • High damage.
  • Short reload time.
  • Fairly versatile.
  • Can equip extended magazine attachment.
  • Can pick up a lot of ammo types.


  • Small magazine size (20+1 rounds).
  • High ammunition consumption rate.
  • Obstructing, inaccurate Iron Sights.
  • Moderate recoil.


  • The SR-3, like the AS VAL, is classified as an Assault Rifle by Russian standards, but its properties are akin to a Carbine under NATO and other militaries classification.
  • The PKA-S on the SR-3M was extremely misaligned prior to the 4.0.0 update.
  • The SR-3M, when suppressed in-game, becomes one of the quietest automatic weapons.
  • The SR-3M is the only weapon made before UI update that hasn't had its firing sound changed.
  • The abbreviation “SR” stands for ‘Spetsialnaya Razrabotka’ – translated: ‘Special Development’.


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