Who is Shaylan007?
Shaylan007 is the lead modeller/map maker for Stylis Studios; his expertise in modelling, prop-making, and map-making is well known in the community. He was been with Stylis Studios since the development of Call of Robloxia 5.

Awards Recieved
As of January, 16, 2016, he was nominated for Builder of the Year, however lost to Zomebody.

Does he have a Wikia account?
Yes, he does. He helped working on the Wiki on March 23, 2016 by posting weapon pictures for info boxes. You can check on his account here.

Weapon skins used by Shaylan007

RobloxScreenShot03302016 223230967
Shaylan007 often uses the SCAR-HAMR and AUG HBAR. The reason for his affinity towards these weapons is currently unknown.
RobloxScreenShot03302016 221419977
Shay's gun


  • Based off of Shay's name and a poster in one of the maps, it can be concluded that Shay is a 007 (James Bond) fan.
  • However, in a stream, Shay's name was revealed to be in reference to an e-mail address he made in 2007, shaylan007.
    RobloxScreenShot04092016 094302-371

    Shay's 007 "SPECTRE" Ad in the Deploy screen