Skyrise overview
Update Released Test Place
Map Status Testing
Map Type Under construction skyscraper
Location Currently Unknown

Skyrise is a large map in Phantom Forces, set on a skyscraper. It is currently under testing in the Test Place.


Skyrise is set in the top floors and roof of a large skyscraper high in the sky. The ground is made invisible thanks to the thick fog layer around the skyscraper, while other buildings are visible at a distance around the skyscraper, the fog and mist occasionally covering them at times. The skyscraper appears to be under construction, as numerous crates, planks and other equipment are strewn across the map.

The map includes multiple floors within the skyscraper as well as the roof. Crates may sometimes be stacked up on each other, allowing players to easily climb onto the next floor, as the planks can be used to walk over missing sections of floors or to cut across large empty spaces between different sections of the skyscraper. Similarly to Mirage, there are many suspended ropes that can be used to climb onto the next floor. There is also a crane on the side of the building, accessible by its top half protruding just over the roof. Unlike other maps where the crane is supposed to grant a height advantage bar Mall, the crane in Skyrise, despite being accessible, mostly serves as a way of reaching across different parts of the skyscraper using the long part of the crane, or the "arm". Players don't have to climb this particular crane, as only the top half of the crane is reachable; you cannot climb to the bottom as the ladder is gone. Falling off the skyscraper will obviously instantly kill the player, with the distance of death always being 1000 studs.

The fog and mist outside the map changes occasionally, thickening and disappearing according to the time of day, sometimes obscuring the other buildings in the distance as well.


In all maps which have a hazard for players who fell off from a map, you may die by falling off from the skyscraper, and it is, therefore, a hard map for inexperienced players who required parkour and balancing skills to prevent yourself falling off accidentally during the round. It is also hard for players who are playing Phantom Forces or on this map in low-tier computer specs, which may result in a drop of FPS (Frames Per Second), which could be uncomfortable for most players as you may have difficulty in control of the player.


  • The fact that the map is called Skyrise, the entire map is set on a skyscraper, as well as the presence of the crane and the fact that its top half is reachable, might suggest that the map is based off of the map Highrise from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which is set on top of a high rise office complex building (not a skyscraper) that is under construction, and features multiple cranes towering over, with many of them having their top halves accessible for the player to walk across and traverse to other parts of the building. Interestingly, Highrise has a remastered version in Advanced Warfare, also called Skyrise.
  • This is the fourth map overall in Phantom Forces, the first, second, and third being, Rig, Prison Break & Reservoir respectively, to have an out-of-bounds hazards.
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