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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0

The Sniper Scope is the default optic for the Intervention, Remington 700, BFG 50, Dragunov SVU, Hecate II and SFG 50. Being a default optic, it does not require any kills to be unlocked.


All of the default scopes have a very high magnification. They are designed to be used at long to extremely long ranges. Generally, the scopes are suitable for every player. However, there are some players who don't like the default scopes, and prefer other optics instead.

The sniper scope comes in five different varieties: The kind used by the M200 Intervention, BFG 50 and SFG 50, Remington 700, Hecate II; and the Dragunov SVU's SVD scope.

The different kinds of sniper scopes have different magnification levels. The variety used by the Intervention, Remington 700, Hecate II, BFG 50, and SFG 50 have a magnification of 10x; the SVD scope used by the Dragunov SVU has a 7.5x magnification.


It is best to use these scopes at longer ranges due to its high magnification. Depending on the reticle, some may be easier to compensate for bullet drop while others like the SVU can be a bit difficult. At closer ranges, the zoom is too high to be rendered useful.


  • Sometimes when one zooms in with a default scope, their screen may turn black for a couple of seconds—one must completely stop then start zooming in with the weapon to fix the issue.
  • There was a 3rd sniper reticle in the Alpha stage which was mounted on the AWM and the MSR. The 3rd reticle is a Mil-dot reticle.
  • The SFG 50 is currently the only secondary weapon to use a sniper scope by default.
  • Before when the Dragunov SVU was considered to be a DMR, it was the only DMR to have a scope by default.

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