Stilia Residence is one of the maps in the Test Place.


Stilia Residence appears to be a mansion located in the coasts of the United States. The heavy presence of police vehicles and the overall chaotic spread of barricades and furniture suggests that this place is under an attack of some sort. An art exhibition can be found to the rear of the mansion. A small underground tunnel network provides shortcuts to certain parts of the building.


Location Flare Hill Flare
Pool A
Underground Complex B
Art Studio C
Central Patio ✔️
Limousine Phantoms
Art Exhibition Ghosts


  • Limousine/Front of the House
  • Art Exhibition
  • Central Patio
  • Art Studio
  • Pool
  • Underground Complex


Stilia Residence has tall, narrow interiors, excluding the rooms and some instances such as the Front Entrance, the Art Exhibition or the Central Patio. Shotguns and generally closed ranged weapons perform well in this spaces. Inside the Central Patio however, the interiors are more open and one can move with more freedom, making weapons such as Assault Rifles or Carbines a better choice

The outside of the house heavily favors middle and long ranged combat, but since there are few elevated positions, DMRs have a slight advantage

The Underground Complex, while useful, is rarely visited, so players can used it to traverse the map while remaining mostly unharmed. If any fighting were to occur inside this space, shotguns and close-ranged weapons would help in most of the cases, as there are some long angles where Carbines and Submachine Guns would be more viable


  • One of the rooms on the Ghosts' side has 2 hidden references to the map's background
    • The first one is located on the TV, under the form of a News Report. The background image is an angle of the Front Entrance of the Original Stilia Residence, which was submitted to the Reddit Community Map Making Contest but didn't qualify so it got scrapped.
    • The second one is located on the desktop computer's screen. This image shows an angle of the Front Entrance as well of the Second Version of Stilia Residence.
  • There is a "Thinking Guy" meme that reads "Can't have monsters in the closet if there is no closet"
  • There are two glowing white mannequins in both bathrooms, both wielding M60s while kneeling.
  • If a bathroom mirror is broken, the following text can be read:
    • "None of this is real. You are only being used to fight a war that isn't your own and to kill people you don't know. You really think you are a good person? No you are not, you are no better than a murderer, look what you have done already. Stormed into a house of someone you don't even know just because a fictional game told you to do so. It's a miracle you even found this message and read this. You should be disgusted of yourself. Be thankful I'm not transparent and that this game doesn't support an actual reflection, otherwise you would be seeing the horrible thing you've become. Go ahead, keep on enjoying murder and war, psycho."
  • There are a total of 5 stone owls spread throughout the mansion, with 3 of them having glowing red eyes.
  • Many of the paintings in the art exhibition are famous pieces of art, but the exhibition also features several splash screen artworks from the game.
    • There are several pieces of art made by the map creator as well.
    • In the new version, a new art room was introduced, where there are some more paintings, but one of them is a painting of the painting itself
  • There's a smiley pin smeared with blood in the left table of the art exhibition as a reference to the Watchmen franchise.
  • The golden statue at the art exhibition is based of a real statue located in Ontario, Canada called the Spirit Catcher.
  • The police cruisers in the map are incorrectly marked. In real life, the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) doesn't have the logos on the doors of their car, but instead they only have the initials and the car's code.
    • These were removed in the new version, with the only vehicle present on the map being the Limousine
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