Suburbia is a map in Phantom Forces. It consists of a suburban neighborhood hinted by the name.


Tree House

The tree house is located in the center of the map and is directly above the hill on the King of the Hill gamemode. It is also the location of a flare in the Flare Domination gamemode. It can only be accessed by a ladder, making it hard to take. As of an unknown update, this building has been removed and replaced with a wood deck and 2 ladders leading to it. The Flare Domination flare has been moved from inside the tree house to under the wood deck

Empty Pool

The empty pool is located on one of the map's flanks, positioned in the bright red house's "backyard". It houses one of the Flares during the Flare Domination game mode. Once inside the pool, you can either get out by the access ramp on the far side or by ladders, the latter of which makes the user extremely vulnerable.


The greenhouse, like the empty pool, is located on one of the map's flanks. Like the former 2 landmarks mentioned, it houses one of the flares during "Flare Domination". The inside of the greenhouse is surrounded in dense, green shrubbery, which allows for players to hide/"camp" during a match.


Location Flare Domination Capture the Flag King of the Hill
Near Ghost spawn Ghost
Near Phantom spawn Phantom
Tree House A (below) ✔ (below)
Empty Pool B
Greenhouse C


The map was released by Stylis Studios to probably reference Nuketown, a well-known map in the Call of Duty series. It is a close quarter battlefield and is the smallest map in the game (at release). It has three sets of houses:

  1. The left row (Where the phantoms spawn)
  2. The middle row (The proposed battlefield of the map)
  3. The right row (Where the ghosts spawn)

The map features a lot of large obstacles (cars, wooden crates etc.) and tight routes, which means that gameplay can easily turn sloppy and confusing. The houses are also very cramped and confusing (there is a "kitchen" in the section of the houses next to the tree house which can become very dark, promoting a camping spot for some players), which makes for the same scenario previously mentioned.


The engagement distances on this map will be very tight most of the time, apart from the large stretch of road that separates each spawn from the center of the map. Players will find this map very strange because the game itself is meant to have at least some form of versatility. The abundance of cars and hard cover in general in the way make for very unorganized gameplay when travelling with teammates, and frequent engagements when the player goes "lone wolf", where the former statement about traveling with teammates means that the player does not know who to go for, because there are too many players going for them in different directions. This means that the player cannot "spray and pray" in their general direction, because they're all in different spots. Furthermore, elevation changes in the map call for the player's awareness of an enemy possibly lurking behind.  

The tight engagement distances mean that CQC-oriented weapons such as shotguns are great to make sure the player has enough power at point-blank range to stop an enemy quickly. Fast-firing assault rifles also work well, as they can offer better versatility than a PDW or shotgun.  

Suburbia is now much larger in size than it was previously, with a number of rooftops of houses being accessible by ladder. As a result, the map has been more user-friendly for snipers. The rooftops offer a clearer view over the map, making a larger oversight for the player. While simple in design, these rooftops can possibly give these players cover, especially in far range, as they aid the player's hitbox at remaining small.  


  • Suburbia was added in the 3.1.2 update, coinciding with the Halloween event.
  • Suburbia might have been inspired by the neighborhood of the same name in Neighborville from the Plants Vs Zombies franchise.
  • During the Ready Player One Event, Suburbia had a door that, when struck by the JKey, would teleport the player to a final challenge to unlock the Jade Key.
  • Suburbia was revamped in the 3.6.0 update.
    • Ladders were added for players to be able to climb onto rooftops.
    • The map was given elevation changes to prevent players from cross-map sniping each other from their respective spawns.
    • More cover objects were added.
  • A gravestone in front of one of the houses reading "RIP Grandma 1979" can be read.

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