Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 2500
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"The TA01 is another development over the traditional ACOG. It provides a solid standard ACOG optic while packing sturdy backup iron sights for close range engagements." - In-game Description

The TA01 ACOG is an American Telescopic Sight. It was added in update 4.3.0, along with the TA11 ACOG. It requires 2500 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The TA01-D-100319 is Trijicon's most popular ACOG sight, designed specifically for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM or SOCOM).

This model has a rangefinder with the capability to measure up to 600 metres away by default, and tritium lighting allows sight illumination without batteries. Backup iron sights are mounted on top of the scope for easy access.

The model in-game is the TA01-D-100319[1] itself.


General Information

The TA01 ACOG is a sharp black reticle characterized by a rangefinder, with a duplex reticle configuration. Along with this, there is a triangular iron sight on top of the scope itself, that can be toggled to, using T. The magnification on this optic is 4.0x, allowing viable medium-to-long range combat, however, the iron sights can be used for close-quarters-combat (CQC). It functions much like the TA11 ACOG and TA33 ACOG while not scoped in. However, although this optic comes with great versatility like the other ACOG variants, this optic is currently the hardest optic to obtain, at 2500 kills.

Usage and Tactics

This optic should be treated as an upgraded C79, with a 4x magnification scope, along with a back-up set of triangular iron-sights. Weapons that are designated marksman rifles or sniper rifles, such as the Beowulf TCR, and the Mosin Nagant could be used for both close to medium and long combat engagements, specifically due to the scope's high versatility in engagement distances.


Coming soon.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile non-sniper scope optic, with iron sights to allow combat engagements at nearly every range.
  • Highest magnification out of all ACOG sights, by 4x.
  • Does not remove peripheral vision while ADS.


  • Extremely high kill unlock of 2500 kills.
  • Dark, non-illuminated reticle - hard to aim at targets in dark areas.


  • As of v4.3.0, 2500 kills needed to unlock this attachment is the currently the highest kill count needed to unlock a single attachment.
  • The reticle used is very similar to the M145's reticle before Version 4.0.0.
  • Trijicon, the optics production company based in Wixom, Michigan, United States, made this sight, along with every other ACOG sight, and the VCOG 6x Scope.


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