The TA01 is a variant of the traditional ACOG. Marketed towards competition shooters, the TA11 features a unique circular reticle.
–In-game description

TA11 ACOG angled

TA11 ACOG aim


Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 1750
Note Magnification: 3.5x

The TA11 ACOG is a variant of the ACOG Scope. It was added in Update 4.3.0, along with the TA01 ACOG. It requires 1750 kills to unlock, or it can be purchased with credits.


With high accuracy out to 800 metres, the TA11 ACOG has been favoured by competitive shooters. With the 'donut' design, this allows a clear aquisition of the target at distance. The model used in-game is the standard TA11, manufactured by Trijicon.[1]


General Information

The TA11 ACOG offers a magnification power of 3.5x, and houses a seemingly standard ACOG post, without the horizontal axis, however, the chevron is replaced by an orange circle. Like the Kobra Sight, there is no proper defined reticle; there may be a margin of error when attempting to engage an opponent from long range. This comes with its benefits, such as not obscuring the target with an obstructive reticle.

Furthermore, the sight magnification can be toggled with T, providing a small increase with magnification while removing peripheral vision.

Usage and Tactics

The TA11 is designed for medium to long range engagements, much like the ACOG. However, as stated prior, the toggleable zoom allows more precision at distance, with the cost of peripheral vision outside the reticle.

Firearms such as designated marksman rifles and sniper rifles will see the most use out of this optic, however, the latter may find it difficult to engage targets beyond a few hundred studs; any distance before that will be most suitable for a DMR. Some firearms like the Henry 45-70, M60 and the AN-94 may also be viable with the TA11, allowing their long-ranged capabilities to come into effect. Other firearms may have too much recoil for the this optic to be of much use, but if the user is able to control said recoil or mitigate it with attachments, then the TA11 can be just as effective.


The TA11 ACOG is a versatile optic primarily used for medium to long range combat, with a non-solid reticle to prevent target obstruction. DMRs are best paired with this optic, however, if the user is able to apply other firearms effectively, then it will work on most.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable scope magnification using T.
  • Clear sight reticle.
  • Integrated rangefinder.


  • Very high kill unlock of 1750 kills.
  • No solid reticle.
  • Less peripheral view when scoped in, compared to other optics such as the VCOG 6x Scope.


  • The rangefinder on the reticle only contains one number - '6' - which, when compared to the reticle of the ACOG Scope, may make the TA11 seem slightly less useful. However, notches for rangefinding are still there, still allowing some rangefinding capability.




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