• I like to use the MP5 with a Muzzle Brake and an Angled Grip. This combination is extremly recoilless, and thus I can shoot down enemies in full-auto at high ranges. However I was just wondering if there is an even better combination for an even more recoilless weapon. So, whats the difference between the Angled, Folding and Stubby? And what are they best used with? Muzzle Brake or Compensator?

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    • Use Stubby Grip, or do the classic "VCOG x6 Scope and Canted sights" trick to get what you want :)

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    • Yeah I do that but I want to kniw whats better Folding, Angled or Stubby?

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    • For Grips:

      I usually use the Angled grip for tackling high FSR, or high vertical recoil.

      For the Stubby grip, I usually use it for controlling high horizontal recoil.

      The Folding grip is good for reducing camera recoil but it will increase spread and horizontal recoil. (Probably wont see this grip as much as the others when playing.)

      For Muzzles:

      Compensator will help with Horzontal recoil.

      Muzzle Brake will help with Vertical recoil.


      Guns with a lot of Horizontal Recoil:

      Compenator + Stubby Grip

      Guns wth a lot of Vertical Recoil:

      Muzzle Brake + Angled Grip

      For guns that are kind of equal in both (Depends on gun):

      Compensator + Angled Grip

      Muzzle Brake + Stubby Grip.

      Switching scopes will definately help:

      The Z - Point is probably going to be the best when it comes to controlling the recoil, and the weapons surely feel like a lazerbeam when using it. But it will definately be hard to see with the muzzle flash, and it will be just hard to see in general with it. Might take some practice getting used to.

      I use the Reflex sight for the extra accuracy, though the muzzle flash will definately be the worst.

      The Coyote sight is kind of the middle-man for me, it's pretty good for accuracy while taking off a tad bit of muzzle flash in comparison with the Reflex.

      The Kobra sight is the one I really only use if the muzzle flash is unberrable, using giving this to the LMGs.


      If you love to hipfire, I'd recommend staying away from the Stubby grip and instead going for the Angled grip.

      The Folding Grip is probably the one that you will never really use.

      For the MP5, I went with the Muzzle Brake and Stubby Grip, I also tested your attachments but found that the Stubby grip helped control the horizontal recoil, while the Muzzle Brake still kept the vertical recoil to a minimum. And plus, the MP5 is kinda equal in both, so the combo is pretty good. However, if you hipfire with the MP5 then the Angled Grip will definately be the better pick, though then I'd recommend using the MP10.

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    • Angled Grip : Increases hipfire spread while descreasing camera recoil* (screen shake) *(better than Stubby Grip)

      Stubby Grip : Increases hipfire spread (more than Angled) while smooths camera and both vertical and horizontal recoil a bit

      Vertical Grip : Increases ADS camera recoil while reduces hipfire spread and increases its stability

      Folded Grip : Reduces hipfire stability (reticle easier to wide) while reduces camera recoil significtly

      I can't describe a barrel because i usually using Supressors or Flash Hider to hide a gun flash while firing

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    • Vertical grip for most guns, or angled grip for semi automatics, according to the statistics.

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    • no

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    • Twink, vertical helps with hipfire. It will be a downgrade in other cases

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    • I am aware of that. But with guns like the Hectate, which have no use for Fast recovery because there’s a lengthy process to fire again, and the MAC10, because screw aiming hip fire is 3 times more accurate.

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    • A FANDOM user
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