• Suggest a thing, cuz idk.

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    • Here it is, lads. The new suggestions thread. 

      Let's start it off with a concept I had this morning. 

      Shields, Armor, and using Protection

      So, what did that guy suggest this time? I present to you the idea of protective vests and shields. 

      NOTE: For both shields and protective vests, getting shot at by a caliber weaker than the armor will stop the bullet, but there will be a more violent jab in the player's camera as a result of the bullet kicking the vest backwards as it absorbs the shock.

      If the armor is shot by a stronger caliber, the damage will be reduced as it goes through, and the camera kick will still be present, unless it's a .338 Lapua, .408 CheyTac, or .50 BMG, which are excluded from damage reduction. 

      All armor will prevent bladed weapons from dealing slash damage. Stab damage will only be blocked to the front of the chest of the ii and iii vests. 

      Blunt weapons will have reduced damage, except the Sledge Hammer.

      Chosen One beats all armor because Skywalker bs.

      Chest Equipment - Completely seperate from normal equipment, chest equipment has its' own seperate slot. All chest accessories have a third person model, allowing the enemy team to quickly identify what kind of threat they are dealing with. 

      'Casual' Wear - No additional benefits, but then again, no decreased movement speed or mobility issues. No third person model, showing your shirt, tux, polo, or whatever you're wearing underneath. Unrealistically, however, you still manage to carry 4 spare magazines for your Honey Badger, but we'll never understand where you keep it. Don't tell us. Recommended for high-speed builds or stealthy flanking. 

      Kevlar Vest - A very thin, lightweight vest with a slim and sleek design, making it less encumbering than the a fully-fledged vest, but encumbering nonetheless. Makes most melee weapons, one handed blades and the hattori alot less effective to the chest, with its' nature being slash-proof, and stabs doing reduced damage. The War Axe will mess you up a bit. Also makes the user unharmed by the ZIP .22. Reduced ADS speed and switching speed by a bit. 0.5 stud thickness, preventing the ZIP 22 from hurting your chest, and thick enough to reduce the damage of most pistols, and prevent their rounds from killing your buddy behind you. 

      FBI SWAT Vest - A larger vest than the Kevlar Vest, the SWAT vest provides no added ballistic protection, but gives the player 1 more magazine for rifles, shotguns, pistols, and LSWs. Protects against blades, not stabs tho. Reduced ADS speed and switching by a bit. Comes with a flashlight attached. 

      ii Plate Carrier - A heavier, bulkier vest than the SWAT vest, the Plate Carrier is the vest of choice for the majority of players. An NIJ II vest that will take care of all your pistol-caliber, and your .357 Magnum needs. Wear a nice plate in the front of your upper chest to protect yourself from pistols and PDWs (Minus the P90. You're still fucked.). In-game, a 1 stud protection stops most pistol calibers and standard shtogun shells. Don't try to confront rifle-users with this. Reduced ADS speed and switch speed a bit more. Decreased movement speed.

      iii Chest Rig - A heavier, bulkier vest than the Plate Carrier, the Chest Rig provides adequate protection from rifle calibers. Putting on the heavy vest protects your upper torso from anything less than a 5.56x45mm NATO, including 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 5.45x39, and slugs, and grants the user 1 extra magazine for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. 7.62x51mm NATO with AP, from sniper rifles, and anything upwards will still penetrate your vest. A 2 stud thick vest will prevent these calibers from hurting you, unless fired from LSWs or LMGs. Will reduce damage of anything less than a .338 Lapua Magnum. Reduced ADS speed and switch speed even more, and further decreased movement speed.

      The Neck Belt - Wear a LMG caliber belt around your neck like a true badass. Gives your belt-fed LMG 100 extra rounds to rain down hell on your opponents. Makes a clinking sound whenever you move, but if you're in range to hear that sound, you are probably going to be bullet-hosed into the next server. Third person model of rounds are bright yellow, and are quite visible.

      The Cross Belt - What's better than one belt around your neck? Two! Wear two belts of LMG ammo around your chest in an X style. Hinders your movement speed and ADS speed by a bit. 

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    • Part 2


      NOTE: The shields' third person models are colidable, meaning players can bump into these shields. Like the previously mentioned vests, getting hit in the shield will have a loud "Clang" noise, and kick the shield in first-person, making it harder to see through the Ballistic Shield. Luckily, unlike the vests, the shields kick and shake instead of the camera, making it easier to make more accurate shots with your pistol.

      Wooden Shield - A classic, medieval wooden shield, lined with iron, is held in the left hand when using a pistol or a melee weapon. The shield only protects the user from melee attacks that are directly in front of them. It prevents enemies with knives from sprint-sliding at you, slashing you, and then ending up behind you. Small shield that only protects the torso. Bullets go right through em. Reduced weapon switch speed and movement speed. While using the pistol, reduced ADS speed. 

      Ballistic Shield - Modeled after the RTS Active Shooter shield, this shield offers level iii protection, stopping up to 7.62x51mm NATO. Will protect the user's entire torso and head, leaving behind the legs. Crouching grants full protection. Protection from threats in the front. Allows the user to use pistols, machine pistols, and revolvers to be used at the same time, at the cost of a primary weapon and the ability to ADS. Players cannot prone or sprint while the shield is equipped. 

      The player's vision is limited to seeing through a port in the head area of the shield. The player cannot reload while the shield is out, and must de-equip the shield to reload his pistol. When de-equipped, the shield is placed on the back, giving the user protection on his back and lower legs instead of his head. Overall mobility is reduced. An in-game stud thickness of 2 studs.

      Riot Shield - A lighter, bullet-resistant reinforcedpolycarbonate shield, the Riot Shield will stop pistol calibers, buckshot, and birdshot. A shield as tall as the player to prevent enemy pushes. Replaces the slot for secondaries. No visibility reduction as the entire thing is clear. Reduces mobility, but not as much as the Ballistic Shield. No crouching, proning, or sprinting either. 

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    • Very good ideas.

      However, I think that we don't really need shields. Its gonna make things a little irritating and will encourage the growth of BFG/SFG/HECTATE II/{insert snipers} noobs. You will have people only choosing guns based on penetration, not actual usability. This applies to all forms of armour and protection.

      Armour vests are excellent and I can see people using it. I think three levels are fine. I have posted before on armour and I like the "studs of matter"( Ima acronym this)(S.O.M) idea for armour as this will make it more realistic. Slowing walk speed is obvious, but ADS? There is nothing on your arms or anything that restricts you bringing your gun up. It appears ADS is just a scapegoat for balancing things.

      Increasing your ammo pool is fine, and I wonder why Stylis hasn't added it yet. The LMG belts. No problem here I love the idea.

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    • My idea:

      Equipment is for putting stuff on your person. Basically you have a UI that folds out like the one for guns. Where the guns are, its stuff like what @Sojitsu mentioned. So there are extra ammo carriers, armour, stuff like that.( What about helmets?)

      When you equip, say armour, you get attachments for the armour, like flashlights or extra ammo pouches, and stuff like that.

      This way you can customize your loadout to suit your needs.

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    • @1Phronesis Thanks for comments, took a lot of brainpower and I almost have none left. I do think that shields would be used, but be used alot less, as they play more passive roles than active ones, such as pushing a position, holding an objective, and they aren't hard to counter in the first place; simply getting a slightly different angle would do. 

      I also like that customization for vests. Put a flashlight on my plate carrier and 3 mag pouches. 

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    • Stylis has access to player data, right? They should release a table showing which weapons have the most kills and rank them by overall kills. Also show the player with the most kills with certain guns. 

      Then we can finally see which gun is the most overused, and which is the most underrated.

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    • I agree. StyLis showing a table of the guns with the most kills would be great. They've already released a table showing the average KDR per rank group, they should release to us the most used and least used weapons in a category. 

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    • Sounds like a good idea.

      But can we have a balisong knife as a melee in-game?

      It would have almost the same statistics as the Karambit and the normal knife, probably somewhere in between the two, but slightly better range than the Karambit.

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    • @Sojitsu Where can I find the list of average KDR per rank group? I would like to see that.

      Also, Stylis should add flag skins that you can buy. Rolling a Russian flag as an Argentinian would not be fun.

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    • @1Phronesis I'm not sure, but I do recall seeing it somewhere on the discord with Toothless telling us "yall are big noob" because the average KDR was 1.8.

      Yep. I agree. Something like "National Pride" as a skin, and you have access to 200 different flag textures, "Night ops" where it's the same access to skins, but in OD green and black, "Urban" where it's the same 200 textures, but in gray and black, "Naval" where it's the same flags but in blue and black, and "The People" where the textures are customizable. 

      Most expensive case in the game. 

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    • nunchucks. they have range that rivals the war axe and hits twice for 40 damage each. backstabs arent instakill as the point of the nunchucks is a deadly frontal headshot melee. it places importance on skill and agressiveness and less on sneaking. you can also hold mouse 1 for continious attacks. you make 3-4 swings a second making this thing deadly in confined and crowded spaces as it can easily wipe out entire squads if not taken care of in time.

      and also maybe add raufoss rounds to the 50 cal snipers. they still deal the same dmg but have their ammo halved or even cut to roughly 1/3rd. the added benifit of being able to essentially shotgun blast anybody behind a wall without knowing their exact location is the main reason anybody will equip this. essentially makes wallbangs much easier to execute as what exits on the other side is not a single bullet but a mess of concrete, RDX explosive, and fragments. acts like shotgun shells after hitting a wall.

      and finally, add a BRNO peep apeture sight. exclusive to the r700, steyr and mosin. essentially replaces standard sight but offers bulrred perhiperal vision and is 5x with the advantage of steady scope. it also is much faster than the standard scope or vcog while still viable as a close in combat optic. think of them as improved iron sights that due to the way they are used gives the illusion of magnification.

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    • Suggestion: Third person experience

      - Third person model attachments on weapons. Allows players to see what grip they have, if they have a suppressor or not, if they have a laser, canted sights, ballistic tracker, or whatever. 

      Optics have the same model if similar enough. For example. All ACOGs have the same third person model. The M145 and C79 have the same third person model. The EoTechs share the same model, and the Barska Electro and Coyote Sight share the same third person model. Everything else would be unique. 

      - Display primary weapons as slung on the back of the player, and secondary weapons as holstered on the right leg of the player. Allows you to see what an enemy player is using.

      - Third person muzzle flash if not equipped with a flash hider or suppressor. You know that little texture of the muzzle fire? Even that would suffice. The light that is emitted is great, but there should be a really obvious way to spot an enemy player because of their muzzle flash. 

      - Third person reload animations.  I wanna watch my  teammates slap their MP5s beside me. 

      - Third person laser dots are visible. Not the beams, just the dots.  

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    • @Sojitsu that sounds like a good idea. Especially the laser dots and the muzzle flash. I would love to see those implemented in-game.

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    • @Sojitsu That's a neat idea, but it would probably take a whole lot of time to design and program all those animations. There's also the probability that older PCs could have a harder time running the game if they were implemented.

      Still, I'd like to see some of these things implemented in-game. Knowing exactly what your opponents are using can give you an edge in battle.

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    • @AWSisKing Maybe not the animations yet, but the improved third person models, muzzle flash, laser dots, and holstering + slinging could be done at this time and not affect the game too much. 

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    • Also the only way you can find out what weapons the enemy is using at the moment is through the kill feed.

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    • to be frank I can tell what the enemy is using just by the sound of their guns unless they are using a supressor. Very useful skill. trust me. It can save you many unesscary engagements due to weapon disadvantage.

      and i want to suggest something along the lines of a why not. winchester m1873. 15 rounds and is a 2 hit kill cqc. but only up to 15 studs. everything after that is a 3 to 4 hit kill. it will have a firerrate of 130. it loads at the same speed as a m870. carbine. muzzle velocity of 2000 to 1800 studs. KEY PHRASE:SPAM CANNON.

      m1887 shotguns. pretty much a m870 reskin with a firerate of 80 rpm. its main selling point is the range. it has spread so tight you are basically using flechette on steroids being able to kill in a single well aimed shot at up to 100 or so studs which is leagues beyond the other shotguns. main downside is the way it reloads makes it more lethargic and the low capacity of 5+1 shells when fully loaded. (IRL you can have 7, one in chamber and one in the cartridge hopper.) with the mares leg attachment or akimbo (only difference being u have 2 shottys) (others), you basically are the terminator. doing so decreases range to slightly lower than most of the SG's (comparable to saiga 12u) and the spread becomes something similar to the ksg but you gain 2 benifits: You are just as accurate hipfiring as you are aiming and because you are flip cocking the weapon you get a RPM boost of up to 110 rpm. Overall, it is very bipolar. you can build it as a sportsman shotgun, or you can build it as a CQC beast. Lasers will most likely prove the most effective.

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    • Bring back the Railgun.

      Drop the damage from 100-100 to 100-95. Same drop-off and maybe make its multipliers 1x torso, 3x head. Ammo reserve to 21. Can only pick up ammo from other railguns. No attachments. Rank *ahem* 196

      Also, move Dragunov SVU back to DMRs. It's not a sniper.

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    • IWS 2000. Give it r700 stats but with a few key differences. one, The muzzle velocity is over 6000 studs/ second, and secondly, it has a semi auto rpm of 30. Hecate recoil and handling. Basically a sniper that has VERY LITTLE bullet drop or compensation needed. rank 200 unlock. also, ammo is scarce as you can only resupply off of the 50 cal rifles or another IWS.

      oh yea and it has a wall penetration of 15 studs. good luck not getting wallbanged.

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    • Update the frags to make them more realistic.

      In real life, shrapnel from a grenade can reach up to 250m (273 yards).

      Now here is my revision, the blast radius is based on the material detonates on. E.G.

      Grass and dirt= standard blast radius

      Wood=  1.25x range multiplier.

      Concrete and asphalt= 1.5x range multiplier.

      Metal= 1.75x range multiplier.

      This way frags will be a bit more realistic.

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    • you are basically telling the devs to make 4 different grenades and the processing of that in maps with alot of grenade spam such as metro will crash the potato pc's which is no good. Instead, add a concussion grenade that replaces the standard grenade and have the frag updated with a smaller blast radius but a larger damage radius from the fragments. They reach out to 50 studs.

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    • ^ Oh boy it's going to destroy the game in Metro. I would be scared if that was implemented.

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    • Xm556-microgun
      I present to you, the XM556 Micro-gun.

      Secondary, other.

      Damage 15-10

      Damage dropoff 30-50 studs

      RPM 3000 (RL its 6000-12000)

      Magazine size 50 Reserve none.

      Auto only

      Recoil HK21 style, but mainly backwards and up

      ADS time is 30. Why? Try aiming one in real life. Rank 199. Walk speed 14, it is a light gun.

      This is a secondary, so it will make snipers OP right? No, It has one belt of ammo, and at 3000rpm you gonna chow that fast.  Kil one dude, his buddy walks in, it's over.

      Any takers?

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    • @1Phronesis How about you give it 30-19 damage, on-par with the minimum damage a 5.56 can do in-game, give it the 6,000 RPM it deserves, but the recoil is fuck-all in every fucking direction with a spin-up time and no actual sights. 

      ADS uses the LMG-style alt aim and makes the recoil slightly less aggressive, but it's still slow. Proning will ADS is the only way to reliably use the weapon.

      That 1 belt of ammo seems fitting.

      I feel that larger and heavier machine guns like the Minigun or Browning 1919/M2 should be in equipment. I feel that I've already suggested that before, but I may re-suggest it with certain revisions. 

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    • @Sojitsu I did think of giving it that high (or low) damage, but worried that it might be pushing it a little. The ADS idea is also good.

      I'm thinking 28-19, 4,000 RPM, no multipliers (maybe 1.1x head? dunno)

      If it has 6000+ rpm its TTK will be like 0.00001 seconds. Which is OP, and people will complain.

      Also maybe move it to machine pistols? *giggles*

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    • @1Phronesis Hush, the TTK is OP but only at shotgun ranges. You literally cannot hit anything with this microgun after the first shot because of the recoil.

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    • True but other people don't understand this concept.

      Stares at noobs

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    • I also thought of something else.

      I have noticed a trend with my friends who also play PF and have stopped playing after reaching high ranks because it's too "boring". Maybe Stylis should make something to keep people interested. What, I don't know but it's just a thought. A badge? A special game mode? Premium guns? A tag even? Challenges? An international scoreboard? Just something to keep people interested.

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    • I suggest events where you intorduce minigamemodes such as a juggernaut boss fight or knife party. Maybe even grenade arena. hell why not include the map called shooting gallery. Wide open, no cover, FFA battle royale.

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    • Yes, but will Stylis read this? Will they implement this? DO THEY EVEN KNOW THIS WIKI EXISTS?

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    • exactly. But who gives. lets all just sit back and wait for the good news. if its ever coming that is. Oh and maybe add a "fookin laser sights" mode where your gun has all attachment as laser sights lmao.

      anyways going to the point:

      The game is in one of those times where is is not as popular as it used to be. The main reason being that there are too many meta weapons that dominate the battlefield and the players dont even try the other weaps, hence the reason why they get bored of using the same old guns. So the best solution is this: add hardcore style gameplay. The gamemode will be called Spec Ops Hardcore. you have radically reworked recoil and gunplay and the game supports a more tactical play as you have limited respawns. This is also made even more skill based by the fact that you have no radar or HUD other than your remaining ammo. You also dont get a killfeed. This force you and your team to communicate more effeciently in order to achieve victory. You can use team chat but you can only use it so much before the enemy team intercepts your transmission and also hear your plans. Overall, this gamemode is to give old time veterans and rising pros a good challenge. Also the environment is destructible. To reduce lag, destroyed environmental factors will delete themselves basically clearing up processing space. For example a skyscraper topples and cause alot of lag but once it is done it will delete itself and the entire map essentially needs less processing power to be kept up. If enough explosives are used, you basically can get the shooting range map I was talking about in the last suggestion.

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    • @FMJGAMING I think that these are great ideas, specifically the separate game mode, but I think this is alot of work for the devs. On the scale of Phantom Forces is at, that would potentially be game-breaking. A hardcore, super careful gamemode would be perfect, but without the destruction and all that reworking only for a specific gamemode. 

      Here's my suggestion.

      Reworked recoil behavior

      Simple. All recoil will just keep going up. at the moment, recoil shoots up, and then keyholes. If recoil continuously rises, then it asks that the player controls the recoil the whole time. The guns will swing left and right randomly, sometimes vary in vertical rise, but will consistently go upwards.

      Some guns with reciprocating bolts will pull in the direction of the bolt's mount, pulling leftwards for SCARs and rightwards on AKs. SCARs will go up and to the left, with occasional RNG-gifted right drift, consistently. 

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    • This sounds like a legit idea, pity they will never add it though, unless at update 8.01?

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    • Maxim 9
      Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed pistol.

      Any takers?

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    • I'll take it. I'd write up a suggestion including this and the MK 22 Mod. 0 Hush Puppy for a nice set of sneaky pistols to add to the game. 

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      AUG A3

      + Add bolt catch model and reload animation, making long reloads shorter than the other AUGs. 

      - Reduce ADS speed by just a bit, so as to not make the A3 overused again. 


      + Revert recoil changes. The selling point of the L85A2 is its' superb accuracy at range and its' higher long range damage.

      - Add a "slap" to the bolt in the long reload animation, as this acts as a manual form of forward assist on the rifles. Will rebalance the rifle in place of the added recoil. 

      SCAR L

      - Reduce maximum damage down to 24. The rifle already puts most of the other ARs to shame with its' non-existent recoil, we don't need another reason to make this OP. 


      + Increase damage to 55 max to a decreased 30 min

      + Increased max range to 25 studs max, and a decreased 60 min

      - Reduce magazine size back down to the original 7. 


      + Increase max range to 30 studs.

      + Faster reload speed than the M1911, with the player holding a new mag as the old one is about to hit the ground. 

      - Reduced magazine size to 7. 

      DEagle .44

      + Increased minimum damage to 34, enough to 4HK at any distance. For its' caliber, it should be able to keep up with the other revolvers.

      + Increased firerate to 600, on par with its' main competitor caliber-wise, the Mateba. 

      - Increased camera recoil

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    • Flags must include the USSR flag for the lulz

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    • Suggestion for SUPER-ULTRA-INSANE game mode, Ballistics Tracker is removed, BUT headshots now instantly kill. Except for Birdshot, and the Zip .22.

      Damage is calculated on CALIBER, not for balancing purposes. So a 5.56 will deal 33-24 damage, across all platforms. 9mm deals a set amount of damage and so on. Ammo can only be picked up from exactly the same calibre.

      Maybe an Arma 3 style movement system? For the lols of course. Doesn't have to be that serious. Also, only rank 100+ can play this game mode.

      Also, no HUDS as mentioned before. One large map perhaps?

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    • did i not just say shooting range? hehe.

      anyways I want to introduce the MSR. Basically a l115a3 with the bolt speed of a mosin and 10 rounds but it pays a heavy price for that in range so it cannot 1 hit kill to the torso as far as all the other snipers. tied with the svds maybe. Reload speed is slowest in class with exception if BFG and hecate. This is meant to be a lightweight fighter that can deliver quick but very brutal punches within its effective damage range and still being able to harass opponents at longer distances. It is held back by it's reload so while it's cqc effectiveness is unrivaled you need to be careful about round expenditure.

      and on about the reworked recoil I need to tell you that most guns recoil up and to the right IRL because they use a right hand twist in their rifiling. Why right hand twist specifically? because with most shooters being right handed, their left arm is the supporting arm and it is much easier to use the left arm to pull to the left to compensate for sideways recoil from the torque if the bullet transferring to the gun barrel rather than to push to the right in a left hand twist rifiled gun in full auto. Its logic at this rate. because your left arm is arleady extended and stretched, it cannot go much further or jump around against a force that pulls at it as much as a left arm trying to push against something to compensate for recoil. Think of it like how a taut string that is being pulled all the time is always more stable against outside factors and recovers more quickly than a loose string that is being pushed onto itself and takes a longer time to rest in it's original position.

      It is also because of this phenomenon in rifled firearms that specialized shooting techniques such as a c-clamp hold or gripping devices such as the angled and potato grip were developed.

      Oh yeah and the m249. just make it a m36 copy and paste with higher firing rate of about 850 RPM but longer reload (rivaling the m60 and mg3) and worse recoil or muzzle flash. in alt aim it will have some omnidirectional jump to balance it out a bit. it is a 4 hit kill that drops doen to 5 or even 6. once again, balance.

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    • @FMJGAMING Your energy and amount of thought you put into each suggestion post really reminds me of me. It makes it more enjoyable to read each wall of text.

      I think the MSR would be chambered in .300 Magnum, since we're already getting an AWP soon and our 7.62x51mm NATO rifles are already quite diverse. As fast as the Mosin? I don't really agree with this, as it makes no sense that a precision rifle should be as fast as an infantry rifle. 

      I'm also trying to conceptualize reworked recoil. Yes, the natural tendency of recoil is to swing right, but as I mentioned before, guns with reciprocating bolts tend to have a certain directional pull. 

      M249 should have low, but unpredictable horizontal recoil. 3-5HK with a 200 round belt. 

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    • Suggestions: Class perks

      You can use credits to buy Perk Tokens. This Perk Token can be used to unlock perks, each class have different ones.


      - Instinct: automatically switches to secondary weapon when your primary weapon ran out of ammo and vice versa. (If you don't want to change weapon automatically, don't unlock this perk lol)


      - Marathon: All movement speed is multiplied by 1.5x

      - Instinct: automatically switches to secondary weapon when your primary weapon ran out of ammo and vice versa

      - Advanced spotting: Unlocks Thermal Vision equipment. When this is active, you can spot enemies through maximum of 3 layers of walls.


      - Cold Head: Immune to suppression effect (the camera won't shake if someone shot you)

      - Engineer: Unlocks Barbed Wire Fence and Proximinity Mine (you can only equip one). Hold your left mouse button to build.

      • Barbed Wire Fence: Deals 17 damage when stepped on, and causes bleeding damage through time, and decreases 75% movement speed while receiving bleeding damage. Lasts for 30 seconds.
      • Proximinity Mine: Automatically explodes when an enemy got close within its 5 studs detection radius. Damage and blast radius is 3x higher than your average frag grenade.

      - La Maginot: Unlocks Ballistics Shield. This shield equals 2 studs, which means intermediate cartridges and weaker cartridges cannot pierce this. Movement speed is greatly reduced, and you can only fire secondary weapon when shield is active, provide if it's semi-auto (you cannot use guns like the Obrez or Serbu Shotgun). 


      - Spectre: You cannot be spotted when you're not moving. Enemy still can spot you if they have Thermal Vision

      - Advanced spotting: Unlocks Thermal Vision equipment. When this is active, you can spot enemies through maximum of 3 layers of walls.

      More perks will be added...

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    • add a stock in others for m93r

      oh yea and i need to remind you that the racking handle on the serbu was designed so you can just swing your gun up and down to operate the shotgun if the need for 1 handed operation ever occurs. Basically you do the redneck pull your shotgun down as forcefully as you can while pointing the muzzle up and then pull it back up just as forcefully to chamber the round. so technically the serbu can be used one hended.

      and cold head should be renamed toughness as it is better at telling the player what the perk does.

      and for the recon class add steady aim. It eliminated supression effects when aiming down sights with snipers or DMRs. Of course you get alot of whizzing and cracking by your head but it will improve your overall sniping experience if you even come under fire.

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    • @FMJGAMING I'll make a perk table for each class, like you cannot unlock a perk untill you unlocked the previous one.

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    • @903phoc903 

      I think perks should be more passive than active, and let's try to keep equipment and perks two different things. 

      I think it's absolute bs to spot someone through 3 walls. Maybe a longer spot time?

      Maybe if this was called 'Kamikaze', and fell under equipment. 

      This seems fitting, as long as that equipment is added as well, and you need both to do anything.

      Alright. Fast hands are alright. 

      Seems pretty cool, but how about it draws your secondary with your right hand while your left is still holding the rifle, leading to a much faster secondary draw time? 

      Read my suggestion on shields and armor, might be a more balanced thing.

      Bit op. I counter-offer 20%.

      This seems alright, but the name isn't fitting. "Ghillie" maybe? 

      Like this one. Steady aim is nice.

      I think cool-head is fitting, considering you aren't disturbed by this. Also, toughness is more of a physical thing. Maybe toughness could be a perk which reduces flinch when shot?

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    • Maybe a lean/peak mechanic? Q lean left, E lean right?

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    • @1Phronesis As much as I'd like a leaning mechanic, you don't need to lean or peek when you can just spam Shift + C and run around a corner at mach 2. 

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    • True, but in some situations that's not applicable

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    • @Sojitsu

      I disagree with your M45A1, SCAR-L, amd M1911 changes. I find them to be unnecessary. The SCAR-L is balanced out by its abysmal TTK, and the M45A1 and M1911 are fine as is IMO. However, the rest of your proposed balance changes do seem to make sense. I agree that the L85A2 could indeed use a buff in terms of recoil, and the AUG A3 and DEagle .44 changes seem alright to me

        Loading editor
    • add a phantom bow. its basically a faster firing bfg but it has a 800-1100 stud bullet speed, and cannot be detected at all because it is a damn bow waddya expect? 30 rounds or should i say arrows and you can only resupply off of other bows. a attachment called multishot allows you to draw 3 arrows at once and fire them basically acting like a downgraded shotgun but with much better accuracy. The primary downside of the bow is not its slow bullet speed but its spread. even when ADS is still has spread that can ruin perfectly calculated shots beyond 250 studs. Basically, after 250 studs the arrows can go completely off target and may even miss by a margin of up to 10 to 15 studs off target. It is a secondary in other category.

      you have to rely on your own vision to aim the bow when ads otherwise you can attach a laser mount to act as a makeshift sight.

        Loading editor
    • @DeletedContent Abysmal? The SCAR L can comfortably out DPS the AK47 at long range, and actually land all the hits. 

      The 1911 and M45A1 are alright at the moment, but if the M45A1 is portrayed as the higher-capacity 1911, and the 1911's flaw of low capacity doesn't stand out more, there's no hope for future .45 ACP Glocks or USPs. 

      Thanks for agreeing with the others, I'll keep that in mind.

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    • ive noticed that recently many players join the game but do not play ruining team balance etc. I want to suggest a shorter auto kick time where you get kicked in 2 minutes instead of 5 for inactivity.

        Loading editor
    • @Sojitsu

      I totally disagree with you on the SCAR-L. IMO, the AK-74 is better in pretty much every way. Yes it has slightly more recoil, but it has a far more competitive TTK up close, it has a similar long range TTK, and the recoil difference between the two isn't that big. The SCAR-L is good for new players, but the skill ceiling on the weapon is pretty low, so you're effectively handicapping yourself by relying on it over other weapons w/ more competitive TTKs

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    • More grenades. Not stun or smoke grenades because they are terrible. But different types of grenades.

      Default grenade. This is the one we already have.

      Pineapple Mk II. Unlocks at 500 grenade kills

      Basically the AP rounds of grenades. The blast radius is extended to 40 studs, but the damage is reduced to 200 and drops of immediately. Since it is heavier it has a slightly reduced throwing range. Still carries 3. Can penetrate 0.5 studs. 4 second fuse

      Stick Grenade. Unlocks at 1000 grenade kills (altogether)

      Hollowpoint of grenades. Damage is upped to 300 but its blast radius is lowered to 25 studs, and its killing radius is upped to 20 studs. Since it is a stick the throwing range is increased. Carries 3. 8 second fuse

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    • Bring back killtrading.

      That is all.

        Loading editor
    • @CamaroKidBB what was kill trading? Never seen that.

        Loading editor
    • Realistic mechanic where if you fired a shot before dying, you could kill the other guy who killed you. 

      It's fair and realistic, but BS if either of you has lag. 

        Loading editor
    • Hmmmmm. Maybe only enable the mechanic if you have less than 100 ping?

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    • For shotgun suggestions, I have the M90 shotgun, a copy of Misriah Armory's M45 Tactical shotgun, and also manufactured by Misriah Armory. Holds 12 shells before having to reload, kills in one shot at close range, and two or three shots at medium range.  The player can carry up to 60 more rounds for a total of 72 rounds.Fires 15 pellets per shot. Most powerful shotgun in the game. Unlock rank: 130 to compensate for its power. It also has blue colored iron-sights.

      For sniper rifle suggestions, I have the SRS99C-S2 AM, part of Misriah Armory's SRS99 series, a semi-automatic, gas-operated sniper rifle that fires 14.5x114mm APFSDS rounds from a 4-round magazine. The rifle features a barrel about 187.5cm long and is completely interchangeable. The player can hold 20 4-round magazines for it. The default scope has 5x, 8x, and 10x magnification capabilities. Kills in a single headshot, and three to the body. Unlock rank: 210 for the same reason I chose a high rank for the M90.

      For my assault rifle suggestion, I have the MA5C ICWS, produced by Misriah Armory as part of its MA5 series. It is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, fully-automatic bullpup rifle that fires 32 rounds of 7.62×51mm ammunition. It possesses a built-in ammunition indicator and magnetic compass for orientation similar to that of all other MA5 series rifles. The MA5C rifle has received technical, as well as physical improvements over the MA5B rifle that include: a heavier barrel with a 1 in 7 twist; a redesigned cowling to house the electronics suite that reduces weight and increases portability of weapon; and a redesigned handguard which is sturdier and provides a more positive grip. The magazine capacity has been reduced to 32 rounds from the original 60 in the MA5B, and the rifle's range and accuracy has been substantially improved over its predecessor, making it a more formidable assault rifle. The MA5C is effective at killing armored infantry at short-to-medium range and its high rate of fire allows its user to spray an area with suppression fire in defensive situations.When fired in short bursts, the MA5C can be effective at hitting targets at longer ranges. The MA5C's main disadvantage is that it is horribly inaccurate when fired in full-automatic. Although substantially more accurate than the MA5B, it is still too inaccurate for use at longer ranges, which makes the user an easy target for long range weapons - at long range a high ratio of misses to hits is likely, especially if the target is moving. The magazine can run out very quickly in fully automatic fire, and it has relatively low power per round compared to many other weapons; an engagement with numerous and/or particularly resilient enemies will likely require the user to reload a few times, leaving them open to counter-fire. Unlock rank: 150 for the same reason that the shotgun and sniper rifle have high unlocks.

      For my battle rifle suggestion, I have the BR55HB SR, manufactured by Misriah Armory. It is a heavy-barreled version of the BR55 Service RIfle. As with the basic model, the BR55HB SR is employed as a close-to-medium-to-long range marksman rifle; though its barrel is 25.9 centimeters (10.2 inches)longer than that of the BR55, the BR55HB SR performs almost identically to its predecessor.  It fires M634 X-HP-SAP rounds from a 36-round magazine, which fits flush in the receiver. The magazine housing is built directly into the underside of the stock of the rifle and is located behind the grip. Though the BR55HB SR is a select-fire weapon, it is most often used in its three-round burst mode. Despite firing a very powerful cartridge, the weapon is subject to little recoil, even when being fired automatically. The BR55HB SR has reasonably high power, a decent rate of fire, and high accuracy with its 2× magnification scope. Its range is its primary advantage, allowing the player to engage at longer ranges by leading shots. The BR55HB SR has a slightly lower recoil than its BR55 predecessor and has less muzzle flash, although the rounds fired are still visible in the air; the rifle's updated design also boosts range and accuracy, increasing the effectiveness of the 9.5mm rounds it fires. The scope of the BR55HB SR allows a skilled marksman to easily take down a target from medium range, making the battle rifle the best alternative to sniper rifles. Attempting to engage a target at longer ranges requires more rounds and less movement as the rounds become inaccurate over longer ranges. Furthermore, its magazine can be depleted rather quickly. The weapon requires a good amount of skill in order to use it. The user must have an understanding of how the weapon works, and what to do with it when a situation arises. Each bullet fired from the weapon can act as a tracer, and can give away the shooter's position, putting him at risk of return fire. While effective at long range against light or unarmored targets, the BR55HB's performance against armored infantry at close range is extremely challenging; the BR55HB, while still very effective, is not the weapon of choice at close range because of its design, and the fact that it can be easily overpowered by the shotgun and melee weapons. Unlock rank: 100 for the same reason that the previous weapons I've mentioned are at high ranks. 

      My last, and final suggestion is for a DMR. The M395 DMR is a gas-operated marksman rifle designed and manufactored by Misriah Armory. The M395 DMR succeeds the M392 model. The newer model was designed to accommodate larger and stronger operators and is consequently heavier.  Though the M392 was discontinued from the Marine Corps and Navy service in favor of the BR55 series, the M395 is fielded by all branches of the UNSC. It is used primarily by light infantry scouts requiring powerful, long-range precision fire. M395s are intended for use by personnel who can take advantage of smart-linked telescopic sights. It is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic bullpup rifle that fires 7.62×51mm ammunition, with a maximum effective range of 950 meters It accepts a fourteen-round detachable box magazine in contrast to its predecessor's fifteen-round magazine. Unlike its predecessor (capable of semi-automatic and fully automatic fire) the M395 is restricted to semi-automatic fire.The weapon's mounted optic is capable of 3× magnification. The ambidextrous magazine release buttons are located directly above the magazine well, behind the trigger. The safety, also ambidextrous, is mounted slightly behind the trigger. The DMR takes one more trigger pull to kill than the BR55HB SR, thus having a slightly slower kill time. However, due to its semi-auto fire mode, 3× scope magnification, and lack of muzzle climb, the DMR is more effective at longer ranges. This makes it much more desirable on larger maps with open sightlines. It is very flexible and very good at close and medium range shots, making it a very utilitarian weapon. 

      There. My list is done, complete with full descriptions of the weapons. I would like to see at least one of these, preferrably the M90 shotgun or the BR55HB SR battle rifle to make it in, but I guess none of them would make it in anyways. 

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    • Sorry for my wall of text but at least ya have a lot of good weapon ideas now LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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    • @Raider2747 Hold up, these are all Halo weapons. 

      Yeah, that's gonna be a 'no' from me.

      Love the energy you put into the huge wall of text, but we ain't allowed to suggest fictional weapons. StyLis' rules, despite the sfg 50, Chosen One, and the Nordic War Axe being fictional, and the AK12 variants being semi-fictional. 

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    • Lol you figured it out

      All of them are ballistic weapons though

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    • but ok

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    • @Raider2747 Nonetheless, they are fictional weapons. It'd be cool to see them added in the game for an event or maybe even April Fools, but I think that it wouldn't fit. 

      I appreciate how you chose all the ballistic weapons, though. 

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    • My edit for the Ballistic Shield suggestions

      You can only use one-handed melee weapons when shield is deployed

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    • XM-177. Same stats as the M4 but with a slower rate of fire of 750-800 RPM and a smaller magazine of 20+1 rounds. However, it is fully automatic, like the M4A1. Serves the role of a fast, hi-speed low-drag carbine at the cost of sustained fire, similar to the SR-3M but far more versatile 

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, add more AR variants and add the Galil or Tavor.

        Loading editor
    • @DeletedContent I'd love an XM-177 carbine, but how about a few tweaks to make it more challenging to use?

      + Better ADS speed than the M4

      + Faster weapon return speed than the M4

      + 20 min damage

      - All optics are mounted on top of the carry handle, misaligning the weapon a bit in CQC

      - No grips, as it is a ribbed M4 handguard

      - No muzzle brake or compensator

      - Gun has a distinct sound to easily identify it

        Loading editor
    • @Sojitsu: I disagree with the no grips and no muzzle brake/comp rule, as it is something which has been consistently broken on other weapons which have no attachment points for such things either, and yet are allowed to use them (Mosin, PPSH, etc.). 

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    • @DeletedContent But it could be a real obstacle this time. 

        Loading editor
    • @Sojitsu What exactly do you mean by that? If you're talking about balancing, I'd say that my proposed weapon is pretty balanced as-is. Good damage and handling up-close, but with a quick drop-off and small magazine. It would be similarly effective when compared to the FAL Para in CQC, but beyond close range, it'd essentially be a G36C or M4A1 with a worse mag size. 

        Loading editor
    • @DeletedContent Yes, it is balanced, and I love how you care for the balance of all things, making you one of my favorite people on the wiki, but the problem with the stats you proposed is that it isn't that much different. 

      Sure, it'd be balanced because of how much easier it would be to control recoil and all that, but it ain't that much different from the M4A1, and I'd like there to be a good enough difference between two guns to pick one over the other. 

      Also, in regards to what I meant, I was referring to how the lack of grips on the XM177 would really be obvious when using it, making people constantly wish they had a grip to tune the carbine to their liking. You know, it would be an obstacle. 

      But if, balance-wise, you wouldn't like it as much, can we agree on the carry-handle optic mount, the inability to use muzzle/compensator, and the different sound?

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    • With the AA-12 now in the test place it got me thinking of a way to nerf shotguns altogether without making them useless.

      Buff/nerf the damage of all shotguns back into the low 30s area.

      33-1 damage. Make the damage dropof go something along the lines of AP rounds. A stedy dropoff until it hits 1 damage at 150-200 studs. This will remove shotgun snipers and make them only viable for cqc. Also raise the rank unlocks for the shotguns. So shotguns can only be used in cqc and on longer ranged maps they will be outgunned. Also affects slugs(?) So shotguns will be speciality weapons, only used by people who put time and effort into them.

      Also, maybe make it so if you hit a enemy they apear on radar, but only for half the normal time.

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    • @Sojitsu Thanks for the complement, but the reason I don't want to restrict attachments too much is that I don't like the idea of taking options away from the player just to make a weapon more unique; for balance or even because of redundancy, sure, but if you're just doing it essentially for the lolz, it just seems lazy to me. With that said, I totally agree w/ you on the carrying handle optic thing. Not only does it solve the issue of front sight clearance w/ the optics that you get on the M16 and M4 variants in-game, but it also distinguishes the weapon. It also doesn't affect balancing much

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    • the real problem is aligining them properly. remember, bullets in PF come out of the barrel, not where your sight is aiming at. This makes it more realistic but does create a lot of problems in terms of aligining and compensation for the elevated scope, as when you are behind cover when crouching or prone you are aiming over a wall but the barrel is still pointing at the wall, blocking all of your shots.

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    • Hollow points.

      We all know hollow points need a revamp, unless you are a rank 200+ looking for some fun, no one uses them. My suggestion:  

      AP rounds are for torso shots,


      Make hollowpoints have a higher HEAD multiplier. (expanding bullet+soft brain tissue=splat)

      This will make it a bit more useful. But for balancing purposes make its torso multiplier stay the same.


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    • Cool

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    • Here is something that SHOULD NOT happen is setting ammo types as a separate attachment, why? AA-12 reasons.

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    • i think the best way is to make hollow points slower than normal and AP bullets. but not by much but just enough that equipping a supressor will increase drop so much you are limited to no farther than medium range. This is to mitigate them scumbags equipping HP and pbs-1 or ARS combo on the FAL rifles.

      and plus, nerf the AP penetration on lmgs. TOO OP if they know u are behind a wall. The mg3 and HK21 are monstrous enough. add AP? imma leave this lobby. M60 still ok due to slower rof but still. please nerf.

        Loading editor
    • Shhhhhhhhh leave AP alone, its fine. Buff hollowpoint first.


      We need a high rank DMR

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    • Make that two.

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    • Quality of life changes:

      Add the ability to 'test drive' attachments for around 1/10th the credits cost of actually purchasing them for one round. Often times, certain weapons need a certain attachment to function well, but you're not sure if that's a muzzle brake, a compensator, or something else (etc.). This would allow players to experiment without unnecessary spending without significantly unbalancing the game (unlike the ability to 'test drive' weapons would, for example).

      Also add an optional streak and K/D counter right near the map icon. This would let you keep track of your current streak and K/D without taking you out of the fight. 

      Lastly, increase the amount of credits earned for high-rank level ups. This would be awesome for long-time players who don't like buying Credits or the Robux required to get them, without being something that could be abused by noobs. 

      None of these changes I feel would significantly alter the game balancing, yet they would all provide a decent quality-of-life improvement IMHO

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    • I want a qbz-95 so bad. My 5th cousin had just finished his deployment as part of the PLA part of the UN peace keeping force in lybia and stated that when it really came to it, the qbz 95 punched just as hard as an AK47 that he used when he was serving as a part time militaman. 

      in game stats are as goes:


      Dmg:34-23, it starts dropping damage starting 15 studs but is very good at keeping whatever damage it has left for as long as possible. in other words, very slight drop-off over range. in practice, this is a mostly 4 hit weapon with some cqc defense. the 23 dmg is to differentiate it from l85. very similar to the aug a2 but the a2 has the advantage of better recoil and the QBZ has steeper drop off than the augs.

      Bullet speed: 2200 studs, reflecting the fact the DBP10 it is an intermediate between the 7.62x39 and 5.56. Note (damn thing is closer to a mini .308 winchester than actual intermediate cartridge in terms of appearance.)

      recoil: similar to scar-L in terms of vertical but with more side to side kick. reflects the fact that this rifle IRL is very lightweight and has a recoil buffer that makes it softer shooting than a m16 but because of the light weight it kicks to the right alot under rapid fire. not as much as the L85 however, just enough so that spam fire at long range is not viable.

      Handling: give it a reload speed that is similar to that of the famas as they are the most similar. do make it slightly longer for balance purposes.

      Purpose:with the 23 long range damage, and a higher head multiplier of 1.5x this rifle is unmatched at medium to long range with headshots, being always dealing up to ~45 dmg. this is held back by the lower bullet speed. Not to mention it is always dealing slightly more damage per bullet than most of it's contemporaries. In cqc, it will be one of the only rifles capable of obtaining 2 hit kills with headshots. still outclassed by the high damage ak's in this role as they only need 1 head hit for a 2 hit KO. This weapon rewards headshots and in exchange has a slower reload, ADS, and pretty crappy stability despite the lower recoil (slow recovery from per shot recoil, you gotta constantly pull to compensate while firing unlike the other guns where you pull a certain amount to correct for first or second shot recoil and can stop afterwards).

      will be only given 90 bullets in reserve as the ammo it uses is similar in size and weight to the AS VAl's, limiting full combat load.

      (entire thing was written while i was listening to Legacy Operations LOL true battlefield fans will get me and plus, loading geometries 62% lol)

      aaannndd sg550. stats up to you guys.

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    • @FMJGAMING I agree with the FPS drop. However, I think that the FPS drop when using HP ammo should stack with the suppressor's velocity multiplier. HP should be a lot less effective at further ranges. 

      How about increasing the recoil when using AP? 

      @1Phronesis Yes. high rank DMR pls. G28, maybe? StyLis is givin' us a 416, might as well give us the HK Marksman rifle too.

      @DeletedContent The need for a test drive feature is not necessary, since StyLis is working on a firing range of some sort with maybe rentals. 

      I think there should be a certain amount of win credits for players who reach certain ranks. Rank 100's will get 100 credits a win, and it'll go up from there maybe?

      @FMJGAMING I really like this concept. For the longest time, I thought the QBZ 95 used 5.56 NATO rounds. I really like the way you proposed this, having a unique playstyle from the other ARs, but I think that it should have the 120 reserve all rifles have. 

        Loading editor
    • It should also be noted that the 5.8x42mm may have lower velocity than the 5.56mm but it a larger overall cartridge that launches a 5.8mm bullet that is approaching the mass of the .300 blackout bullets which in itself is similar to performance to the 7.62 russian with only slightly lower velocity (barely a 60m/s) than 5.56, allowing it to achieve a higher overall energy retention and stopping power at range. Lethality (stopping power + ability to incapicate or kill within a certain amount of hits) is the same compared to NATO m855a1 and russian 7n6 cartridges but the chinese cartridge is proven to be much more capable against armor and helmets at the longer range sidelines due to it's better energy retention capabilities, hence the reason why i gave it an unusual max range damage to reflect this. And get this, most of this info is from my 5th cousin who has shot and used all 3 rifles (qbz-95-1, M16a4, AK-74M) when he was doing UN peacekeeping work with the PLA and training with the russians in a joint excersize. I am proud to say that no he was not repressing some poor middle eastern people that live in china during his service but was deployed to tajikistan and afaganistan dealing with terroist mess and aftermath near chinese borders.

      @sojitsu: The HP FPS nerf will either be like what you said, or we can do this: HP ammo deals the more damage than normal ammo and is slower but has aim-punch, in other words when you are hit, your character flinches and also slows from sprint to walking speed, equipping supressor will slow the bullets down even further but in exchange they deal the same damage as normal ammo without supressors. (this idea came from the fact that counter terroist forces such as SWAT and FBI HRT use supressed MP5's with HP ammo to compensate for lethality loss due to lower velocity)

      AP deals less than normal ammo but in exchange gains only a 0.5 penetration boost but increases velocity by up to 60% more than original. Favors those who want to stay back and stops it from being too OP on the LMGS.

      Normal ammo has the advantage of a freed other slot and is general purpose, which means it will get the job done in all aspects albiet is unspecialized.

      we need some asian weapons. primary targets include the QBZ-95-1, daewoo k2a1, howa type 89 and type 64, and the qbz-03.

      Omen recon or Ulfberht or Kivvari. basically AR-10's but beefed up to handle the .300 winchester magnum former or .338 lapua latter 2. will be part of snipers's. They will be the main competitor against the SVDS and SSR dealing higher damage than either (75-60) of them but in exchange has lower mag size of only 5 and a lower velocity of 2800 stud/s. Their firing rate will be limited to just 45 RPM. Their main selling point is that they are basically semi automatic intervention with lower mag size and slower reload that is only outdone by the hecate. Steady time will be same as R700. (reload animation will be like the Hecate but slightly faster by 0.5 seconds and instead of rebolting they have an AK style charging handle to use for full reloads. right side on Omen and ulfbert and left on the Kivvari. still slower than most of the snipers using tactical reloads either way.)

      Pros: no scoping out needed, better cqc than most snipers.

      cons: high kick and no recovery (similar in a sense to the SSR but it does not go straignt back after you shoot, meaning you gotta pull down after every shot manually, otherwise by the end of your mag you are facing upwards almost 90 degrees off from your target) and muzzle flash will make you blind for half a second and distinctive firing sound that makes you very easy to track down. Lower velocity also means more lead and compensation is needed. Low mag size, tied with L115A3 for second lowest.

      tips: the best way to use this is at medium range where its higher recoil does not massively hinder its lethality much but if you needed to, sure it will get the job done at the 450+ studs range. it will be equipped with the PM II by default.

      Trivia: I've shot the Omen rifles and they produce a recoil impulse similar to that of a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun loaded with slugs. this is where the recoil for this beast comes from. Firing sound will be similar to an extremely buff R700 with higher pitch.

      only one of them needs to be added as they all have the same stats but just looks different.

      Intresting thing is that while the Ulfbert is basically an beefed AR-10, its operating mechanism is based on the DP-28.... wait a minute... dont tell me that this is what you get when tachanka and glaz get involved...... and tachanka does look ike a buff viking.... HES NOT RUSSIAN HE'S SCANDANAVIAN! (Ulfberht is a scandavaian name for very prized viking swords)

      all of these rifles are pretty huge, The ulfbert and Kivvari especially as they approach the size of an AS50. The omen is closer in size to the SSR.

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    • I would say, since we are getting the HK416, Five-Seven and the AA-12, we should chill with guns a bit and focus more on equipment and other things like that. Fix minor but irritating things like hit-reg and update the UI system. With the hitreg, why not cross-reference what the gun is doing with what it can do? So if a BFG is shooting at 1000rpm the hits won't register. But a AS-VAL can shoot at 900rpm so that is fine. Or just remove the hitreg system alltogether.

        Loading editor
    • remember my qbz 95 suggestion? well I went to test place and the HK is basically everything i said but with a ludrcrious ROF. Sometimes I feel like the devs wont listen only to have them actually incorporate it, just in another way. and for the hit reg system I think the best way is to   have a system in place where that if someone with walls hits you with BFG, it will not register because of these 2 factors: 

      1:the gun is not aimed at where you are.

      2:even if the gun is aimed where you are there are too many obstacles in the way for it to actually hit you thus canceling the shot.

      While it wont fix the entire problem, at least it can help control the Wall hackers and aimbotters running around.

      and i have something to say about the five seven..... Bye bye m9 and g17. Main reason being that they are the basically same but 5-7 has a higher ROF and mag size. Whats more, it has PENetration capabilities and bullet speed approaching that of the DMR's, making this thing a beast for pistol sniping and collats.

      man i wish I did not live in NY. Other wise i can buy the five seven without having to go through all that mag size restriction bullcrap. In fact, smaller mags actually speed up the reloading process IRL due to their lighter loaded weight, allowing you to slam it in there quicker.

        Loading editor
    • Even with the Five Seven's extremely good qualities, it still requires much more accuracy to be put into using the Five Seven than the 9mm secondaries or the M1911.  You need to hit all three shots, or three of four shots to the torso to secure a 3-4 hit kill up close and at a distance, respectively.  Meanwhile, the 9mm secondaries can very comfortably secure 3-hit kills within 50 or so studs with the same kind of firecap and only a few bullets less per magazine.

      That said, the penetration capabilities are definitely something to write home about (Five Seven AP is a goddamn meme machine), and bullet velocity definitely helps in making it a spammy counter-sniper pistol.

      Definitely the other pistol to pick when I get bored of the M1911.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe for wall penetration Stylis should put a "deflect" mechanic in game. So when your bullet hits a wall it will go of course and lose velocity, like IRL. But with AP rounds this affect is lowered and with HP its increased. IRL 50. bullets seriously tumble when going through walls and other items. So after hitting 3 or so walls the bullet is going way off course.

        Loading editor
    • DBR Snake:

      Unlock Rank: 102

      Type: TBD 

      Damage: 30-21

      Range: 50-110

      Rate of Fire: 450 RPM (semi-automatic, can fire both barrels simultaniously for two shots per trigger pull)

      Recoil: Moderate

      Walkspeed: 13

      ADS movement speed: 8.4

      Accuracy: Good-Decent

      Penetration: Same as other 5.56mm ARs

      Reload: 3.2-4.0

      ADS time: 14

      Ammo: 60+2 (120 Reserve)

      Equip speed: 12

      Attachments: Standard AR attachments, 20-rnd mags (reduces capacity to 40+2 but increases movement speed and handling to be on-par with other ARs and increases reload speed).

        Loading editor
    • I think the Martini Henry rifle would be nice. I tried to balance it similar yet different from the Henry, being a more "Laid back" version of it.

      Here is a run-down of its stats:

      - High damage, 1SK at close range with torso multipliers, 1SK at long range with headshots.

      - Poor penetration for its caliber.

      - Good muzzle velocity at 2650 studs.

      - Single shot with a reload speed shorter than the BFG, making it more usable in CQC.

      - Below average mobility.

      - 18 rounds in the reserve.

      - poor hipfire spread.

      - Somewhat slow ADS speed.

      - High muzzle flash.

      - Poor supression.

      - Cannot attach suppressors.

        Loading editor
    • Vampire claws

      Damage Front 85

      Back 105

      Headshot 1.2x

      Torso       1.1x

      Walkspeed     25

      Woah! 25 studs walkspeed? Thats SOOOOOOOOOOOO OP!

      Let me finish.

      This melee is unlocked at rank 200 and is in One Hand Blades. Alt attack is a broad slash. Standard is a upwards strike. The cool thing? You can't go in the light. If the light from the skybox reaches you, you lose 1hp every 0.5 seconds. Something else? If you kill someone they join your team until they die again.

      Any takers?

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    • one you are insane and two, does this thing get a discount?

      anyways i do want to suggest adding a in game ranking system all the way from private to general. Why? this way players will be balanced against similar rank ppl who are most likely to have guns of the same spec and similar skill sets to yours.

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    • @FMJGAMING yes you can get a discount if you know the magic word.

      That could work but we already have ranks. Maybe make it so rank 0-49s in the same server, 50-99s and 100+? But thsi will be circumvented by manually joining a server. So a rank 242 wil get into a server with rank 0-49s and this will break the game. Thats why stylis has not implemeted something like that yet.

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    • its more like the team composition will be balanced with equal or close to equal amounts of peoplw around the same rank for example both teams have half of the ppl being lvl 0-10 and the other half lvl 50-70's

      if there is a high rank bias on one team, this will be circumvented by giving the low ranks more teammates. not best solution but it helps them quite a bit.

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    • TS-V

      Damage 39-20

      1.4x head

      1.0x torso


      Semi auto only intergrally supressed real life sci prop south african bush magic

      Any takers?

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    • new map.... Royota war. see desert storm trivia section for why i even suggested.

      Mauser 98, Lee-enfield, and m1903. they can be balanced in a similar way to the henry where they can 1 hit ko in cqc but has slower firerate thatn the l115a3. somewhere around 40rpm for mauser and m1903. Lee enfield will be spam cannon firing at 50rpm and unlike mosin can 1 hit kill up to 15 studs. reload will be done with 2 stripper clips for balance purposes.

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    • Bipod Mechanic.

      I feel like someone touched on this before, but I don't know so im going to say it. A bipod mechanic for LMGs. It very strongly reduces recoil both horizontally and vertically, rearwards recoil and camera shake is reduced. However, muzzle flash is not affected. The bipod key can be B, when you go prone or stand at a window or object for you to bipod on, your character will, if you press B, flip out the bipod and ADS.

      Activating the Bipod can take up to 4 seconds depending on your gun. While the bipod is on you cannot move. You can only traverse the gun about 60 degrees horizontally and 30 vertically. You can go out ADS mode but you cannot hipfire while with the Bipod active. Reload times are slightly decreased because you are lying prone. When you deactivate the bipod it is the same animation, but reveresed. Bipods can be an underbarrel or even a barrel attachment. Your guns normal ADS speed is slightly affected when equipped.

      Bipods will make LMGs have a more defensive role instead of people rushing the enemy spawn hipfiring M60s, they get a better benefit from staying put and providing suporting fire. The heavy removal of recoil does make it seem OP, but you cannot move. If someone starts shooting at you while Bipod is active, you are screwed. 3-4 seconds is enough time to kill anyone if they can't move. 1200 kills unlock

      Will this make or break the game?

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    • I feel that it would be a fun addition to the game. I feel that muzzle flash should maybe be increased slightly to balance out the reduced recoil.

      I still want the Martini-Henry rifle added.

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    • Also, Stylis, could you please fix the acursed clipping into wooden stairs? I don't like runing up one when my head decides that it would very much like to be a piece of staircase. I clip into them so much, I just don't risk it anymore. PLEASE FIX DAMN IT.

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    • they are trying but roblox physics are just screwing with them. It may also be a problem with your internet or PC as i had no issues personally.

      anyways, i feel that if there is one thing we can truly fix, it is the kill confirmed system. have you ever been through one of these times where you just cannot pick up any dog tags?

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    • Yes, this happens to me.

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    • Game mechanics suggestions: Servers

      • Training ground: Every new player will go here. It will teach you about controls, weapons, tips, etc... No one can disturb you whatsoever.
      • Shooting range: You create this server. Players can only join if you allow them to join. In this server you gain access to all weapons and attatchments. You can spent time here to practice targeting and movement, etc... Players can't kill each other
      • Competitive servers: The idea is to have every player is atleast decent ones.
        • Competitive 1: You must have atleast 1.25 overall KDR and rank 25. No bunuses really, but you do get to fight with decent players
        • Competitive 2: You must have atleast 1.5 overall KDR and rank 100. You earn 1.5x EXP in this server
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    • I am going to say that will not work. this is because even seasoned players over rank 100 have a hard time reaching the 1.5 kdr mark due to their noob days. the comp 1 setup does work however.

      And add player or server hosted tournaments. Teams of randomly selected or pre selected individuals go against each other march madness style and the team that ends up with the most acumulative XP (each 10,000 XP point is one point, partial XP will be used to break ties) will get a in game credit prize of up to 3,000 creds. The final champs gets 3000 creds and free tournament exclusive gun skins that can be used on all guns. Cannot be sold but it can be traded with legendary case skins. The primary gamemodes will be Flare Dom. and KOTH as they fit the team play best. This helps so that not only professional gun on gun ppl can viably play, but those who are really good at supporting the team despite not getting much kills themselves in comparison. For example, a "ammo shuttle" players primary job is not only to get kills, but donate their ammo to teammates that request or badly it by spawning on them and dropping a gun of compatible ammo. (mainly LMG's)

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    • Heck, any gamemode for high risk, high reward sort of things will work. Competitive servers are nice, but I think Competitive 2 should be the only one. Why? Because rank 25s with a 1.25KDR are an endangered species. However rank 100+s with a 1.5+KDR are easy to find. Also, I like the 1.5x XP boost, and maybe Comp servers have a "special" map? Like something that is only played in comp servers? I dunno, a desert storm revamp?

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    • Add a russian roulette animation for revolvers. happens only in 1 of 100 uses of inspect animation. your character spins their gun, unloads all except one round, spins the cylinder, and pulls the trigger. Your guess what happens. Either you kill yourself, or you live. you can also play russian roulette with an enemy player who also has a revolver and is standing within 5 studs of you. in that case, it is garunteed that an inspect animation will be a russian roulette  which forces both players into one. 

      Oh and if you know it can you please tell me the gun setup with the fastest TTK in the game that is not a sniper?

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    • If you mean a non-1 hit kill that has the fastest TTK, you’re looking at the Beowulf ECR. Just put it on burst if you value partial reloads.

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    • Thank you Camaro. Anyways i do want to suggest that we hold back a bit on the guns as adding too much guns will make other weapons lose their place in the game. What we can do however is to make quality of life suggestions regarding adding things such as equipment or unique grenades. sure they are a long ways off but it is better than making what is basically the same old cow that has been milked to the point it became beef jerky. (gun suggests)

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    • We have a BFG as a sniper, we have a SFG as a secondary, I think we need a MFG as a high ranking DMR. basically a slightly smaller BFG.

      for the lols

      ayy lmao

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    • Halbek device

      Exclusive attachment for FALs. A compensator/flash-hider. Unlocks at 2000 kills

      BuT WoNt ThIs MaKe ThE FALs MoRe OP?


      The attachment reduces muzzle flash but recoils DOWNWARDS.

      Video by Forgotten Weapons shows it in action.

      Will this make FALs more OP, or turn them into a meme?

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    • ballistic calculator. it shows how far the point you are aiming at is from you. no its not the BT. it just shows fow far you are from target and it is up to you to make the adjustments. 500 kills unlock. it is the choice for those who does not want to use or cannot afford the BT.

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    • @FMJGAMING That reminds me of the Rangefinder attatchment from Unturned.

      But why not just replace the BT with what you just suggested? It's way easier to unlock and still requires you to predict the bullet drop, making it much less annoying to deal with.

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    • Here are some suggestions for attachments and some balancing for certain weapons. 

      Bipod - 500 kills. 0 kills for the FAMAS, Colt LMG, AUG HBAR, MG36, RPK12, L86 LSW, RPK, RPK 74, and Hecate II. 

      Slot: Underbarrel and Other, similar to the flashlight or laser. 

      Press 'V' to toggle the bipod.

      Using both has no bonus benefits.

      The bipod will lower the weapon return speed, ADS speed, and weapon switch speed, making it a bit more of a pain to use. When toggled and prone, the bipod prevents the player from moving while prone, putting the player in a stationary position. Standing up or de-toggling the bipod will allow movement again. 

      When toggled and prone, the player has tightened hipfire spread, a significant weapon return speed increase, a faster ADS speed, slightly lowered vertical recoil, significantly less horizontal recoil, and no weapon sway. 

      The FAMAS, Colt LMG, AUG HBAR, MG36, RPK12, L86 LSW, RPK, RPK 74, and Hecate II have a bipod by default, allowing the user to run a green laser and a stubby grip, and still have a bipod option. 

      When used as an "Other" attachment, the bipod will be put in front of grips. When used as an "Underbarrel" attachment, it will be placed where a grip would normally be put. 

      Certain weapons have unique bipod models. 

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    • Yeah, I agree with the 0 kills for weapons which already have bipods. I don't see a bipod on the FAMAS though, but the Steyr Scout has one IRL attached to the front stock of the gun.

      Bipods should only be in the Other section. Also, "V" switches firemodes, so that is why I say "B". Bipods can be placed on objects or in the prone position. Meaning you can bipod on a window. I was thinking of having it as a special attachment for LMGs only, but if other guns have it on their models, so be it. Other than that it sounds fine

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    • so uhhh they apparently added a barrett m107 even though they said they would never do it. lol we all saw this coming didnt we?

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    • yyyyyyep.

      PTRS when

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    • The 1858 New Army has become alot more fun. I still think we need a Luger and Makarov pistols

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    • The current MG3KWS reload animations are incorrect. When the gun is empty, the bolt is first racked, and pushed forward, only then is the feed mechanism opened and a fresh belt of ammo loaded. The current mechanism shows the feed mechanism opened, a fresh belt loaded, and the gun racked, which is incorrect. Please fix.

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    • @1Phorensis Isn't that the same with the M60E4? I believe it is...

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    • @Captain Tryhard, yeah if you load the guns like that it would cause a malfunction, as they fire from a open bolt I think.

        Loading editor
    • not really. you can do it either way with the mg42 designs it is just that opening the bolt first is recommended to allow the barrel to cool off for a longer period of time.

      and to eject any leftover cartridges if you dont expend the entire belt so yeah. this is when you actually have to rack the bolt first.

      plus considering we have a m107 that may or may not be added, i think its better to suggest some balancing changes to how teams are distributed.

      Though i still wish for the LAR grizzily. just make it a 2 hit 1911 with a much longer range but in exchange has a longer overall reload than the deagle to balance it out. It will also not deal as much punch as the revolvers.

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    • Gyrojet rounds.

      Penetration is slightly reduced. Torso multiplier is set to 1.0x. Head mutiplier is not changed. Bullet drop is 0. Velocity is slightly decreased. Basically it removes bullet drop entirely, meaning you can use a pistol and nail someone at 300 studs. Downside is supressors cannot hide you unless it is a gun with a integrall one.The velocity and penetration depth are reduced so wallbangs are out.Also you cannot supress people. Muzzle Flash is increased and the sound aswell. The damage is the average of the max and min values. 34-20 damage would be 27-27 damage. 42-32 would be 37-37 all ranges. Unlocks at 2500 kills. Is this OP?

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    • @1Phronesis I think that you should make it EXACTO rounds instead. Gyroget ammo was only used on, well, the Gyroget so it doesn't really make sense for it to be an attachment. On the other hand, EXACTO ammunition does pretty much the same job of removing bullet drop but is actually compatible with most firearms (I think) 

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    • inb4 EXACTO AN-94

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    • @DeletedContent thanks

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    • NP

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    • help. ever since gun game update all servers are like 200+ ping for me.

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    • Lewis gun

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    • Idea for equipment: The .50 shield. Slowes walkspeed, ADS and weapon equip. Prevents .50 cal weapons from dealing damage. Unlocks at rank 0

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    • are 20mm handheld cannons a thing? I¨m not saying those are a good idea, they would be either 2 OP or completely unusable, but you know, just asking.

      Also if they are a real thing, is there a way to make them balanced?

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    • @1Phronesis yeah, but its a grenade launcher. I don't think we'll get devs to include a grenade launcher...

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    • how about C4? basically a grenade that you choose when to explode by double tapping G after setting it up.

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    • @H8theB8 It says its a grenade launcher but it acts more the XM-25. A small cannon basically

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    • WWII map, but when a picture of Charlie Chaplain is shot, the timer is paused, guns don't work, and the objectives don't give points, and Charlie Chaplains, "The Great Dictator" speech is played

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    • please fix the FAMAS

      The in-game model is a FAMAS G2. FAMAS G2 fires up to 1100 RPM. But in game it only fires at 900 RPM

      Also FAMAS only accepts French-specified 5.56x45mm, so ammo resupply is more stricted. Rename the cartridge: 5.56x45mm French.

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    • Bro. there is a thing called game balance is needed. If you actually had the FAMAS like that the M231 and HK416 will be out of business as the ultimate CQC AR.

      Note: G2 FAMAS actually accepted NATO ammo not french ammo as standard so look up and make sure your gun knowledge is accurate before saying stuff that may get you comments that "school" you back to gun knowledge for dummies 101. Heck the trivia for the FAMAS exiplicitly states that the G2 version seen ingame can accept normal SS109 ammo. Though i dont know about the more modern M855A1 which is even hotter than the already snappy SS109.

      And plus, even if the FAMAS had a 1100 ROF it does not stop gunsmiths in the ingame universe tuning down the ROF by changing the recoil spring or some other part of the gun.

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    • Issues with Carbines

      Currently most of them are worse versions of Assault RIfles. Carbines are essentially sawed-off versions of assault rifles, it makes sense that they have worse range than Assault Rifles. But I don't see them having a mobility advantage over their Assault Rifle counterparts. Now for some specific guns:

      G36C: Has 15 studs/sec walkspeed. Makes sense because polymer is extensively used. But somehow it still deals 5SK at long range. Nerf this

      FAL 50.63 Para: Has aiming walkspeed higher than most Carbines despite based on the FAL

      SCAR-PDW and L22: only has 0.5 studs penetration, meanwhile some PDWs has better penetration than this (UMP45 penetrates 1.4 studs, L2A3 penetrates 1.0 studs).

      Actually this is one of the fixes that need to be applied. Here's the Discord server

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    • Admiral Klinge
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      unfinished message
      13:14, June 25, 2019
      This reply has been removed
    • @903phoc903 Howdy again, long time no see. 

      Now, I do have a bone to pick with the carbines myself, in terms of realism, but I think that gameplay-balance wise, it was a smart move. I just don't approve of getting my head filled with .223 from a gun that moves as fast as one that fires .45 ACP.

      I think that a small mobility advantage would be good enough, in terms of movement speed, ADS speed, and reload speed,  but maybe a recoil behaviour definitive of the carbine category. 

      But enough about how I want to re-balance certain things. That's for my big re-balancing work.

      G36C: I always felt that the 36C was a weaker carbine until longer ranges, since it could never 3HK like the other carbines. Maybe changing it to 35 -> 18?

      FAL Para: Indeed. Nerf this.

      SCAR PDW + L22: Indeed. Buff these. 

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    • M4 and M4A1 should have been the "long range carbines", given the longer barrel

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    • Make shotguns more like shotguns, because right now they are actually better to use as sniper rifles than as shotguns lol which you would expect to be insane at CQC because of the spread but you stil gotta be pointing directly at your target in order to get a kill. A KILL, a single measely kill, and this is if you hit your shot, because if you don't the time between priming can give your target ample time to return fire and kill you. So if you were going against a group of people it would be a lot better just to use an automatic which can mow down several people with ease.

      So what I think should be done for shotguns is to greatly reduce their performance at long and even medium range by greatly increasing pellet spread on all shotguns. And to improve their performance in CQC, greatly increase damage per pellet (damage buff will of course vary depending on the ammo type).

      As for slugs, they aren't sniper rounds. They are blunt, heavy chunks of metal being fired from a smoothbore shotgun barrel (the exception being the KS-23M which I'll get to in a moment), so I think that slugs should have greatly increased drop off and decreased penetration. This will be less apparent in the KS-23M which will have less drop off and better penetration.

      To compensate for all this, slugs should be given wider spread, the smallest of all ammo types but greater than their spread currently. Though may not completely compensate for the increased drop off and penetration. What will is the reduced effectiveness of other ammo types at medium range which slugs will be the best at.

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    • @Admiral: And now, I crush your hopes and dreams with facts and logic.

      “(shotguns) are better to use as sniper rifles than as shotguns”

      Unless you count slugs, which even then is iffy, buckshot still behaves like buckshot; just because its spread is super tight up really close doesn’t mean it performs as good/bad as a sniper rifle up close; leg shots can still kill, and the vast majority of shotguns fire faster than the vast majority of sniper rifles.

      “It would be better to use an automatic (up close)”

      Depends on your accuracy and the shotgun (and its attachments) in question. The Saiga-12U with birdshot is damn near impossible to beat in close quarters, even compared to automatics, especially those in the secondary category. AA-12 is a best of both worlds, which still 1-hits with buckshot while firing reasonably fast and reloading quickly. Stevens has a long 1-hit kill distance, even with birdshot, so rapid double kills happen where pump actions struggle a bit with range.

      “greatly reduce their performance at long and even medium range by greatly increasing pellet spread on all shotguns.”

      Bruh. You do realize that shotguns in reality actually have quite a tight spread and even have an effective range of 100 meters, right? Nerfing their spread not only makes them much less realistic (in a game where weapon behavior is usually very close to their equivalent real life performance), but also greatly neuters the shotguns’ already questionable effectiveness on most maps.

      “to improve their performance in CQC, greatly increase damage per pellet”

      Pellet damage is fine as-is, but mostly because of their largely realistic spread. Again, take away that realistic spread, and there’d be no real reason to use a primary shotgun over automatics, *at all.*

      “As for slugs, they aren’t sniper rounds. They are blunt, heavy chunks of metal being fired from a smoothbore shotgun barrel.”

      Yeah? And? They have spread too. Most obvious when you use it on a secondary shotgun. Not only do they have spread, but they also have decreased velocity compared to sniper rounds, at 1800 stud/s (2400 for SPAS, which I have no idea why) compared to the sniper rifle par of 3000 stud/s.

      “so I think that slugs should have greatly increased drop off and better penetration.”

      Sooooo like sniper rounds. Their penetration is already on par with most 7.62x51mm rifles, which have very similar energy output to most 12 gauge slugs. also the wider and slower a projectile is, the less likely it will penetrate. Just sayin’

      “To compensate for all this, slugs should be given wider spread”

      So neuter the only option shotguns would now have for ranged combat? Snipers’ll have a field day.

      tl;dr: this suggestion sucks, both in a realism and a balancing manner.

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    • Ah you don't have to be a jerk, and I do know I am right on a few points, such as:

      1. "It would be better to use an automatic (up close)."

      Automatics do not have the drawbacks of shotgun priming which, if you miss a shot (and you kinda HAVE to hit your shot directly because getting hit by the outer pellets won't do much damage to ya) you're enemy is given an ample time to return fire and kill you. And if you're going against a group of people, the priming and even ammo capacity can give your 3 to 5 opponents easy opportunities to get rid of you, even if you're zipping around and all.

      And with automatics, the rounds being sprayed at an opponent(s) can render them incapacitated from the impact recoil, and it's a fact of life that automatics have more ammo capacity than shotguns so for the most part you don't have to worry about reloading.

      2. “As for slugs, they aren’t sniper rounds. They are blunt, heavy chunks of metal being fired from a smoothbore shotgun barrel."

      Yes they do have less muzzle velocity, because though shotguns have a lot of punch when they fire a slug, because the slug is being fired from a smoothbore (usually) their velocity is going to decrease, as well as their punch (which is why I think a shotgun's effectiveness at range should be nerfed because the decreased power of the round is going to decrease at farther distances and is not exclusive to just slugs), and because it is a heavy chunk of metal there's going to be a lot of drop off.

      3. “so I think that slugs should have greatly increased drop off and decreased penetration.”

      Not like sniper rounds.

      I get I'm wrong at some points, but again, you don't have to be a jerk about it.

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    • 1. Not all shotguns are pump action though.  The only shotguns where I truly see this as an issue are the KS-23M and *maybe* the 870.  The KS is sorta justified in its longest 1-hit kill potential in class, and the 870 is a jack of all trades anyway, so a middle-of-the-road fire rate is a given.  The DBV, AA-12, Saiga, and even the KSG all have pretty fast fire rates to where it shouldn't be an issue.

      2. Smoothbore, compared to rifling, is known for less accuracy, not less velocity or punch.  Also, a vast majority of modern slugs have fins and other aerodynamic adjustments to avert their inaccuracy, in spite of it being fired from a smoothbore barrel.

      3. Slugs penetrate up to 2 studs.  Most sniper rounds average about 3-4 stud penetration.  7.62x51mm NATO rifles in the game average about 2.02 studs of penetration, the DMRs punching through more material on average than battle rifles.

      Also apologies for getting that detail wrong.  I was typing it out on my phone as I was responding.

        Loading editor

      Rank: 73

      Damage: 60-30

      Range: 60 max 100 min

      Ammo: 1/100

      Basic rundown: this is meant to be a gimmicky rifle. The rifle itself is a breech loading one, meaning you have to reload after every shot you fire, much like the BFG. The reload itself is in no rush. (Which means it won’t be fast to compensate lol)

      The bullet will not one shot kill as the damage suggests unless you aim for the head. No torso or limb multipliers.

      So if you miss a shot, you’ll be punished quite dearly unless the enemy is brainless.

      However, if you land your shots, you can have a sustainable streak of kills and you won’t have to worry about ammunition reserves. But you can only pick up rounds from this or the Henry. Nothing else.

      Oh and one more trick: you cannot attach any attachments on this. Good luck.

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    • @M231 FPW Nice seeing you dropping by to leave a suggestion. 

      I like the idea of a more infantry-focused BFG 50, hopefully it would bring me back to BF1 where I would constantly have to deal with Martini-Henry's. I like how the benefit of using this skillfully is sustainability over something like mobility or reload speed or anything we already have. 

      It's simple and that's what I like about it. Maybe throw in a fancy reload.

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    • Yea I was thinking of a long but fancy reload instead of a generic ram-the-round-into-the-gun-quickly reload. Goal was to make the gun special, unique and take a break from the generic ones we get.

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    • Juggernaut gamemode:

      One person is randomly selected to be the Juggernaut. The person must be rank 19 or higher. The juggernaut gets 1000hp, and picks one of the 3 belt fed LMGs.(M60, HK21, MG3KWS). The person can only use one which he has already unlocked (hence the rank 19 cutoff). The juggernauts gun has its ammo limked to its reserve, meaning he never has to reload. No secondary or melee weapon. If the Juggernaut runs out of ammo, he can pick up other guns. His health regenrates very slowly. The aim is for the juggernaut to survive for as long as possible. When someone kills the juggernaut, they become the juggernaut.

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    • Shotgun rebalance

      • Issues with 🅱️irdshot

      Birdshot, as the name suggests, meant to shoot birds. They have much more pellets than Buckshot, but also smaller pellets. Birdshot won't kill a larger target as easy as a buckshot (say, an actual buck, or human). The Birdshot single pellet damage should be smaller than Buckshot. Not just maximum damage, but also minimum damage as well.

      • Issues with Buckshot

      The in-game Buckshot holds 8 pellets. This means the pellets are #00 Buck. Each #00 Buck pellet has diameter of 8.38mm. They should deal 3HK at close range. Can balance this by making the 3HK range short, or nerf the rate of fire.

      KS-23M is a different beast. It's a 23mm barrel. 23mm is equal to 4 Gauge. I'm not sure about the 4 Gauge, but if it's loaded with the same #00 Buck, it should contains more pellets.

      • Also about KS-23M

      KS-23M is a rifled barrel. For firing mutiple projectiles it's actually not ideal. So unless it's a Slug, the spread is gonna be the worst among Shotguns. Also KS-23M should also have 19 long range damage like other shotguns

      And please add Choke and Duckbill attatchments for shotguns

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    • @903phoc903 

      I like the reduced damage per pellet of the birdshot and I do agree with this. At the moment, it's become the go-to choice for shotgun shell upgrade and it's slightly depressing. 

      Buckshot does need a bit of a buff. Maybe just extending the damage range by a bit?

      KS23M should be the best with slug rounds equipped, but have the worst spread with any other shell if that sounds good. 

      We do need a choke and duckbill barrel attachments for shotguns. While we're at it, let's remove the suppressors and recoil reducing attachments for certain shotguns. 

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    • While we're on the topic of shotguns

      Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun

      Trench boi

      M1897 12 Gauge

      Damage: 34 -> 19 

      Range: 30 max -> 120 min Rate of Fire: 70 RPM/ 170 RPM Ammo: 12 Gauge, 5 (+1)/ 30

      Inspired by a recent post, I want to suggest an iconic shotgun that needs to be added, not just for nostalgia or for the sake of it being iconic, but also for adding a more unique gameplay element. 

      It has more damage than the 870, less than the KS23M, but it drops of quicker, and has just a bit more spread. It's slower when pumping than the 870, has less ammo than most of the other shotguns, and has the least reserve ammo of all the primary shotguns, making it a weapon that demands your skill input. No flechette rounds, grips, or barrel attachments.

      The main advantage of this weapon is that, like the New Army, it can switch to an alternate aim mode to enable slam fire. The disadvantages to slamfire are that the recoil may throw you off after the second shot and that you only have six rounds. On the other hand, you can slam fire this weapon with the exact same damage as if you used the pump mode, and now you can kinda compete with semi shotgun spammers. 

      TL;DR, it's a low magazine, slower than average firerate, increased spread, pump action shotgun that has a bit more oomph in close quarters and slamfire.  ​​​​​

      Edit: Brought damage down to 19 from 20.

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    • I thought we all agree that shotguns wont deal 5SK at long range?

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    • @903phoc903 Shoot, you're right. My bad. 

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    • You may have noticed the railgun when playing Gun Game, so its in the game files. What about bringing it into the game permanently? I have played with it and it seems pretty cool. Maybe new sounds?

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    • I have an idea for an easter egg weapon: The M6D pistol, also known as the Most Overpowered Pistol Ever, from Halo: Combat Evolved.

      My idea is for there to be a little Pillar of Autumn on Warehouse, and when you shoot it, the Halo theme will play. Then, you find a little Halo ring on Mall, shoot it, and the Halo theme will play again. After that, the Mjolnir Mix version of the Halo Theme will play, and every player on the server will die, like in the Crane easter egg, and some of the players will recieve the M6D as their reward, its power theirs to keep.

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    • @1Phron well, any ideas on how to implement it into the game? I really doubt theyll add it as aweapon you can equip from the menu.

      For those who dont know, Railgun’s origins was that it was a battle pickup in the star wars event.

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    • some interesting Suggetions i must say but with gun then here some suggestions from me:

      BR: Type 89, M14 EBR, Type 64 or Japaneses FAL

      SR: WA2000, DSR-50 a 50. cal but with more BS at the limbs and maybe torso since i tired of 1 hit torso, TAC-50 (and a free Maple syrup skin due to Canadian adoption), also dont expect the M82 to be here since the M107 is coming soon TM

      LMG: M249, MG42, RPD, Mk48, PK, PKP, Negev (caliber depend on the Dev either 5.56x45 or 7.62x51)

      Shotgun: S.A.T 8, M1014, M590 so i can be a Sludge... i mean a Slegde main

      SMG: MTAR-21 (X95 if you a weeb like me), CBJ, PP-19, UMP40/9 (same gun diffirent caliber = diffirent damage), Cx4 Storm, JS 9, Type 79

      that all the gun suggestion i can say wait what that 'but what about the stats' i hear you cry well that is on the Dev so dont ask me but i can show some unique stats

      BR: M14 EBR or just the classic can have Automatic mode same like VSS right? yes and no as this would have a negative stats for the M14 as in EXTREME VIOLENT RECOIL just like irl 

      SMG: CBJ can penetrate wall up to at least 1.5 studs with 30 rounds mag only not the 100 drum, UMP 40/9 damage is depend on which type is added but both would still lose to it sister UMP45 in term of raw damage but in term RoF 9 definitely will be the highest among the UMP series

      LMG: all of them are Belt-fed with the exception of a few which could have a Mag fed instead

      SR: WA2000 would be the fastest SR with a avarage recoil allowing better follow up shots unlike the SVDS with it high recoil 

      Shotgun: two of em of Semi btw

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    • Wow no one cares about my cool Easter egg suggestion

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    • Tbh I’d do the easter egg, and then main the M6D as a novelty weapon. My guess is, stats-wise, it’ll be a DEagle with slightly less range, but slightly less recoil, following the trend of easter egg weapons having identical stats to other weapons, but have a shorter range.

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    • Camaro, I would give the M6D its mag size from CE, and keep its 3 shot kill

      Double post merged

      And the M6D has a 2x scope in CE, making it basically a semi auto rifle

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    • SundownMKII
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    • Peformance with open-bolt firearms

      Open bolt means that the bolt moves forwards when trigger is pulled. This is why they don't have a round in chamber. This means when the trigger is pulled, you have the entire mass of the bolt moving forward. This translates to high initial shot recoil and lousy semiauto peformance. In contrary, closed bolt firearms should not have high first shot recoil (atleast automatic ones). Tap firing with something like the M60 would be rather ineffective, and you better just fire in long bursts.

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    • I see a lot of suggestions about adding weapons to the already-long list of guns that we have in-game. So instead I did a little bit of brainstorming and figured I could add at least a few suggestions into the game- suggestions about the ever-elusive Equipment of Phantom Forces. If Equipment is ever implemented, one must choose between the options given; you cannot run without anything in your Equipment slot!


      Scavenger Kit: In addition to the weapons dropped by enemies, foes the user kills will drop a blue pack onto the ground. Walking over it replenishes 10% of one's total ammunition supply, up to one full magazine. This incentivizes a constant assault upon one's foes, and will allow longer killstreaks even if other players aren't using weapons in the same category as the user. The user will be marked out with a green vest in-game, though is cosmetic.

      Grenade Launcher: This was bound to end up in the Assault Class, of course- Why wouldn't it be here due to the perfect combo of noobtubes and ARs? The Grenade Launcher (either a M320, M203, or GP-30) can be used either standalone (only the M320 will be utilized) or as an underslung attachment (the GL model depends on the weapon). One will need to sacrifice the Underbarrel slot in order to use a Grenade Launcher, and cannot be mounted onto Shotguns and weapons without enough space for a launcher (including but not limited to: the M231, FAMAS, L22, Grozas, 1858C, SR-3M, and Henry 45-70). In addition, the Grenade Launcher replaces one's normal Grenades. However, it changes based upon the explosive chosen in the Grenade slot- For instance, if a regular FRAG is chosen the launcher will shoot standard 40x46mm HE rounds. A V40 Mini will allow the launcher to fire LVG  explosives, and the Smoke Grenade will fire off smokes. (I haven't figured out what the RGD-5 would be, so suggestions would be appreciated!) The "G" button is switched so its user will instantaneously fire the launcher if it is underslung and the primary weapon is equipped, and will not need to switch from rifle to launcher (and thus can simultaneously spray bullets and fire the grenade launcher). However, if it is standalone and/or the user is using their secondary, they will have to switch to the standalone M320. Reloading the underbarrel grenade launcher is simple- All GLs can be accessed by pressing 4, and if empty tapping G will automatically reload the grenade launchers. While reloading an underbarrel grenade launcher, one can still hipfire though not ADS- a standalone won't get this benefit. In addition, leaf sights are added onto the side of the weapon that the GL is mounted onto- and when properly swapping between rifle and launcher via 4, the user will use the leaf sights to aim and predict the trajectory. GLs are self-explanatory for the most part, but with the mechanics I've detailed I'm hoping it would give one a reason to use an underbarrel launcher rather than a standalone and a grip due to the versatility of an underbarrel (instashoot nades).

      Anti-Suppression Pills (Can't think of a better name for them, sorry. Could use some better help naming this!): The user pulls out a bottle of pills and consumes half of its contents, taking one second. Whilst completely vulnerable while performing this action, the pills will allow the user to completely ignore suppression and its effects regardless of whether the enemy is utilizing an Initimidation Factor Equipment. In addition, one will continually heal up at half the normal rate, regardless of being shot at mid-regeneration. This effect lasts for 15 seconds, and one may only utilize this Equipment twice. Useful for pushing against areas where you know an enemy LMG has set up shop, or where that extra health regen can be crucial to winning.

      First-Aid Kits: Relatively self-explanatory, pressing the gadget button will throw down a single-use first-aid kit that begins a normal healing process when walked over. One can throw up to two FAKs at a time- one for the user, and one for a friend- and it takes about 15 seconds to regenerate a FAK. These are good for between fights, though it requires one to hang back for a little while in order to gain the full benefits- providing a balance between an aggressive Assault and a more defensive rifleman, allowing both playstyles to benefit from the kit.


      Stim-Shot: A hybrid between the Autoinjector of Battlefield's Bad Company and the Stim Shot from CoD: Black Ops 4, Stim Shots will allow the player to immediately begin healing at twice the normal rate. When activated, the player will bring out a syringe and inject themselves single-handedly, similarly to the animation of the Stim Shot in Black Ops 4. During this short period (about 1 second), the user can hipfire but not aim down sights, nor reload. The Stim-Shot has a 30-second cooldown. Otherwise, the Stim-Shot allows players to get up close and personal, not having to worry about hiding to heal after every fight.

      Lightweight Kit: Allows the user to run circles around slower opponents, adding 1 extra stud per second to all movement speeds. In addition, the Lightweight Kit reduces fall damage by 50% though does not change the fatal fall height- Falling off a crane will still be lethal! This is a passive Equipment item, and thus does not come with cooldowns nor uses. The user will have a different skin where they use a T-shirt instead of the regular uniform shirt. Getting around maps and dropping off tall ledges like the floors in Mirage won't be as much of a problem with the Lightweight Kit, allowing one to better scout the area and get into foes' faces.

      Bloxy Cola (or maybe Bepsi?): Inspired almost entirely based upon Left 4 Dead 2's Adrenaline Shot , this cool drink allows the user to gain a temporary speed boost and reload boost. After taking 1 second to drink the Cola, the player will gain a 10-second buff that grants an extra 2 stud per second movement speed and a 50% faster reload speed. In addition, Scouts under the influence of the drink will be able to capture objectives 10% faster. Upon spawning, one only receives two sodas, so as to limit the amount of times one may utilize the boost in one life. The sodas will let one have a burst of energy that may be needed to complete a push or hold an army off.


      Intimidation Factor (Please help me with refining this name and idea!): Similar to Battlefield 4/3's Suppression perk, this "Equipment" (I have no idea how I could turn this into an equipment rather than a perk) will let you increase suppression dealt upon enemies and the radius where your bullets will suppress. For instance, Flechette rounds on shotguns become a viable way to suppress enemies and will shake their screen as if nearly hit by a .50 BMG sniper rifle even if it only hit a dozen studs away. In addition, you gain the ability to completely stop an enemy's health regeneration if remotely suppressed, and double the "IN COMBAT" status time to 10 seconds from the usual 5. Under normal circumstances suppression is just a nuisance- with this ability, one can make sure victims will never be able to retaliate.

      M18 Claymore: Can be equipped via 4, and one is given two Claymores upon spawning. When planted, Claymores emit a bright red, almost entirely obvious laser tripwire. When tripped, the Claymore will both explode and send two dozen pellets similar to birdshot outwards in the direction it is facing- each pellet dealing a flat 7 damage. The explosion is small, and one would have to be within close range to the Claymore to be fatally killed by the blast. However, the pellets completely ignore a Flak Jacket and thus can be lethal to those wielding Flak Jackets. The instant the user is killed and sent into the spawn menu the Claymores disappear. These are meant to be planted in certain chokepoints the user just doesn't want to keep an eye on, and allows one to rest easy knowing that one doorway is now booby-trapped and protected. Just beware that Claymores can be prematurely shot and exploded. If one isn't satisfied with their Claymore placement, they can be picked up like a normal weapon by holding V.

      C4 Explosive: Is both equipped via 4 and triggerable by the bound gadget key. Two C4 sticks are given upon spawning, and have a kill radius similar to the RGD-5 except slightly smaller. C4 cannot be thrown, but must be planted upon a surface close to the user by pulling out the C4 and detonator and tapping the left stick. Once this is done, the user may detonate the C4 in two ways: Either equip the detonator with 4 and use the RMB to manually blow up the explosives, or use the gadget button to quickly pull out the detonator and blow it up. The former is faster after equipping the detonator, but the latter is better in a pinch. C4 is especially good when planted close to objectives like the hill or the flag, allowing temporary denial and can even kill Flak Jacket users if both sticks are stacked at once. Just beware- dying will cause the C4 to despawn, and like Claymores can be shot and blown up. However, they can also be picked up by holding V if one feels the sticks are out in the open, and can be placed again like normal.


      Motion Sensors: Gives the user three motion balls to use, with one regenerating every thirty seconds. Motion Sensors can be thrown as far similarly to a regular FRAG grenade. Any enemy moving around at a normal pace will be automatically detected and placed as a blip on the map. However, motion sensors only ping every two seconds, and cannot detect anyone moving while crouched, prone, or just stopped. Motion Sensors are good for a mobile Recon who wants to seek out where enemies are, and crave intelligence on where to strike.

      Optical Implants: Optical Implants allow the user to more easily see their foe's name tags from afar, and view their health bar similarly to how teammates possess health bars. In addition, Implants allow one to spot out enemy explosives even through walls, highlighted in bright red. Implants give snipers a better idea of how injured their prey is before firing, who they are up against, and even harass campers who think they are safe by their Claymore or C4.

      Bouncing Betty: Upon spawning Recon users only get one Bouncing Betty. However, these can be quickly thrown onto the ground and armed within seconds. If the first placement wasn't satisfactory, the Betty can be picked up again by holding V. When a victim approaches the Betty, it will emit a loud click and hissing noise before bouncing into the air and exploding. Betties have a large radius, and cannot be avoided via normal sprinting, but can be dodged simply by crouching and/or going prone. However, this must be done beforehand- a Betty will explode before one can go from standing to crouch directly after triggering the mine. Unlike Support explosives, the Bouncing Betty remains after death- though will despawn if the user plants a second Betty. These offer a similar role to the Support's Claymores, but trade the ability to kill a Flak Jacket user for the ability to be almost always fatal to everyone else sans crouchers and prone-crawlers.


      Flak Jacket: As the description states, the Flak Jacket allows the player to sustain more damage from explosives. Flak Jacket reduces enemy explosive damage by 65%, thus making most if not all grenades moot unless one decides to stand directly on top of one. Would be an excellent hard counter to grenade launchers and the brand new RGD-5 grenade that's currently in the Test Place as of typing this. Players using this will be denoted by a modelled red flak jacket in-game, though this is for cosmetic purposes. Otherwise, the Flak Jacket is a passive item.

      Enhanced Combat Helmet: This Equipment item is single-use, and will disappear after being expent. The Enhanced Combat Helmet will reduce incoming damage to the head by 10%, but will only be able to absorb three bullets before breaking. .50 BMG bullets completely ignore this, and AP rounds will only need one shot to break the helmet. Allows one to essentially avoid being one-hit headshot by rifles like the Beowulf TCR and MSG90, though does not give one a free ticket out- normal automatic rifles can easily chew through one's health with or without a helmet, and the heavy snipers will still deal enough damage to kill.

      Decoy Device: A simple deployable device that emits the exact same gun noises as the user's weapon. It will create random red pings on the radar, and will continue to do so even after its user dies until it is destroyed. The Decoy can also be picked up like deployable explosives. Best used for distracting enemies who are too eager to hunt down their prey, and can be a good way to buy enough time for a proper flank away from the Decoy.

      Fun little bonus suggestion!

      EMP Grenades: Replaces the normal grenade, and given three EMPs. These EMP grenades can be thrown at the same trajectory as the RGD, but cannot be cooked whatsoever- rather, they will explode upon impact. Any enemy soldier caught in its blast radius (equivalent to a FRAG) will be affected negatively, losing their HUD, optic reticule, flashlight and/or laser all at once. The duration of the EMP grenade depends on the proximity- enemies hit right at the fringe will experience a loss for 5 seconds, and a direct impact (which will also deal 5 damage) can last up to ten whole seconds. In addition, EMP grenades completely nullify any deployed equipment caught in its blast, destroying them immediately (and will not trigger a C4/Claymore/Betty explosion). Finally, EMP grenades will affect anything through walls and floors- a Claymore hiding in a corner won't be safe if an EMP explodes right behind it on a wall.

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    • cool

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    • Big frickin whoop but the m60 needs nerf.

      Maybe give it just the most horrible recoil in the universe that the only way to stabilize it to make it useable at med-long range is by adding its dipod which can only be used while proning, with a delay between unfolding and folding the dipod. All to reduce the mobility of the gun and hopefully make it a bit less op (which would be nice for those of us who actually like the m60 as a beautiful firearm and don't like being votekicked out of the server because we're caught using an m60).

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    • also add 1887 lever shotgun yes

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    • A couple things id like to suggest.

      First, i thought of points in koth and flare dom giving ammo over time while inside them.  It would serve as a way to encourage objective playing in people who usually dont and would make it easier to use battle rifles and dmrs that have uncommon ammo types.  Oh, and ctf bases would do that too.  I was thinking something like 10% total ammo capacity every 5 seconds or something.  Would just make longer killstreaks possible with brs, dmrs, or the unfortunate person who has noone in the server to get ammo from.  I would like to find a way to incorperate something like this into tdm and kc but idk how.

      Second, a weight system that takes the combined walkspeeds from the weapons you are carrying, finds the mean value, and that would be your walkspeed.  (Example, if i was carrying a hecate 2, an mp412 rex, and a stick grenade, with walkspeeds 12, 15, and 16 i would have a total walkspeed of 14.33.)  This would make carrying large weapons such as the m60 or hecate 2 less aggressive and more passive.  This would also serve as a subtle nerf to melees not being able to zoom around with one if you have a heavy weapon.


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    • @IronBlock10 I like the weight system. This would make Carbine loadouts actually useful. They seem to be underpowered. Also shotguns would be slightly more passive than lightweight SMGs

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    • Something...interesting...

      The more you use a weapon, the better it becomes. The more kils you have increases you stats. So if you have alot of kills with a weapon, it gets better. Damage is not increased, but smalll things like ADS and reload times are. Recoil is decreased and becomes more controllable. Obviously by small amounts like 0.001 for every kill. But you're going to have to get 10,000 kills with a gun before it really becomes noticeable. This will make putting effort into a gun more rewarding. Also, this can also solve some problems with certain guns.

      • cough* HK21 *cough*

      Overall if this isnt too difficult to code I think it will be cool

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    • @1Phronesis Quite nice. Realistic, but I think it can have some type of improvement. 

      How about, not just single weapons, but like platform/weapon types will have these small increases too? Like, if I keep using my AK47, it will get increased 0.001 for every kill. But, if I switch to the M16A4, it will get increased 0.00045, since it's also an AR. If I switch to the RPK, it will also get increased to 0.00045, since it's still an AK platform weapon, and if I switch to the AK-103 or AKM, then it's 0.0009, since it's both an AR and an AK platform weapon.

      Of course, it will be different according to similarities. Same caliber, same platform, same weapon class and a bunch of different factors in the future. 

      I like how it's rewarding, but I don't agree with how it will encourage players to keep using the same weapon (hence my little suggestion) and how it might provide higher level players with an upper hand in sustained gunfights or close quarter encounters. 

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    • @Sojitsu I sort of thought of the concept at 3am in the morning, so yeah, it definitely needs work 

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    • The new guns in the Test Place would be great additions

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    • Add flip flop melee

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    • RobloxScreenShot20190713 084551034


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    • It's balanced tho. That 1 shot doesn't extend out far enough to be fabulously useful. 

      I'm just thankful that the FAMAS doesn't 6 hit at long range anymore. 

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    • ability to toggle supressor attachment by pressing z. equips and unequips it. takes time and can be done depending on situation.

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    • Flashbangs with rank unlock. Rank will be +70 to prevent all the noobs flashing themselves.

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    • at the same time, if the noobs get to use the flash they will most likely be spamming it. You will most likely spend half of the time being blind if you are in a server full of grenade spammers. so i agree with a higher rank unlock. This way more experienced players that know what they are actually doing wont end up flashing everyone in the vicinity friend and foe alike.

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      How about making a QD Suppressor + Flash hider a barrel attachment? Z is already bound to dolphin dive, so how about 'H' instead?

      The suppressor is a medium suppressor with no damage penalty, but range suffers greatly. Pressing H allows you to take off the suppressor when you need medium to long range combat advantages. 

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    • Suggestion! At 1,000 kills, a "Tuning" menu is unlocked for a weapon.

      Inside the tuning menu, the player can adjust how close/far the optic is from the camera, how close/far the grip is, and other things. This menu is not purchasable, which encourages players to truly learn their weapon, get a feel for it, and make it their own. 

      Optic Adjustment - Allows the player to move the optic up or down the rail. The further from the eye, the more peripheral vision the player has, but the smaller the sight picture. Closer to the eye means larger sight picture, but less peripheral vision.

      Grip Adjustment - Allows the player to move the grip up or down the rail. The further away, the faster the weapon returns to the center from firing and turns when the camera is turned, but has increased kick. Closer means more control in automatic fire, but returns to the center slower and swings more. 

      Swing Adjustment - Allows the player to control the horizontal recoil values of the weapon. Making it swing left or right more will decrease overall drift, making it more predictable, but will swing more to the desired direction. 

      Custom Loads - Allows players to control how much more gunpowder is in each round. Putting less will lower velocity, recoil, sound, muzzle flash, and slightly reduce the range. Putting more will increase velocity, recoil, sound, muzzle flash, and slightly increase the range. 

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    • Thats is a awesome idea. Probably will never be added though

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    • That Sounds great!  I would assume that different loads would have different damage?

      I also don't understand how the swing adjustments work.  Overall, i think it is a great idea though.

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    • that is approaching the level of cuztomization that shooters like ARMA 3 and army of two provides for the player. Sure its possible but we also have to consider that implementing this will mean a whole new level of stress for the potato PC users.

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    • This is true as most roblox gamers have potato PCs. I have a potato PC, my friend has a potato PC, everyone I know has a potato PC. (Except for that rich kid)

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    • Petition to make Forgotten Weapons a source for guns. 

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    • Sign me up

      they are a pretty reliable source. C&Rsenal is also a reliable source for many guns, especially the ww2 pieces. Lastly, modern firearms is another source.

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    • I personally run a lowspec laptop that's only decent because I upgraded to 8GB RAM, but I don't think it'd add more stress. It'd be as stressful as adjusting skins is, and tweaks certain numbers under the weapon stats.

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    • Bizon
      PP-19 Bizon

      Rank 119

      Damage 30-16

      Range    50-90 studs

      Magazine    64/192


      RPM    700

      A russian competitor to the P90, swapping out RPM for a higher damage and magazine size. Slow walkspeed and reload time. Cannot attach grips due the giant magazine. 

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    • @1Phronesis I feel that the damage of the Bizon should be higher, but drop off faster due to barrel length issues and calliber when compared to the P90. Also, the Bizon should be able to reload faster, but just by a bit. I like the 'No Grips' idea.

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    • Here's a great way to balance heavier weapons aside from recoil and mobility. 

      The Rule of Thumb 

      The heavier a weapon is, the slower the movement speed, ADS speed, reload speed (not by much though), and recenter speed, the higher the idle sway when standing or crouching, and the lower the recoil kick and drift. A heavier weapon will rise with constant rapid fire slower. 

      Of course, weight distribution can affect this, but that's for another suggestion. 

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    • I think that, at least for lmgs, that all that needs to be done is to greatly increase camera recoil.

      Instead of increasing other types of recoil and make lmgs just impossible to control, just make it so they're harder to aim with since you're screen is going to be bouncing all the time which will effect your accuracy at longer ranges and not the accuracy of the gun itself. Which could leave room for the lmg user to be more accurate themselves in order to push the gun to its fullest potential.

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    • @Admiral Klinge

      LMGS should be in a position where they're more accurate than ARs in longer bursts of fire at medium-to-long range, but with restricted mobility and a weakness in close quarters. 

      That's why I suggested slower muzzle climb and reduced recoil for the price of return speed, putting an advantage in firing in bursts instead of tapping.

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    • Balance mechanics suggestions: Mobility based on loadout weight.

      I'm getting sick of people carrying M60, Hecate, M107, Intervention, etc... and doesn't get mobility penalty once knife is equipped. It probably makes Scout class useless. A guy carrying an Intervention, even if it's at his back, cannot run faster than an average infantry.

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    • Average all the equipped weapons walkspeed, i think someone mentioned this before

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    • Heres going to be a pretty unpopular suggestion but here goes nothing.....

      Barrel overheating for LMGs.

      Its really self explanatory. What do yall think.

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    • LMGs are gonna have to get buffed for that cool idea to be implemented. Larger mag sizes probably.

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    • @M231 FPW Barrel heating for all weapons should be a thing. Of course, it'll only be really noticeable on fully automatic or high RoF weapons, but it'll be there as a potential risk.

      G36 loses zero after heating.

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    • Anyone else think that the Ak-12C should be renamed to to the Ak-15, get a slight base color change and have the bolt handle moved to the other side of the gun?  FIrst off, the Ak-15 actually exists and is not a "conseptualized" gun.  Second They serve roughly the same role exept for the aforementioned fact that the Ak-15 is an actuall thing.  Thrid they both shoot the same round, not a big deal but just another similarity.

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    • Didn't Phantom Forces have a "barrel heat" mechanic way back when that gave each gun spread when fired too much? I hated that, honestly, or "spread" on guns in general.

      Also, I'd honestly wish that some AK "variants" were reskinned as real AKs- like the AKU-12 could turn into an AKS-74u.

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    • Not the spread, but rather fire rate decreased after a set amount of rounds.

      I wish for that feature to come back, but only for high capacity LMGs.

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    • More expressive definitions of "abusive players" when it comes to the votekick system. I feel there will be a lot less corruption with the votekick system if "abusive player" wasn't so vague and people knew straight up that someone using a bfg or something isn't abusive and they no right to votekick that person and hopefully be a lot less daring to do so.

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    • Maybe have the gun stop firing after a set amount of rounds for barrel overheating. To allow the barrel to “cool down.” Once after it does that, then the gun can resume firing like normal

      Of course, im not sure how practical that would be.

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    • Sounds like that weird barrel overheat mechanic from Battlefield 1 on weapons like the Lewis Gun or the IMG-08/15. If that were the case I'd like a visual cue on how long it'll take before the gun overheats, since I've got a bad habit of spraying in CQC until the weapon jams on me and gets me killed.

      This is only if we had to use a weapon overheat mechanic, of course.

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    • Barrels overheating could only be a mechanic for LMGs, but then you would have to buff them a bit. Visual cue could be a small temperature dial?

        Loading editor
    • Suggestion: Re-balance the AK12BR.

      I was able to see the balanced recoil system in action recently. It would give more purpose to the AK12BR at the moment, as a more defensive battle rifle.

      + Balanced recoil: Significant reduction in vertical recoil, kick, and muzzle rise. 

      To the point where the recoil is similar to the AK12. 

      - Increased weight.

      To prevent this weapon becoming the next CQC destroyer, the increased weight (meaning lower movement speed, slightly lower ADS speed, and turn speed) will make it less aggressive, forcing the player into a more passive playstyle.

      Slower reload speed. 

      - Slightly less predictable horizontal recoil.

      This would make prolonged fully automatic fire at longer ranges more difficult. The AK12BR can still be the medium-long range destroyer in short bursts of fire, but not in complete, 20-round-burst spraydowns.

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    • Attatchment suggestion: Type 56 front sight

      Available for AK47 , AKM , RPK . Unlock by default. Some people might prefer the full ring of the Chinese AKs rather than the half ring of Russian AKs.

      Type 56 front sight

      Me and the boys shooting Chinese protestors

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    • Drones and Machinery, i guess?

      Spy Drone: works like the spotting mechanism, but longer.

      Escort Drone: Follows you while shoots anything in sight.

      Striker Drone: Marks 3 (depends) locations on the map then harrier jets bomb the chosen location.

      Heli: Ride in it then shoot people with an LMG while revolving around the map.

      Gun Turret: Deployable; Shoots anything in sight.

        Loading editor
    • Problems: 

      One: potato pc cant handle heli

      Two: turrret will be too OP and ppl will spam it

      Three: Striker drone is already a pot wish. dont even expect it to be added. If you want airstrikes go play reason 2 die.

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    • All those could be accesible if you unlock a certain amount of kills in a round. 15 for Spy, 30 for Escort, 45 for Gun Turret Etc.

      How can a potato pc like mine can't handle a heli? It's basically flying in an uncontrollable rotating direction while firing an LMG of some kind while being vulnerable to enemy fire.

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    • A penalty for spamming frags or adding a 10-second cooldown in between frags would be useful to prevent frag spamming. Also, please add a grenade warning. 

        Loading editor
    • The grenade spam preventer thing could work nicely. 

      Adding a grenade warning might make it a bit easy, and ruin stealth plays. It's a bright, glowing red ball with a tracer.

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    • Give the saiga12u its full 8 round magazine or just increase its capacity to something like 5 rounds, which in that case a mag remodel wouldn't be necessary I think.

      There's a reason why the 12u is never seen in-game or ever talked about, it is a more expensive and worse version of the sawed off in every way. Longer reload, the fast firerate is made obsolete because of the sawed off's instant burst, other than being able to store an extra round in the chamber which pretty much doubles your reload time.

      And who's going to pass up a sawed off side-by-side for what looks like a neutered ak?

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    • 1. Worse sawed off? More like *much* better recoil, one extra shot, and a far more leniant firecap. Also sawed off’s instant burst is invalid because you can’t control the second shot to kill someone else outside the spread of your first shot.

      2. Said “sawed off side-by/side” has a f-ton more recoil, and the only real advantage it has over any other secondary shotgun is the range of the one-burst kill, whereas the “neutered ak” is more practical in nearly every way, disregarding reload speed (which is getting buffed in test place by the by.). Also, having a semi-automatic shotgun as a secondary never gets old.

      3. Fehk no. 8-round mags for a secondary shotgun? That’s semi auto? Yeah, no thanks. also the normal Saiga-12 has modeled 5-round mags, even though it holds 8. It bothers the hell out of me.

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    • 1. I've found that one round on EITHER of these guns cannot one shot torso (without slugs, and like, what are you using a shotgun for?) even at close range, so again, having burst mode is better than any rof this thing can pull off, and yeah. It gives you better ranged performance, so there's that too.

      2. Maybe the 12u does have less recoil but it will generally effect you less on the sawed off since burst mode is the most viable option to use on it and you only need to fire once.

      I did not know the 12u was already getting a buff, and believe it or not I don't hate the 12u either.

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    • Great idea, I feel that it gives the game some lore relating to the background of the Phantoms and Ghosts, as well as the maps found on the game itself

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      A exclusive attachment for the FAL family. Basically a compensator/muzzle brake hybrid.

      Pros: Recoil horizontal and vertical is heavily reduced.

      Cons: Recoil is flipped, the gun recoils downward. Also, muzzle flash is drastically increased

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    • Suggestion: Pump-Semi shotgun balance!

      Assuming that I have two near-identical shotguns with the exact same magazine size, design, ergonomics, weight, etc., the thing that would keep pump shotguns viable in the face of isn't damage, range, choke or velocity, it would be recoil and handling. 

      It's no secret that semi automatic shotguns have less kick than a pump action, but what I'm suggesting is that semi shotguns have slower recenter speed than a pump action. This won't matter at really close range, but at medium range, the differences will become clearer. The pump shotgun will always return to the center in time for the next shot while the semi shotgun won't.

      The semi shotgun will have less kick, meaning that with dragging the mouse down, it shouldn't have too much of an issue. However, without recoil control on the semi shotguns, the wait on the semis before it recenters is longer, so in a 1 on 1 gunfight where both users are outside of the 1 hit kill range, the pump shotgun will win unless the semi shotgun user controls for recoil. 

      TL;DR Pump Action Shotguns instantly recenter by the time the next shell is loaded while Semi Automatic shotguns have a slower recenter speed. Spread and Choke are determined by barrel length, the load used, and weapon design features.

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    • Nerf the KSG, nerf the Remington, and nerf Birdshot on both.

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    • What especially needs to be nerfed is the KS-23M.

      “Other” Attachment: Barrel Extension

      Will be exclusive to pistols, machine pistols, and PDW's. Unlocked at 500 kills.

      Pros: 20% increase in overall and sight accuracy; 10% increase in muzzle velocity.

      Cons: 20% decrease in hipfire accuracy; increased downwards recoil.

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    • Oh god I have finally found a talk page I REALLY enjoy

      I have plenty idea for equpiment options.

      1. Different equipment for different classes. For example, a Recon class would have night vision goggles, so will the Assualt class, but not the scout class or support. 2. Night vision goggles. Would replace torches, can be used at any time but if used in sunlight the contrast and brightness goes WAY UP, forcing players to not abuse it. 3. Variety of holsters. One of the holsters lets you dual wield any two secondaries, but you are unable to spawn in with a Primary weapon, and you aren’t allowed to use SFGs, Obrez’s and any future sniper secondaries. Another holster allows you to switch between weapons faster, while another replaces your secondary with a melee weapon, making it easier to switch to a melee weapon, helpful for newer players. 4. Removal of equipment. You can select these options in exchange for various things. For example, you lose 15 health but your walkseepd becomes faster.

      I have more ideas but I can post em all here

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    • Ehh, I don't think there's a reason for the melee-switching-faster holster thing to exist really. Just add a tab that shows all the controls so newbies aren't confused like why doesn't that already exist lol.

        Loading editor
    • Oh and for an equipment option: more ammo, say like a 25% increase. Downsides would be reduced walkspeed and general increase to unwieldiness of the weapon being used by about 12%?

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    • will not work in realistic sense as you are carrying more ammo on your person not on the gun.

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    • Suggestion for melee weapons.

      Light attacks, depending on the weapon, will truly be light as they will do less damage, but be faster. 

      Heavy attacks reduce movement speed, prevent sprinting, diving, crouching, going prone, or jumping while mid-animation, but deal a lot more damage and should be the only way a 1 hit kill is possible to the torso, excluding backstabs. 

      Blunt weapons, excluding the sledgehammer, shouldn't be capable of 1 hit backstabs. Instead, their light attacks deal more damage, and all blunt weapons except for the ASP baton and the brass knuckles, can 1 hit kill to the head when using a heavy attack. 

      Hattori, Longsword, and Chosen One have their heavy attack animations replaced with a forward thrust, capable of a 1 hit kill to the torso over a long range, making it possible to kill 3 players in a single attack. 

      All melee weapons have make enemy screens flinch, just like being shot. The difference is that, depending on the weapon, the screen will flinch more. Getting hit by a Karambit R will make you flinch less than being struck by a Sledgehammer. 

      Using the fast melee 'F', the knife will be left in the opponent's body. 

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    • Interesting idea, I think it would be interesting to add a stun factor to melees too. Blunt weapons would do less damage but have a higher stun. Stun maybe giving screen shake and movement speed reduction? Oh and I forgot to mention, all melees should get a greatly reduced attackspeed to compensate for this new power.

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    • Some ideas I had a few months ago.

      Brown Bess Concept

      It is important in history because it was the main service weapon of the British Empire for many years. It saw things like the American Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. It was also one of the many things that gave the British victory at Waterloo.

      Flintlock Pistol Concept

      A generic flintlock pistol...

      FYI: During the time I thought of these weapons, I didn't know how recoil worked, so I'm just gonna say that both will have BFG-style recoil.

      I just decided that the Brown Bess will be Rank 78, and that the Flintlock will be Rank 111.

      To comply with my major idea concerning the three factions, the Brown Bess will belong to the Phantoms and Spirits, and because it is generic, the Flintlock will be owned by all three factions.

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    • This is just one suggestion that I would like to see in the game. The .45 ACP Derringer Damage - 40-25 Firerate - 700 Rounds - 2/40 Walkspeed - 15 (it's kinda tiny) Firerate - Semi/Double Burst Head Multiplier - 1.5 Torso Multiplier - 1.2 Ammo Type - .45 ACP (It's in the name...) Penetration - Maybe 1 Stud Rank - Around Late 30's - 40's

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    • ehhhhhhhhhh i'm not sure if this is a good suggestion but i think guns that require a ton of skill to use like M231, DB shotgun, ZIP 22, M107...should give double the experience (kill from a distance and suppressed enemy won't be doubled) just to increase the satisfiness. However, this point increase does not work in kill confirm and capture the flag as it will ruin the point of those game modes which are PFTO.

      i came up with this suggestion when i read the Dragunov SVD-S and DB shotgun, i thought those guns were high-skill cap weapon but i wondered an average player would choose them over some lower-skill weapon like KSG-12 or L115A3...

      should KS-23M be rebalance???? >:3

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    • Satisfiness?

      Also, how is the L11 a low skill weapon?

      Anyway, one thing I think should be changed is the fact that melees can headshot and . In the case of the knife, It can already 1-shot backstab, So why have the ability to headshot too?

      Also, melee collaterals seem a little wacky to me. Maybe have melee damage be decreased slightly if multiple targets are being hit?

      Do shotguns REALLY need to have suppressors available to them? Technically speaking, A suppressor doesn't work on a shotgun. (Excluding the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor.) Logic aside, if a shotgun has so much knockdown capability as they currently do, then a suppressor is essentially an upgrade with little to no downsides. Yes, it weakens the pellets, lowers range, and slows velocity. But typically, depending on the range, Enough pellets are going to hit the target to drop it. Velocity doesn't really matter on a shotty, so we aren't really going into that since you typically should be staying relatively close to mid range while using a shotty, so it is seen as trivial.

      Also, it's satisfaction.

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    • @CaptainTryhard

      The L115A3 used to be the top-tier sniper rifle in the game. As fast as the Mosin without the awkward downsides, while keeping a 1HK to the chest. It's more balanced now, though.

      I do agree that being quickly knifed in the head is bs, but I think that it'd make more sense to penalize the user for using melee as a primary option. How about removing the ability to sprint, jump, change stance, or slide while mid-animation? 

      Melee collaterals should only be a thing for the Chosen One, two-handed blades, and the sledgehammer.

      Again, my opinion, I think that shotguns should have suppressors, but not the ones already being used for ARs. Shotgun-unique suppressors like the  A-12. 

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    • more on shotgun supressors. considering that most of a shotguns projectiles (except slugs and sabot rounds) are already sub sonic, lets make it so that you still get detected on radar up to 85 studs away but you have a much quieter weapon. Makes it hard to track you down in a CQC environment as you will most likely kill your target before they can check the radar and not to mention other ppl will most likely try to listen first then look at radar, by then you have already reloacted or killed them also.

      oh and technically you can use normal supressors on shotguns, you just need a shell that holds all the pellets together in a sabot (sort of like a cup in 2 pieces that is held together by the barrel walls) until it exits. It also works with supressors because as long as there is something holding the 2 halves together in the supressor (which are the baffles but they need to be the right size).

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    • @Sojitsu

      For some melees, I agree with your statement on that certain melees can hit collaterals. The reason I mentioned this is because of those bs situations where a rank 20 hits a multi-head collat with the Karambit.

      I also agree with your statement on the suppressors. Maybe if Stylis created 2-3 suppressors SPECIFICALLY balanced for shotguns then it would be good. Suppressors in their current states just aren't properly balanced for shotguns.

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    • Nobody has replied to this thread for days, so I'm just going to share a picture I made relating to my idea concerning the Phantom Forces Timeline.

      From Sea to Shining Sea

      An American propaganda poster from during the World War.

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    • How about a mainstream pistol suggestion, since we haven't had one of those in a while?

      FN Hi Power
      FN Herstal Browning Hi Power / L9A1

      Class: Pistol 

      Damage: 35 -> 20

      Range: 50 -> 90 studs

      Rate of Fire: 650 RPM

      Velocity: 1,750 Stud/s

      Ammo: 13 (+1)/ 104 9x19mm 

      The Browning Hi Power is a semi automatic pistol that was popular back in the Second World War, and is still popular today. A 9mm handgun that features a slightly increased muzzle velocity, higher-end damage for its' caliber, and a generous 3HK range, all courtesy of its' locked-breech system. 

      Of course, there would be downsides. The Hi Power's magazine disconnect safety causes the trigger pull to be heavy, leading to a lowered rate of fire. The magazine size is also quite low for a 9mm handgun, sitting at only 13 rounds in a magazine. Not to mention a tad more felt recoil than expected from a modern-day pistol.

      Overall, a very well-rounded, semi automatic pistol that would work great in the hands of anyone. 

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    • Very good idea.


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    • Russian pistol? How about two?

      Makarov pm
      PM Makarov

      Semi Automatic Pistol

      Damage: 34 -> 20

      Range: 35 -> 60 studs

      Rate of Fire: 780

      Ammunition: 8 (+1)/ 104 

      An iconic Russian pistol and a bright red symbol of the Cold War, the Makarov is a single-stack, blowback operated, semi automatic pistol. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, it is a very practical pistol. The light weight means faster handling overall, such as better mobility, superior ADS and reload speeds, and snappy, low recoil. 

      Of course, we can't ignore the elephant in the room. Its' low, 9x18mm caliber plagues it with lower-than-average damage and range, and the single stack magazines prevent it from having a large capacity to make up for its damage, unlike the G17 or M9. At least you have a hundred rounds in the reserve. And with only 8 rounds in a magazine, running out of ammo on the Makarov won't be a problem. 

      A lightweight, mobile, easy to control pistol with a small magazine size and poor range. A great finisher, and is deadly in the hands of fast players.

      Mp443 grach
      MP-443 Grach

      Semi Automatic Pistol

      Damage: 35 -> 20

      Range: 45 -> 80 studs

      Rate of Fire: 600 RPM

      Ammunition: 18 (+1)/ 90

      A more modern Russian pistol that is currently in use by their Special Forces, and limited use elsewhere. Polymer grip, double-stack magazines, 9mm cartridge, ambidextrous controls; it is the recipe of a modern-day pistol.  Average damage, but with a slightly increased damage range, and a larger magazine size than most of the other 9mm choices. 

      A unique property I found while looking this weapon up was that it was double action, and not DA/SA like most modern-day pistols. As a result, the rate of fire is slightly lower than the other 9mm pistols, but still fast enough to put enemies down. The lowered rate of fire also means the weapon has more time to recover after every shot, making your groupings rather tight.

      An overall balanced pistol with improved range and increased capacity at the cost of a lower rate of fire. 

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    • Very nice. This should be included in my current WIP project concerning the three factions (organizing their starter weapons).

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    • Vhfegi...what? Why do we need more pistols? We need more Other weapons. There are a lot of pistols already

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    • @Twinkbunsthe7th Not really, no. We don't need a lot of other weapons. Pistols come in abundance, and we need pistol diversity. Right now, pistols don't play a big part in PF; it's the revolvers, machine pistols, and other weapons that hog the spotlight, with the Zip 22 and DEagle being the exceptions, as they are meme-tier weapons. 

      We don't necessarily need more Other weapons. Each one plays a very niche role, and is unique. There isn't much to work with, either; Sawed offs and mini weapons are all we have to work with, as anything else usually becomes a primary or machine pistol. Maybe an improvised weapon? Those are in abundance in third world countries and would make for great weapons in PF.

      For me, personally, I just see a lot of wasted potential. There are so many pistols out there that deserve attention and we're only seeing the likes of the M9 and 1911 in every FPS game ever. I'd also like to see stuff like snub-nosed revolvers and more practical, everyday, compact pistols as a CQC option. 

      And if you think that they're all pretty much the same, since they're all 9x19mm or .45 ACP with pretty much the same characteristics, look at how StyLis has balanced 16 different select fire, 30 round magazine, closed-bolt, intermediate caliber weapons that are all in the same class. 

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    • @Sojitsu

      Yeah. We need more pistols. There are so many that are simply being looked over. For example, there's the Sig P320, P226, SilencerCo Maxim 9, Lower bore axis guns, etc. We need more of these. instead of the typical high-power revolver with wack recoil and 1SK head capabilities, (Mateba, Redhawk, Executioner, I'm talking to you.) can we see some variety and modern military weapons?

      It doesn't even have to be Handguns. Where is the FMG-9? The Striker? The M249 SAW? Martini-Henry rifle? Sig MCX? GSH-18? 500 Magnum? (For the memes) UZI? (Should be on the way) M1 Garand?

      Give me the SAW or give me death.

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    • Another question is


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    • @Raider2747 We're not in desperate need of the Olyympia, seeing as it's also a double barrel shotgun. 

      We have the modernized version of the PSG-1 in the game, the MSG90. 

      The CAWS? Actually i kinda want that now. 

      StyLis probably won't be adding guns that are similar to other guns unless that gun has a special characteristic, is heavily requested, is iconic, or if it's an exception to their list.

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    • Realistic shotgun  nerf

      literally just remove the mechanic that a pellet always hit what you are aiming at

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    • I don't think we have that at the moment. Do we?

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    • @Sojitsu a while back they added that at least one pellet will hit where you aim with shotties, I had to check a pdf doc to see the change, they sorta slipped it in.

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    • They did it a while back, but then they removed the feature again.

      Also, off topic, but the AA-12 with drums is the closest we can get to a heavy machine gun, sadly.

      M2HB when

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    • Buff mp5 the aku12 is literally better at being an mp5 than an mp5

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    • Oh damn that’s true. But the MP5 is lighter and faster. And the closest thing we can get to a heavy machine gun ISNT the AA-12. It’s the M60

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    • But the AA-12 is CQB only, like how a HMG handheld would be (try sniping while hipfiring a M2HB lmao), it deals in 1-2 hit kills up close, and it has a slow fire rate that chug chugs, more so than the M60, so H A.

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    • @CamaroKidBB AA-12 with slugs? Then yeah

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    • I spent a REALLY long time on this.

      Armor vests, Helmets, Shields. All the things.

      If any sound OP to you, then aim for the head, dummy.

      I'm making a little revision to Sojitsu's armor suggestion at the very top of this thread.

      Notes: AP rounds completely negate armor; HP rounds are incredibly ineffective with torso shots. Headshots completely mitigate armor. Armor applies to arms and legs, however using HP rounds will counteract this.

      Flak Jacket - Provides no ballistic protection. This vest reduces explosive damage by a substantial margin. Wearer loses 1 of their frag grenades and 1 magazine on their secondary. Very small movement reduction.

      Mag Vest - No protection granted. Gives the wearer 4 extra magazines for PDWs, Carbines, Rifles, Battle Rifles, and 2 additional mags for All LMGs excluding the M60, HK21 and MG3KWs, and one extra frag. Somewhat hefty decrease in movement speed. 1 mag decrease for secondaries.

      Kevlar Vest - Light, mobile vest intended for agressive use. Grants 1 extra magazine for SMGs. Only has an impact on SMGs. SMGs require 1 extra bullet to kill up close. At long range, 2-3 more rounds may be required. Backstabs no longer 1 shot you, but still do damage. Slightly reduces movement speed. PDWs such as the MP7 and P90 are not effected by this armor

      Plate Carrier - Medium vest for semi-agressive play. Grants 1 extra magazine for Rifles, Battle Rifles, and Carbines. Has the same effects on SMGs as the aformentioned, except it also applies to the MP7 and P90. Takes 1 extra shot to kill within the Maximum damage range. Takes 2-3 extra shots to kill within minimum damage ranges, depending on the gun. Moderate movement speed decrease.

      Heavy Plate Rig - Heavy vest for more passive play. Grants 1 extra magazine for DMRs, Magazine-fed LMGs, (SAWs/LSWs) and Battle Rifles. 3 STK increase for SMGs and PDWs. Can be upwards of a 9SK for SMGs/PDWs at long range. 2-3 STK increase for Rifles, Carbines, LMGs, BRs, and some DMRs. .50 BMG rifles cannot 1SK to the torso with this armor. Slightly slowed ADS speed. Substantial decrease in mobility, comparable to the M60 or MG3KWS. Makes a loud, distinctive sound when moving. The Rainbow Six Siege shield character moving sound, if you will.

      Here are some other ideas for protective gear.

      Bulletproof Helmet - Simple bulletproof helmet. Reverts any headshot multiplier to 1.0 EXCLUDING sniper rifles and higher-power DMRs.

      Tactical Mask - Strong suppression resistance. Decreases the opacity of smoke grenades, (Assuming they are added.) 


      Light Riot Shield - Simple shield prioritizing mobility and visibility over protection. This shield is made of polycarbonate, so obstructions are minimal. Blocks all of the following cartridges: .22 Long Rifle, 9mm Parabellum, .45 ACP, .10mm auto, 5.7x28mm, 4.6x30mm, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .454 Casull, 7.62x25mm Tokarev, Buckshot, and Birdshot. Slugs are also stopped, but due to the intense power of these rounds, slight damage is still done. All other cartridges penetrate the shield and do damage at a reduced amount. The user can carry a Handgun (no Other weapons) with the shield up. However, the user sacrifices 1 magazine. Bringing the gun to an ADS position reveals the user's head and most of the user's legs. The ADS time is also slowed, but not terribly slow. Reload speeds are also increased by a small amount. when sprinting, the shield is kept up in the protective position. AP rounds can penetrate the shield, doing decreased yet sufficient damage. Flechettes will penetrate the shield. Makes a distinctive clunking sound, but is not as loud as the stronger shields. Melee stikes are not possible with any of the shields out. Switching to your pistol while the shield is equipped will simply put away the shield and give you standard mobility.

      Medium Ballistic Shield - Bulletproof steel shield rated for intermediate cartridges. Shield covers the same amount of space as the Light Shield. This shield has improved protection, being able to stop intermediate rounds such as 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62x39mm Russian, 9x39mm SP, and .300 AAC Blackout. 7.62x51mm NATO rounds do not penetrate, but do slight damage because of their sheer power. Mobility is strongly inhibited, having a movement speed similar to the M60 or MG3KWS. Visibility is strongly inhibited as well, only having a small bulletproof glass pane to see though. Handguns can be used, but Aiming down sights exposes the head and knees thighs down. The user loses 1 magazine and a frag. ADS speed is very slow, comparable to the Intervention. Putting away and pulling out the shield consists of a lengthy animation. Flechettes will penetrate the shield. Makes a distinctive clunking sound while moving. Switching to your pistol while the shield is equipped will simply put away the shield and give you standard mobility.

      Heavy "Le Roc" Ballistic Shield - Massive, high protection shield. Practically a moveable wall. This shield sacrifices a MASSIVE amount of mobility, as in not being able to sprint, crouch, or prone while the shield is active, in turn gaining full-body protection that can be used to escort teammates with great visibility. This shield can stop Flechettes, 7.62x51mm NATO, .50 Beowulf, .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Win Mag (I don't think there are any of these, but still), 7.62x54mm Russian, .376 Steyr, and .45-70 Government. .50 BMG will penetrate the shield with reduced damage done. Landing a headshot with a .50 BMG rifle through the shield will result in a 1SK. All sniper cartridges (.338 Lapua, .300 Win Mag, 7.62x54mm Russian, .376 Steyr, and even .45-70 even though it isn't a sniper cartridge) will penetrate the shield at reduced damage if AP rounds are equipped. Secondaries cannot be wielded while the shield is being used, however they are still used as a traditional secondary. The weapon switching time from the shield to a Secondary is painfully slow, being over 1 second. Sprinting is possible while the secondary is equipped. Moving with this shield makes a distinctive clunking sound. And yes, I did get this from R6.

      Honestly, I don't feel like these would be a good addition to PF. This is just how I would go about it if it was going to be a thing. Most of these descriptions are a rough draft that could be improved. If you read the whole thing, props to you, my man.

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    • This is very cool, but what if it worked on a mechanic already in-game, penetration. Instead of stopping certain calibers and explosions, it just adds a layer of studs, meaning that a 1.0 stud vest will protect against anything that has less than 1.0 stud penetration? Plus this will make coding a HECK of alot easier

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    • @Captain Tryhard Spending long amounts of time on simply writing suggestions, like what me and a few other people do, means that you're actually trying to keep things balanced. I commend you for that. 

      I like the idea of Flak Jacket. I see how you combined my previous ballistic protection vests with additional ammunition bonuses, and that's pretty cool since mags now come as part of a package deal, but that's why I didn't do that. I wanted to make reserve ammunition customizable in a seperate slot, with each extra magazine adding more weight, and the wearing of belts around the neck the only way for belt-fed LMGs to have more than two spare belts. 

      Bullet-resistant helmets are heavy IRL, and most helmets issued are to block shrapnel and debris. If this bulletproof helmet was to be added, it should decrease look and ADS speed. 

      Tactical mask seems alright to me. Maybe decreased field of vision as a trade?

      The light riot shield should only succeed in blocking everything lower than .45 ACP, melee hits, and maybe those shotgun rounds. Everything higher than .357 Magnum will punch right through, and the main purpose of the shield is crowd control. 

      The medium ballistic shield is pretty good. Pretty balanced.

      Ah, Le Roc. I have very fond memories with Le Roc. I like how the only thing that can penetrate it is .50 BMG and maybe .408 CheyTac. 

      The vests could be added as a seperate slot, and maybe the headgear too (really liked these concepts btw. might add them to a big suggestion list), and the shields as equipment that also replace things. When I was typing this up, I looked at ammo reserves and wanted to do something about it, but not with the vests. I was thinking as a slider that increases weight as you increase spare mags. Thanks for taking all this time to reply to this really old suggestion.

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    • @Sojitsu 

      I forgot to mention .408 CheyTac? Dang it. I went all-out on the cartridges.

      That ammunition slider does seem like a pretty interesting idea. But, when you get a weapon like the L86 LSW, M60, or MG3 things could get pretty wacky in terms of balance. Movement speeds could be slower than Montagne or have sooper beefy ammunition reserves.

      Adding the vests to a seperate slot of their own could be bad if a user can carry a shield with it. You'd either need to pick one or the other.

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    • @Captain Tryhard 

      I was actually writing up a suggestion with the slider before I replied to you, I'll post it in a few hours when I finish. 

      I think that having both a vest and the shield allow for maximum protection, but minimum firepower, stealth and mobility. You become a walking fortress just waiting for a .50 BMG rifle to end your suffering.

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    • @Sojitsu

      I don't know if having a vest and a shield would be a great combo. Yes, you can take loads of bullets, but I don't know if it would be balanced if they were able to be used together. this could lead to wonky camping instances where Jim finds a nice, clean corner with his Level 2 shield and level 3 vest and crouches there, waiting. LieutenantTryhard comes around the corner with his M249 SAW and sprays Jim, but he's unscathed. Jim hits a Deagle spam headshot. I think camping could be a probable issue with armor, since holding still would mean the user isn't making any noise. No indicators, no way of knowing armored users are there. The implementation of ballistic shields/vests would need to be carefully balanced and monitored in order to prevent spam and cheese instances. When you consider Stylis's track record when it comes to balancing things, it doesn't look like it would be pretty. 

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    • can be balanced by the fact with shield equipped you cannot use any weapon when in conjuction with armor. realistic reasoning is that the shield already limits the space you can weild a gun now with cumbersome armor you have even less space between yourself and the shield to use a gun. plus trying to aim a gun from the side of the shield is a no go as the armor obstructs movement or stretching to a large degree, making even using pistols impossible.

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    • @CaptainTryHard the only shields that allow use of pistols are the ones that leave the legs and some of the head exposed. Yes, camping will be inevitable, but the ones camping will never be of value to the team. Armor and shields already do make quite a bit of clanking noise and are hard to move around quickly in.

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    • @Sojitsu

      I know the only shields that allow a pistol to be used with the shield up are the level 1 and 2 shields. The Level 1 covers the head, but is relatively weak, as it only stops pistol rounds, buckshot, and birdshot. If this shield exposed part of the head, it would be kind of useless. I still think shields could lead to select cheese situations where a camper bullet sponges another player and hits them with an essentially unfair advantage. It wouldn't be good for the team, but since when did PF players EVER care about team play?

      Also, if a user is camping on TDM or possibly KC, then technically they are being helpful to the team.

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    • @Captain Tryhard

      Yes, cheesey situations are inevitable, but shields, specifically the polycarbonate riot shield and the ballistic shield, are beaten by large caliber, giving players more reason to sacrifice recoil control instead of them hiding behind their HK416s. The one behind the shield, again, is limited in mobility, field of view, and in the case of the polycarbonate riot, has no gun to shoot back with. 

      The polycarbonate riot shield is all-clear and is mainly used to counter melee users and small-caliber rounds, and draw fire. 

      There are going to be downsides to just having the shield in your inventory. I'm still typing it up. 

      If someone with thick armor and a shield is camping on the objective, frag grenade his ass and quickly follow it up with large-caliber fire. 

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    • More easter egg weapons

      The M6D should be a great one to start with

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    • @Sojitsu I'm talking about the M90 CAWS.

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    • Here's an idea.

      This idea is a nice little quirk to using a laser sight. Pressing T will make the character cant the rifle to the position of a canted sight, but will keep the gun in a hip position, but will have the same recoil as standard ADS. Basically the same thing as the T firemode for LMGs, but can be applied to any weapon if a laser is used.

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    • @Raider2747 Ah, then nevermind. The HK CAWS would've been better, as it actually is a kind of shotgun we don't have.

      @Captain Tryhard Ah, like we've seen in the new MW trailer? Maybe not, since it's just a laser point and not supposed to function as the beam it currently is.

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    • @Sojitsu Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes, I got that from the MW trailer. It looks like it could be pretty fun.

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    • add leaning. this will really force the rush B ppl to rethink their strategy especially when in a hallway map such as prison. downside to leaning is you can only do it next to a corner and cannot move much while doing so. activated by ADS next to a corner.

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    • I don't know about that.

      If not implemented correctly, there could be some hitreg issues.

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    • your head and one of your shoulders will always stick out with some torso

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    • oh and on russian weapon problems of most being AK variants, just add a TKB-517 or the TKB-059 (sarcastically)

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      Leaning couldn't happen, unless it's contextual leaning. Q and E are already bound to some pretty important controls. 

      @Captain Tryhard Yeah, I want some of that too. Thing is, lasers don't act like that. 

      Maybe if we had night vision goggles, and the green laser acts as an AN/PEQ device and emits a beam visible to friendlies and enemies for balance, and we have that canted aim mode and only some optics would work with NVGs, then maybe we could have that.

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    • Maybe a recon drone that automatically spot enemies and outline them

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    • Body Armour

      Level 1 

      Provides 0.75 studs of protection. Most pistols, shotguns and PDWs are unable to penetrate. No visible effect on ADS, walkspeed slightly reduced. Light grey in color. Unlocks at rank 10

      Level 2

      Provides 1.5 studs of protection. Most assualt rifles and carbines unable to penetrate. ADS slightly reduced, walkspeed reduced. Grey in color. Unlocks at rank 60

      Level 3

      Provides 2.5 studs of protection. Majority of weaponry unable to penetrate. ADS heavily decreased, walkspeed heavily decreased. Black in color. Unlocks at rank 110

      If you penetrate the body armour,  you get a 0.1x multiplier increase, due to the bullet expanding as it puches through the armor. Armor only covers the torso front and back, sides are open. This form of armor provides great protection, but punishes the user if it is penetrated. All armor will bring the shotgun scourge crashing to a halt, as CQB one shots will be very difficult. Guns like the P90 and Five-Seven will be a more viable choice. HP and AP rounds will  fit their niches, HP for limb and headshots, AP for penetrating armor.

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    • @1Phronesis

      Yay, you've joined the Body Armour discussion! :D

      Level 2 should be unlocked by default, followed by level 1, and then level 3, as the equipment a player should have should be as intuitive as possible at the lower ranks, and the rank unlocks should be lower, so the good armour isn't exclusive to the higher ranks. 10-20-30 maybe?

      The ability to not wear armour at all for mobility should be a thing too. 

      The higher level of ballistic protection, the lower the walkspeed, the louder the movement, the slower recovery from sliding, jumping, diving, etc. 

      I also really like how only the front and back are armoured. That's a detail I forgot to include.

      Also, since the entire plate is essentially punching you when it stops or slows down a bullet, how about increased flinch when shot? The higher the protection, the less flinch as long as it doesn't penetrate.

      I'm still working on a total weight suggestion.

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    • PSM pistol, SUPREME penetration. basically ZIP reskin with penetration rivaling or even exceeding that of AR's (no kidding that thing can punch through a sheet of titanium and 25 layers of kevlar at close range, even rifles struggle to reach this amount of penetration at similar ranges.)

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    • Guy: jumps me

      Me: whips out PSM and fires

      Guy: explodes

      How is that a self-defence weapon? I understand it was made for law enforcement in the USSR (hail Stalin) but even so, that thing would be dangerous. Shoot somone, brain explode, mega Oof. That makes it more powerful than a sniper rifle.

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    • Oh and also:

      Body armor and stuff should be unlocked at rank 20, since it gives a pretty big advantage over other players. And what does it cover? The entire body, like a raid suit, or just a helmet? Instead of providing protecting and coding a completely new script for that, simply use hidden health points. The possibilities are endless tho.

      Extra ammo pockets

      Special equipment

      Ability to customise your body armor parts, in the same way somone would open a case and get a special skin.

      Night vision goggles

      Ballistic masks

      Yea wow a ,out of possibilities. But to even out the game, they should come with disadvantages too.

      Weight you down, so you move slower (heaviest armor is like carrying an LMG)

      Armor also protects certain parts of the body, (chest, arms, legs, back) while leaving other spots exposed (abdomen, back of legs, head).

      High rank to unlock

      Ballistic masks can be unlocked at either a very high rank (130?) OR be rolled in a case unlock.

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