• TAR-21


    Weapon Class : Carbine

    Rank 55 Damage 30>19

    Rate of Fire 750 RPM

    Magazine Size 30,31 witih round in chamber

    Ammo Reserve 120

    Fire Modes : Auto & Semi

    Ammo Type : 5.56x45mm NATO

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    • TAR-21 has 900 RPM (same as the in-game FAMAS because for some reasons StyliS doesn't want the FAMAS to have 1100 RPM)

      It has full length barrel > 20 long range damage and classified as AR

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    • Up the damage and firerate

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    • Dude you have bad grammar,you said 

      "This is add gun TAR-21"

      It must be

      "Add this gun TAR-21"

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    • A FANDOM user
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