• Suggest me what type of attachments is best for an Assault Rifle. Ok Thanks!

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    • Sight: Personal Preference

      Grip: Angled or Vertical Grip

      Barrel: Compensator

      Other: Green Laser 

      My default loadout.

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    • Sights with magnification between 1.5 or 2.5 should be a safe bet (Doesn't apply to weapons like the AN-94 or other specialist ARs)

      Grips: Folding or Angled

      Barrel: Muzzle Break or Compensator should work (depends on the AR's recoil)

      Others: Green Laser or AP rounds (if you're struggling with hitting consistent headshots at range with an AR to reduce the TTK, doesn't apply with SCAR-L or L85A2 or any AR that could 4SK at longer ranges)

      That's my M16A3 loadout. Works wonder. Compensator if I'm using AKM.

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    • Depend on your weapon. What assault rifle is it? I’d recommend the FAMAS, although many AKs are good. My FAMAS loaduout consists of:

      Optics: Barska Elekro Barrel: Muzzle Brake Underbarrel: Vertical Grip Other: red laser

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    • If you were to use specialist ARs for longer ranges, such as SCAR-L, L85A2 or AN-94, then considering using Magnified Scopes (between the magnification of 3.0 to 4.0), I'd recommend using the TA01 ACOG (due to it having good magnification and comes with back-up iron sights above it in case of a CQC confrontation, saving an attachment slot for lasers). However using normal Red Dot Sights are perfectly fine. 

      In the case of the L85A2, using medium-powered scopes like the ACOG will need some help from Folding/Angled and the Muzzle Break due to it having recoil expected from a typical AR to balance it's ranged damage and firepower of the eqivalent of the AK-12. If it's not enough then use normal RDS. 

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