• ARC92 Railgun

    ARC-920 Railgun

    class wepon : sniper

    ammo 5/20 damage 100>98

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    • No more BFG clones.

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    • why admin add gun M107

      Phantom Forces Bata : Barrett M82A1

      Phantom Forces Today : M107

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    • so why admin don't add Railgun :(

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    • Railgun is actually a thing back during the Base Luna event. Also if it were to be re-added, then the damage and muzzle velocity basically sit on every single sniper rifle. 

      Also the M107's concept is already trash, and the gun is basically BFG and a Semi-Auto weapon (MK11) combined together. 

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    • That’s a railgun

      A railgun is a supercharged hell of a bullet

      I reckon it would weight more than a mini gun, with all the batteries and loads and crap. Anyway there was a useable railgun in the Luna map, and that was too powerful. Instant kill, travels instantly to target, wow

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    • Add the base luna railgun, just give it HECTATE II level walkspeed, and 4500 studs per second velocity. Also no ammo pickups

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    • 1) Horrible idea, cause the weapons featured in the game can all be found in real life

      2) We had that during the Rouge One (Base Luna) event, where you can get the railgun in specific hiding spots

      3) Another BFG clone, I'm alrealy happy with the Hecate and the M107, but the railgun is practically a M107 remodel and reskin

      4) Not alot of people would use it due to the physical nature of a railgun, which speeds up a slug due to an electrical current flowing through one rod to another, which means that you need a power source and specialised bullets, making it one of the rarest bullets found in the game, making it unnapealing to some pro players

      5) As far as I'm aware, the devs have nothing to do in the fandom server but are more active within the Discord Server, but they will most likely turn down your idea due to the said afformentioned pointers

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    • hate admin >:(

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    • A FANDOM user
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