• So I know that everyone wants an M1 Garand added as a Battle Rifle/DMR, and I think a good secondary for it would be the Colt M1611, with similar stats to the M45A1, but with lower capacity and higher recoil?

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    • I would be open for the M1 Garand, what are it's stats?

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    • Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I wasn't expecting replies so quick.

      Here are my proposed stats:

       Damage and Range:

       Fire Rate: 180 r/m
       Effective Fire Rate: 102 r/m

       Muzzle Velocity: 2800 f/s
       Capacity: 8 
       Reserve: 56

       Headshot Multiplier: x2
       Torso Multiplier: x1.5    

       Unlock Rank: 100?

       An American semi-automatic rifle from the 30's. Excellent mid-to-long-ranged preformance, at the expense of short-ranged preformance. Fires 8 rounds in an en bloc clip, not capable of a tactical reload (for balance purposes). Makes a distinct 'Ping' when the clip is ejected, putting the user on radar for anyone within 30 studs.

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    • I'd say that's a decent idea, but how high are the multipliers?

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    • They are listed as the third to last entry.

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    • WA2000? I brought up the idea a few days ago but never to make stats.

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    • Needle gun would be a good idea 

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    • WA2000? I would agree it's being added if it wasn't for the SVDS. 

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    • I do like the needle gun idea though...

      I must argue that some people are against the Garand because the Mosin is already there, so I wouldnt be against the WA2000, give me a little while (a couple days, lol) and Ill propose some stats

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