This tutorial shows some info on Phantom Forces. It also shows some tactics, HOW-TOs, and buttons.

This is tutorial's main purpose is to share information for new players.

Game Navigation

This part is where you know how to start the game, switch weapons, attachments, and class.


Menu HUD - Shows everything. Gun customization, stats, and info. It also shows upon death or force respawning. Sometimes, the HUD Design changes.

  1. Tutor1
    Deploy- Spawns you onto the battlefield. An easier way to spawn in is by tapping on the space bar.
  2. Squad Deploy- Shows all your teammates. By clicking their name on the right, you may see in what location they are in and what they are doing. If they are alive, their name will be in a light grey and it will say "READY", If they are "IN COMBAT" meaning that they are getting shot at by enemies, you will not be able to spawn on them until they aren't getting shot at, or the enemies are dead. If they are dead or in the menu hub, it will show up in dark grey and it will say "NOT READY" in red. People that don't want people to spawn on them will be in a light black and the green box will turn grey. You may also do this by right-clicking on people you don't want spawning on you.
  3. Weapon Loadout- Clicking on this allows you to customize your set up.
  4. Case Inventory- You can buy cases and keys for skins here. You may also sell skins here.
  5. Customize- You can customize and buy a tag that will appear in front of your name.
  6. Buy Credits- Buy credits with ROBUX.
  7. Settings- The game settings.
  8. Player info- Displays your name, KDR, rank, total deaths and kills, and total XP.
  9. Login Bonus- A timer that once it reaches 00:00:00, it will give you either a case or a key for free.
  10. Current Loadout- Shows your present and what weapons you are equipped with.
  11. Match Info- Displays the current map and gamemode. In between matches, it will display the word INTERMISSION.
  12. Credits- In-game currency; used for buying weapons, attachments, cases, keys, and more.
  13. Server Version- Displays the current server version.
  14. Tutor2
    Class Presets- There are 4 types of presets: Assault, Scout, Support, and Recon. Each has 4 classes.
  15. Weapons- Allows you to check out your selected weapons. (Equipment does not have anything at the moment). You may only choose 1 of each (1 Primary, 1 Secondary, etc.)
  16. Weapon Classes- Every preset has 4 gun classes: Carbine, Shotgun, Marksman, and a respective class. The respective classes are Assault Rifles, PDWs, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles.
  17. Gun List- Displays all weapons in a class. Weapons available to you will be shown in a light grey. Weapons that you have not unlocked will be shown in a darker grey and will have a lock symbol to the right. You may buy weapons early by using credits.
  18. Gun Customization- Allows you to customize your gun. Clicking Attachments will bring you to a menu which allows you to put attachments on your gun. Clicking Weapons Skin will bring you to a menu where you can put on a skin to your weapon if you have it.
  19. Advanced Info- Gives more detailed information about your gun.
  20. Gun info- Shows what rank the gun is unlocked at, the total amount of kills you have with it, attachments you have on it, the amount of damage it can do, the firerate, a graph showing how much damage it can do in a certain distance, and its accuracy.
  21. Current Gun- Displays what your gun looks like.
  22. Slots 1&2- Lets you choose where you want a skin to be put on a gun.
  23. Edit Skin- If a skin has a " * " after its name or it says customizable, you may customize what it will look like. You may change its color, material, the image length and width, and its transparency.
  24. Skins- Shows a list of the skins you have unlocked.
  25. Inventory- Shows all the skins, cases, and keys you have.
  26. Buy Cases and Keys- You can buy cases and keys. There are 5 types of tiers that may choose from. With cases, you are able to assign a weapon to it, meaning that once you open that case, the skin you get is guaranteed to be for that weapon.
  27. Trade-Ins- You may trade in unwanted skins here. They must be of the same type(common, uncommon, etc.) and the same case. 3 skins and you may get 1 different type of skin of the same commonality. 6 skins and you may get 1 skin of a higher commonality (ex. 6 commons to 1 uncommon)
  28. Item Search- Allows you to search for a key, case or skin.
  29. Inventory Display- On the bottom right, it will show how many pages of skins, cases, and keys you have. It shows everything you have.
  30. Case Opening- Once you click on a case or key you have and you have a case or key of the same type, you may open the case. On the left, it will show the percentage of what type of skin you will get. Legendaries are skins for knives. You may skip the spinning process. Once you get the skin, you may equipt it.
  31. Tutor6
    Edit Tags- You may customize and buy a tag.
  32. In Progress- Tags that are in the process of being edited.
  33. Editor- You may change what the tag says and what color it is. You may buy it here.


34. Kill Feed- Shows kills made by your team and the enemies for the current match and from how far. A head in red crosshairs means a headshot kill.

35. Map- Shows the gamemode, the timer (which always counts down from 15:00, the amount of points/kills both teams have (GT stands for Ghosts PN stands for Phantoms), and the map. The blue dot is you, green dots are your allies and red dots are enemies.

36. Chat - Shows messages sent by others. To post a message, Type "/" for  a chat. Type "/" and "%" for a team chat.

38. Feed- Shows who you killed with what weapon, if you made an assist, if you are capturing or captured an objective, or if someone that you spotted was killed.

39. Radar Alert- If you fire a gun without a silencer, a message will appear in yellow saying "On Radar". If you were spotted by an enemy, in red it will say "SPOTTED", and if you are hiding and no enemies are looking at your direction in green it will say "HIDING".

40. Ammo Meter- Shows both magazine size and ammo reserve, fire mode, grenade count, and health meter.

41. a) Teammate- They will show up as blue dots. Once you get close enough, You will be able to see their name and health meter.

b) Enemy- They will show up as red dots. Like your teammates, once you get close enough you will be able to see their name, but unlike your teammates, you cant see their health meter. When using ballistic tracker, once aiming you will see a yellow diamond on top of their head, fire at that to make a headshot.


42. Death Info- Once you die to an enemy, a box will appear showing their name, rank, health, and what gun they used to kill you along with which attachments.

43. Leaderboard- Pressing TAB will make the leaderboard show up. It will show everyone's name, rank, kills, deaths, kill streak, KDR, and score. You climb the leaderboard by getting points, not kills.

44. After Match Announcements- After a match ends, 2-3 messages pop up. It will show if your team was defeated or if they were victorious, the gamemode, and a random quote message. If you are victorious, a message will pop up with a prize for


winning (case or key).

Once you level up, a message will show showing your new rank, how many credits you will get, and the guns you unlocked (if there are any guns that you can unlock)

Game Controls


  • WASD - Move
  • ⇧ Shift + WASD - Sprint
  • C - Crouch/Prone
  • X - Stand-up
  • Space - Jump
  • Control (^ Ctrl) - Prone

Aiming and Using of Gun

  • Drag Mouse - Move Player
  • Left Click(LMB) - Fire 
  • Right Click (RMB or Q - Aim Gun
  • Hold ⇧ Shift - Steady gun (snipers)
  • V - Change firemode / use dropped gun
  • H - Inspect gun
  • R - Reload


  • 1 - Primary Weapon
  • 2 - Secondary Weapon
  • Mouse wheel - Primary and Secondary
  • 3 - Knife
  • G - Grenade
  • Hold G - to hold grenade
  • F - Take out knife
  • Hold F - Equip Knife


  • ⇧ Shift + X - Dive
  • Z + Z + Space bar - Super Jump
  • F5 - Suicide
  • E - Spot

Seperate Guides

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  • The more you level up the less the price is for a gun in credits.

Kills Required + 200 = Initial Price

  • To calculate how many kills you need to unlock the attachment,

Price - 200 = # of kills required

    • To calculate your Kill-Death Ratio:

Kills ÷ Death = KDR

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