aka Billy Bean

  • I live in Macedonia,no other information is needed to kidnap me
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is doing random mayhem and trolling and making my friends hate me lol
  • I am hakr(is what i get called)

Some stuff about meh

To be fair,u can call me the HK21 master.

I am rank 185,with no life of course.

My name is NOT Billy Bean,tho i like to eating jelly beans.

I prefer to use a more frontline type of playstyle,due to a curse i have.

The curse is,wherever i am,when somebody sees me,and theres a teamate next to him,HE WILL KILL ME.

So,i tend to use suppressed weapons,LMG's and shotguns.

And no i am not Billy Bean that is a American professional baseball player no what are you talking about?

I live in Macedonia,and i am proud to live there.

If you have any questions,ask me on my WALL of WALLS.

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