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Hello, person looking at my profile!

I hit 1000 edits on Apr. 9, 2020

My name is DarkLight300. I am a Phantom Forces player and I love to help contribute to this awesome wiki. I am a member of the Wiki Standardization Project. I've been inactive for a long time, but I'm back for the time being. I am a slightly above average Phantom Forces player, and I am at level 106. I have a KDR of 1.58, but in games, I probably average above 2.5 KDR and am consistently at the top of the leaderboard if I try hard enough. Most of my kills are on snipers, mainly the Intervention, and the AWM, which I am in love with, however, my aim seems to fail me a lot recently.

Rank 107
Kills | Deaths | KDR 50K | 20K | 1.59 but I get around 3 every game
Most Recent Rank Unlock FAL .50
Next Unlock i forget lol
Currently Maining TAR-21, M16A3, M60, Mosin/AWM.
Current Gun for BT Supremacy AA-12 on Elevation.
Currently Dislike BFG 50, it's the worst sniper rifle in the game. We don't talk about the SVU.
Next Intended Credit Unlocks Steyr Scout, WA2000, M231, pretty much every gun I don't have besides Hecate II and M107
Next Short-Term Goal Get the M60 to 2000 kills.
Long-Term Goal Unlock all guns in the game.
Roblox Account LittleNayr22
Lucky Edits 51,000th
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