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Assault Rifle

You can't go wrong with the M16A3

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General Information

I'm a HK416 User lads. Also an ex-TF2 player. I'm currently a rank 100+, Over all KD isn't too good because I used to take this game like a cheese sandwich. Pretty decent at using the M16A3 and HK416, alongside running around with the Five-SeveN. Roblox account is kept private because I don't want to be bothered with FR.

Quick Facts:

  • I use British English when editing my account or commenting or posting discussions.
  • I use American English when editing articles due to the Standardisation within the Wikia.
  • I'm an AC/DC and Metallica fanboy, I also listen to classical music. But I HATE Pop.
  • My M16A3 is my tryhard gun, I find it somewhat much more useful than the AKs and even it's burst brother, the M16A4.
  • I only use Camouflage skins. I don't like the whole overly-wacky, strange or neon-pink or blue skins.

My Loadouts

BF3 + MW2 Tryhard Loadout

RobloxScreenShot20191023 122111172

M16A3 (The Picture on the right is my old setup, don't use it)

  • Optic: OKP-7
  • Barrel: Compensator
  • Underbarrel: Folding Grip
  • Other: Green Laser
RobloxScreenShot20191023 122120032

93 Raffica

  • Delta Sight
  • Muzzle Break
  • Green Laser (Raffica Stock should you seek assistance with the visual recoil)


M16A3? They'll laugh, but they'll regret. High Damage, Accurate and Versatile. Anywhere within 30-200 studs will make them melt faster than Butter. Know your routes, practise your aim and predict your opponents, as they won't get a chance to bite. If you keep your distance and aggression in check, the black rifle will clear the tunnels.

Raffica, high skill, high damage, pocket M16A4. Not much could be said, but with this state-of-the-art Italian pistol, you will burst your opponent.

So enough with the (terrible) puns, use them, but you'll encounter several misgivings about them, the M16A3 with this setup will require you to get used to the moderate vertical recoil, despite having the Folding Grip and Green Laser for better recoil control, and critical headshots (although only needing 1 out of 3 in close range, 2 out of 4 at longer distance) to perform well. The 93R will not stand well if you're incapable of effectively bursting and having poor precision.

My tryhard loadout, maybe a bit unusual given that I use the M16A3 over the AK rifles and other weapons. For me it's damage output is one of the better within the ARs while having moderately-good accuracy, better handling characteristics and of course, the insanely fast reload is what draws me to it. The 93R is a secondary version of the M16A4. No need to talk about it.

"Special Police Unit" Loadout

RobloxScreenShot20191023 122049964


  • Optic: EOTech 552
  • Barrel: Suppressor (or anything you want)
  • Underbarrel: Stubby Grip
  • Other: Green Laser
    RobloxScreenShot20191023 122102030

M1911 or M45A1

  • Optic: Delta Sight
  • Barrel: Osprey Suppressor (or none)
  • Other: Flash Light (Or Green Laser)


A rather fun loadout, but can be extremely viable under the right hands, great maneuverability, decent damage at range. Despite the G36C had it's recoil pattern nerfed to make the other carbines more viable, you'll still find it one of the best Automatic Carbine. Combined with Stealth Capability, you'll swiftly move through the map, leaving those spotted you behind the dust and the scene with only a few bullets. And a Stealth .45 Pistol would spare none if you're out of ammo for your Carbine.

Space Marine Loadout


  • Optic: DDHB Reflex
  • Barrel: Compensator
  • Underbarrel: Folding Grip
  • Other: Green Laser


  • Delta Sight
  • N/A
  • Green Laser (Or Flash Light)


Coming soon...

The G11K2 but made in China


  • VCOG
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Green Laser


A joke loadout. Don't use it.

The Ultimate Sniper Loadout.

Steyr Scout:

  • Leupold 8-6x Scope
  • N/A (I use the Compensator for aesthetic reasons)
  • N/A
  • Green Laser


  • Delta Sight
  • Muzzle Break
  • Raffica Stock (Or Green Laser)


The ultimate sniper loadout, maximum skill, no compromise once mastered. That's all I gotta say.

Best Killstreaks/KDRs

Note: Killstreaks must be above 15, total kills must be above 50 and KDRs must be above or equal 5. If the number of kills is lower than 50 then KDR must be above 10.

  1. M16A3: 77/11 KDR (20+ Killstreak), 69/9 KDR, 78/10 KDR (35 Killstreak), 70/11, 62/6 (26 Killstreak), 60/9, 72/12 (16 Killstreak), 51/9, 57/8, 68/7 (20 Killstreak), 20/0 KDR (Of course you know how high my killstreak is), 56/8, 51/7
  2. MG3KWS: 57/8 KDR (28 Killstreak)
  3. Steyr Scout: 30/2 (20 Killstreak), 41/4 (23 Killstreak)
  4. G36: 35/3

Things that I hate

  • Terrible updates and questionable concepts for the game (i.e adding 2 BFG Clones in the game and cosmetic attachments, looking at you Animu Sight, Hecate and M107)
  • Ballistic Tracker (Pretty much turns the Steyr into a no-skill weapon)
  • Over-the-top Pay-to-Win Microtransactions (Looking at you EA)
  • No Life Anime Lovers (Should I explain this anymore further? Yeah probably you could figure it out)
  • People who mess up in the Kitchen (Working in the Kitchen is stressful if you're stuck with morons, especially if you're a head chef)
  • Anime in general (Like seriously. I HATE anime, because it's overrated. Or those people who works on them just add in a bunch of NSFW stuffs just to get more people to see them.)
  • Toxic people. (Pretty easy to figure it out.)
  • SJWs (Should I explain this further? You could figure out why. Try to search on the internet for "Antifa violence" for clues.)
  • Ran out of time before securing a high KDR and killstreak record. Almost hit a 50/5 but ended with a 45/5 with my M16A3.

Things that I like

  • Being a Chef
  • Playing a decent game
  • Eat Pizza and Pasta all day while in Italy
  • Cheese (I love stacking cheese in my house)
  • Listening to Metallica (Cos' Why not)
  • Drink Coca-Cola! (Why not)
  • Cooking and Eating Italian Food (I'm legit addicted)
  • Folding Grip best Grip IMO
  • "We may not count her armies, we may not see her King"
  • "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so" - Thomas Jefferson.


  • I don't use Discord or Skype.
  • Please do not ask for my Email Address or Social Media account unless I know you.
  • Don't ask for my Roblox account to friend me. I will reject the request, I only accept request from those I know IRL.
  • My rather abrupt disappearances for several days on the Wiki is generally due to study, work and during the end of each seasons, I have a pretty good chance of getting a bad cold or (rarely) a flu. And also not to mention my X1 Carbon Lenovo is prone to crash, sometimes not booting up for 2 days.
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