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General Information

I'm a HK416 User lads. Also an ex-TF2 player. I'm currently a rank 100+, Over all KD isn't too good because I used to take this game like a cheese sandwich. Pretty decent at using the M16A3 and HK416, alongside running around with the Five-SeveN. Roblox account is kept private because I don't want to be bothered with FR.

Loved/Hated Weapons

Favourite weapons:

  • Assault Rifles: M16A4, M16A3 (I like the AR-15 Platform, M16A3, 3 words "Blutbefleckt, kampferprobt, legendär") Also L85A2 (Underrated but turns out to be one of the best AR in PF), AKM (Pretty Decent, although not as good as I think, but pretty decent, especially for combatting in Close-Mid Range)
  • SMGs/PDWs: MP5SD, MP5/10, L2A3 (Insert Star Wars theme song here), MP40 (Trying to be Peter Muller, that guy from the Tiger 237 in BFV), K-Vector (CQC Monster, but in a hotly contested environment, it would be pretty awful)
  • LMGs: SCAR-HAMR, RPK-74, M60, MG3KWS (MG3KWS is a lawnmower at CQC-Mid Range, M60 and SCAR-HAMR Really good for ranged engagements, RPK-74 if you aren't used to the long, frequent reloads and recoil of the MG3KWS)
  • Sniper Rifles: L115A3, AWS, Remington 700, Mosin, Steyr Scout, Dragunov SVDS (L115A3 is a beast. AWS isn't as beastly as the L115A3 but still. R700 one of the best Scout Snipers. Mosin Nagant is basically OP if you're good at Scout-Sniping and Headshotting people. Same thing for the Steyr. SVDS pretty much a better Intervention in-terms of retaliation capabilities, magazine capacity, muzzle velocity isn't too bad and if you're capable at hitting headshots then it would be a top-tier rifle.)
  • Pistols: Five-SeveN, M9, Desert Eagle, M45A1, M1911A1, Glock 17 (With the stock, it's basically a M4A1 on Semi-Auto with lower capacity, but still a decent choice)
  • Shotguns: Double Barrel (I also play DOOM), Remington 870
  • Melees: Lightsabe- The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking the lightsaber, Tomahawk.
  • Carbines: FAL Para 50.63 (Hits hard at CQC and can shut down anybody during a 1v1 up to 120 Studs, however it isn't that good if you're not used to it's recoil), G36C (Pretty decent damage and effective range for a carbine)
  • Battle Rifles: AG-3 (Kicks like a Mule, but very rewarding if you can tame it), Henry 45-70 (High Damage for Ranged Combat and could replace the Remington at CQC if you're good enough)
  • DMRs: SCAR-SSR (Decent Range, and really good for sniping even if you want to use a suppressor (use the ARS Suppressor))
  • Revolvers: Mateba and Redhawk .44
  • Other Secondaries: Sawed-off shotgun (My Sniper secondary), Obrez (High skill ceiling, high risk, high reward, and it's my gun of choice)
  • Machine Pistols: MP1911 (Why won't I use it. .45 ACP power, high RPM and decent recoil control)

Most Hated Weapons:

  • Assault Rifle: AK-74 (M16A3 outclasses the AK-74 if you could aim for the head, also the recoil and RPM reduces the AK-74 to shame), SCAR-L (Perhaps the most overrated AR in-game, recoil is almost non-existent and it should have a higher skill ceiling)
  • SMGs/PDWs: M3A1 (Doesn't feel right, muzzle velocity and rate of fire are BS, Damage is decent, feels like a AG-3 Clone with common ammunition but worse statistics, mainly the accuracy and fire power)
  • LMGs: HK21 (MG3KWS clone, slower TTK but 100 Rounds, Recoil isn't that bad if you tap-fire, also add a compensator and folding grip, Sight Accuracy is now above 80, in-short, it's a M60 and MG3KWS clone.), AUG HBAR (Overused and somewhat terrible when pitched in a fight against different LMGs, ARs, PDWs, you get the point), Colt LMG (A more tolerant version of the SCAR-HAMR)
  • Sniper Rifles: Hecate, M107 (Hecate basically BFG 2.0, M107 is extremely easy to use, even compared to the BFG, just stay behind the lines and pick a target, also that fast fire-rate is usable, even with the heavy recoil.)
  • Shotguns: KSG (That low unlock rank BTW, also 14 rounds), KS-23M (Insert rank 50+ tryhards here, also an easier to use Henry 45-70 at Mid Range despite the slow fire rate and poor reload, get rid of it or slow it's RoF further), AA-12 (I don't need to put an explanation here, you could figure it out, here's a hint: 20 Round Magazine as an Attachment and Automatic Trigger), SPAS-12 (Pretty much a direct upgrade to the Remington 870), Saiga-12 (Hipfiring with this thing is just ridiculous)
  • Melee: Trench Mace (Maximum NoobTube Melee), Karambit (Conceive in similar circumstances like the Trench Mace, high damage. Also a NoobTube melee too.)
  • Carbine: SR-3M (A rather love-hate relation due to when you equip the Ext. Mags it turns into a hybrid between the M16A3 and AK-74, also ammunition is common), Honey B (Overrated and is beaten by the AS Val with Ext. Mags, Or just use the M16A3 with the R2 Suppressor, it would still retain it's damage output in CQC and 3SK if you could aim at the head, 1/3 required and decent sound masking)
  • Battle Rifles: G-3 (Mainly because I find the AG-3 much more better than the G-3, you could include the SCAR-H if you want to)
  • DMRs: MSG-90 (Use the SCAR-SSR instead, it could 1SK Headshot up to 150 Studs or something and 2 SK at all ranges to the torso or use the AG-3, the thing has almost the exact same damage, let alone automatic trigger)
  • Secondaries: N/A (I slightly hate the SFG because I don't know why StyLiS would want a mini-BFG)


I'm a Soldier main, uses Default Rocket Launcher, Gunboats, Escape Plan.

That's all for now.

Best Killstreaks/KDRs

Note: Killstreaks must be above 15 and KDRs must be above 5.

  1. M16A3: 77/11 KDR (20+ Killstreak), 69/9 KDR, 78/10 KDR (35 Killstreak)
  2. MG3KWS: 57/8 KDR (28 Killstreak)

Things that I hate

  • Terrible updates and questionable concepts for the game (i.e adding 2 BFG Clones in the game and cosmetic attachments, looking at you Animu Sight, Hecate and M107)
  • Ballistic Tracker (On snipers feels like an Aimbot, and it's very silly and questionable if somebody is using it with an AR)
  • Over-the-top Pay-to-Win Microtransactions (Looking at you EA)
  • No Life Anime Lovers (Should I explain this anymore further? Yeah probably you could figure it out)
  • People who mess up in the Kitchen (Working in the Kitchen is stressful if you're stuck with morons, especially if you're a head chef)
  • Anime in general (Like seriously. I HATE anime, because it's overrated. Or those people who works on them just add in a bunch of NSFW stuffs just to get more people to see them.)
  • Toxic people. (Pretty easy to figure it out.)
  • SJWs (Should I explain this further? You could figure out why. Try to search on the internet for "Antifa violence" for clues.)

Things that I like

  • Being a Chef
  • Playing a decent game
  • Eat Pizza and Pasta all day while in Italy
  • Cheese (I love stacking cheese in my house)
  • Listening to Metallica (Cos' Why not)
  • Drink Coca-Cola! (Why not)
  • Cooking and Eating Italian Food (I'm legit addicted)
  • Folding Grip best Grip IMO

Loadouts and Tactics


Loadout: OKP-7, Muzzle Break, Angled Grip/Folding Grip, Green Laser.

  • Accurate, high damage when aimed at the head, fast reload, low recoil. Downsides are the side-by-side recoil, which could throw off your shots if you're not used to it. It will become a direct upgrade to the AK-74 when mastered.
  • The majority of playstyles, whether it be aggressive or passive will work well. Stealth one is excellent, when paired with the R2 will retain the damage profile while preserving your muzzle velocity and decent sound masking. Which makes it almost a direct upgrade to the Honey Badger.
  • Going in loud is also equally effective, preserving both muzzle velocity and damage in cases of a direct confrontation or ranged engagements.
  • Engaging in Close-Mid range is recommended, but directly engaging in close quarters will meet with relatively less success.


Loadout: OKP-7, Compensator, Angled Grip, Green Laser

  • Aiming at centre mass will ensure better TTK, whether close or further away.
  • Can deter snipers even at longer range thanks to the low recoil, high suppression.
  • Avoid CQC. Assault Rifles, PDWs that are oriented for CQC will end you instantly.
  • Reloads are painful despite being faster than that of a Belt-fed LMG. One should be wary of their surroundings to avoid possible ambush.
  • Don't play aggressively, play in a more passive manner due to the poor TTK at close range.

Mosin Nagant:

Loadout: VCOG Scope, Green Laser

  • One should play more aggressively than the other sniper rifles on offer. But awareness is always essential for building killstreaks and retaining threats towards your opponents.
  • Aiming is even further applied to the Mosin. You'll always have to aim for the head, even in Close Quarters.
  • Switch sniping positions after killing several foes or when pressured as always, and the Mosin has a 14 studs/s walkspeed to further help with re-positioning.
  • If struggling with aiming, using the Bal Tracker will help.
  • Like always, pack a reliable secondary, Sniper Rifles aren't built for self-defense in CQC unless with extreme aim or luck with Quickscopes or Noscopes. And in the case of the Mosin Nagant's terrible torso damage, unable to kill an unharmed opponent at close means you'll have to depend on headshots or your secondary.

Fun Facts

  1. I'm half Sith Lord and half Jedi Master towards several of my friends in PF
  2. "I sense a disturbance in PF's weapon concepts"


  • I don't use Discord or Skype.
  • Please do not ask for my Email Address or Social Media account unless I know you.
  • Roblox Account is [CLASSIFIED]
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