aka Your Local Car Enthusiast

  • I live in Home
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is PFW Editor
  • I am The CEO of Swag

Hello and welcome to my profile page <insert name here>!

RobloxScreenShot20180310 204423998

Was playing PF until some random dude fell a long distance...

About Me

Hello there people I am RaceCarBunny. Here is some information about me.

Roblox Username - RaceCarBunny

Rank - 81

KDR - 1.01

Favorite Maps - Crane Site Revamped (may that map rest in peace), Crane Site, Desert Storm, Bazaar, Highway Lot, Dunes, Mall, Metro, and Warehouse.

Favorite Guns - Coming soon...

RobloxScreenShot20180312 200939856

The amount of deaths I have

Got a double collat with the Glock 18

Got a double collat with the Glock 18

RobloxScreenShot20200506 013529948

Another Glock 18 double collat, it's sorta hidden behind the killcam's username bar, if you zoom in and look closely you'll see it


R.I.P. Crane Site Revamped 12/23/15 - 7/4/17

RobloxScreenShot20200506 020843834

Hit an 826 stud cross-map snipe on Highway Lot, my personal sniping record. I hope to beat this record.

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