The V40 Mini is a grenade seen in Phantom Forces.


The V40 Fragmentation Grenade was manufactured in the Netherlands, but saw service in both the Canadian and United States militaries. The grenade itself saw use in the Vietnam War for use in enclosed spaces. It was in service from the 1960s to 1984, whereby its manufacture was discontinued. Surplus units would see usage again in 2008 with the rise of the wars in Iraq.[1]


General Information

The V40 Mini is a very light grenade. Despite its small blast radius, the V40 has a very direct flight path as a result of its higher velocity. As such, it also has a tendency to roll further. However, this small blast radius makes it less useful as a trap, unlike the RGD-5 and the standard Frag. One extra benefit, however, is the fact that two extra grenades are carried. This lets a player carry more explosives at the cost of blast effectiveness.

Usage and Tactics

The V40 is lethal in only a small radius. Players that choose to use the V40 should be familiar with how to cook their grenades, as the most effective way to use the V40 is to simply throw it at someone's face and have it explode on top of them. This makes the V40 an extremely aggressive grenade. Without the ability to throw them defensively like the other grenades, players will be left open while cooking the V40, making planning even more important as to when and where a grenade can be safely drawn, cooked, and thrown without getting the user killed.

One small benefit of the tiny blast radius is that the V40 can be cooked slightly longer than other grenades, allowing it to detonate much closer to a player in case of a closer encounter. This is a double edged sword, however, as it also means that the tiny blast radius can be more easily avoided by an enemy.


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