Viaduct was one of the maps in the Test Place.


Viaduct appears to be the Headquarters of an unknown high-tier company. It consists of only the main lobby and the roof. The building also has a parking lot and an underground garage, as well as its own electric plant right across the street.


Location Flare Hill Flag
Parking Lot, next to the Crane A
Main Lobby B
Underground Garage C
Sculpture by the Main Lobby Phantoms
Parking Lot Ghosts


  • Parking Lot
  • Main Building
  • Electric Plant


The map's overall structure is similar to Refinery's structure, as the map also has 2 rings, one within the other. While the outer ring, the streets surrounding the building, has really long sightlines that allow for Sniper Rifles and DMRs to be the preferred option, the inner ring, where the main building is and most of the cover can be found, favors the use of short weapons, such as shotguns and PDWs.

An Assault Rifle or a Battle Rifle can also come in handy when seeking to hold the areas such as the parking lot or the Hillside Sculpture next to the main building, while an LMG can help mainly in the underground garage thanks to its high ammo capacity.


  • There is a hidden, inaccessible rocket room in the Underground garage. It also features a laptop displaying an image of Polar System.
  • The Highway signs both give indications to reach the "Middle of Nowhere."
  • When playing King of the Hill, the prop in the middle clips with a pillar.
  • There are two random signs crediting the creator of the map, one of them including text in Portuguese.
  • The Crane in the parking lot is curiously supported by suspension cables similar to those of the Radio Tower in Crane Site. One of these cables can be climbed, which makes for a great vantage point.
  • The Crane not only has its access locked, but its ladder has also been removed, similar to the crane in Mall.
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