The votekick system that has been implemented in Phantom Forces is used to kick abusive players in a server by a certain amount of people who contribute the removal of a player/players. The system is intended to be implemented against exploiters, but some player abuse has been reported.

To start a votekick, a player must type in "/votekick:[insert player's name]", removing the "[" and "]"(Example: /votekick:subaru712 to kick the player "subaru712"). Other players who wish to join the vote must press either 'Y to vote yes, or N to vote no (which reduces the vote by 1) and J to not vote (which has no effect on the votes). Similar to Valve games, you can also turn off the votekick popup in the settings menu. As stated in the Tips, numbers in player's names are not required to enter and partial names are accepted (Example: /votekick:suba will still kick player subaru712).

Any player can attempt to votekick any player in the server, including themselves. However, the kick must be voted on by the majority of the server to approve the kick. Since the New Year's update, the vote required was reduced to 9. Prior to this update, more than half of the server was required to vote yes to successfully kick the player. Most of the time, people do not votekick as the abusive player, (mostly hackers) would benefit their team, or simply do not notice the votekick has begun.

NOTE: Votekicking does NOT send a report to StyLiS Studios. To actually report and ban the player, you have to join the StyLiS Studios Discord > #exploiter-reporting > Follow the instructions on that channel.

The old votekicking system required people to vote an amount of times in the chat, however, a GUI doesn't appear and instead, a message appears on the chat.

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