Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 10
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"An optic made by the legendary Zeiss AG, this tough reflex sight is designed for hunters who need lightning fast target acquisition and excellent precision." - In-game Description

The Z-Point is a German Red-Dot Sight. It requires 10 kills to be unlocked or can be purchased with credits (CR).


The Z-Point is a red-dot sight manufactured by Zeiß (Zeiss), a German optics manufacturer usually noted for their photographic lenses and other lens-related industrial products. It can be mounted on the Weaver rail on many semi-automatic and sporting rifles, the similar Picatinny rail, or mounted directly on specialized systems on the Sauer 202 and 303 rifles.[1] The brightness of the red dot is determined by ambient light, manually overrode, or turned off by a large, easy-to-use button. A hybrid power supply is used, featuring a battery and an integrated solar cell to ensure a long-lasting power supply.[2]

The Z-Point is also claimed to be free of a parallax from 1 meter to infinity.[3]


The model in-game is the Zeiss's Victory series Z-Point Reflex Sight.


The Z-Point is the first optic to be unlocked in the game, aside from the PM II, PSO-1, Extended Stock, and PU-1 which all are available by default on certain weapons. The Z-Point has low magnification, a small optic picture, and a thick frame which obstructs most of the user's peripheral vision. Despite its many disadvantages, there are advantages from the optic, such as its low magnification producing less camera recoil and provide higher sensitivity while aiming.

The raised optical sight and small sighting aperture makes the Z-Point hard to use for many. However, the low unlock requirements allow newer players to have access to a usable reflex sight.

The Z-Point is preferably used at close-to-mid-range because of the lower persuadable recoil it provides compared to higher-magnifying optics. The higher sensitivity while aiming allows the player to turn faster in high tension close quarter situation. It is not useful for long-range engagements because of the magnification of the attachment.

Magnification level and availability



Serbu Shotgun SFG 50 Obrez ZIP 22
Sawed Off

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to unlock.
  • Less camera recoil due to low magnification.


  • Poor long-range capabilities due to low magnification.
  • Fairly obstructive housing frame.
  • Small optic picture.


  • The Victory Z-Point Reflex sight is licensed to be build on the HK G36's carry handle with reflex sight model.


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